Saudi Arabia + Censorship In China | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Curiosity Culture : His jacket is super legit.

Vishal Singh : "Liberals and conservatives, they both embraced me like money from big pharma!" My man keeps it aggressively 💯 and that's why he's the best in the game

张哲 : Hi! Hasan, thank you for doing the show. A little explanation on the ban of posting “I’m willing to be a vegetarian for the rest of my life.(信女愿一生吃素)”. It was a line from a Chinese hit TV series featuring the emperor and his concubines. The line was said as a prayer by one of the concubines& main characters on the show hoping that by her being a strict vegan for the rest of her life, the emperor would die as soon as possible. It’s sort of an exchange. So you can see the association here. By people sending out this sentence online, they were actually jokingly praying. Again, a lot of things on this episode you did are precise that even a local Chinese wouldn’t know of. Thx for the work. Btw, I watch your show!:D^

ijkventure : Looking forward to seeing an episode on the Israeli government.

Tyler Dai : I swear this guy gives Muslims a very good image. So chill

Saehar Bokhari : Hasan, do not enter a chinese or saudi consulate

Puzhen Jiang : FYI, John Oliver has been banned in China, so, gonna miss you Hasan

jillhbaudhaan : "Do you hear that? That's the sigh of a thousand A minuses."

RedF0xtail : HOW is there a segment about a blind lawyer escaping arrest and no Daredevil jokes??

charushi bhasin : Could you please shed some light on the Indian political scenario right now? Could you please just talk about the facts, that the Indian media has been evading. It is a scary situation for Indian democracy and I plead you to do this and aware people about the truth. Indians are feeding on the fake news and there is a larger divide between religions (especially Hindu-Muslim) and castes. And as they fight with each other the top 1% are winning. Also the bigger issues like farmer suicides, female foeticides and the shockingly extreme delhi air pollution are being normalised! Even by many of the educated! The prevalent debates are about "whose statue is gonna be bigger", no kidding.

Demita Naidoo : As a westerner living in China, I can 100% agree that China is soooo good a censorship. It goes unnoticed, even by myself at times. My family usually asks about something that has happened here, and that's when I find out.

Dawn Phillips : Every American should be as patriotic, aware and articulate as Hasan Minhaj. A welcome and needed voice.

Sheryl Smallwood : "They are mad that a Mulslim is airing out their dirty laundry" That hit me like a ton of bricks.

New Message : Don't worry if they block you.. worry if they invite you over.

Rusat Ramgopal : You know it is a good episode when Hasan's SAT score is higher than the amount of dislikes.

Sabrina Shum : Hello from Hong Kong, still free, kind of. Most Chinese people don't know or care what the gov is doing as long as there's money to be made. That "if you don't do anything illegal you need not fear" mentality is downright complicit. As more and more are done on smartphones, from buying train tickets to ordering food in restaurants, it's more and more difficult to escape the gaze of Big Brother. It's reallly scary. The persecuted will have nowhere , NOWHERE, to hide pretty soon. Hey google, ready to do some evil yet?

Alen_Egre T : These Chinese women have more balls (ovaries in their case) that 99% of western politicians.

Vinay N.K : This is similar to British people not knowing their colonial atrocities.

Azza Khalil : This show is seriously amazing! Everytime I watch, I learn something new. It's is so important for us to know whats going on in the world and raising awareness is the first step before change can happen. The world needs to know what Omar Al Bashier and his Party have been doing to Sudan for the last 30 years. Now for the first time the Sudanese people are all united in peaceful demonstrations demanding to change the oppressive and corrupt regime. The government has responed by unleashing brainwashed militias on the people, beating the peaceful protesters, breaking into homes and using live ammunition. The plight of Sudan is simply not recieving enough coverage on worldwide media. Dear Hasan and team, I earnestly request that you expose Omar Al Basheir and the National Congress Party for the criminals that are and how they've exploited the country and ruined it's economy for their personal gain. Please. Because the world needs to know. #تسقط_بس

laviler : This show is getting bolder and I live for it.

nnaenae : As an American who lived in China for 8 and a half years I can say this barely touches the surface of China’s ridiculous censorship. Let’s not even talk about surveillance. Oh and hearing Hisan pronouncing Chinese names is adorable 😂

Mujeebul Islam : Try to say a single word on "Israeli crimes". You will know the reality of so called liberty and freedom in America.

Final Sentinel : The boy band manager of 9/11. He just snuck that one in there.

Sabitra Sankalp Panigrahi : My piece of advice :: when you visit Turkey, do not and I repeat do not ever enter the consulate Hassan.

BlweLotus : THANK YOU for covering the atrocities that China is committing against its Muslim citizens.

Faduma F : Hassan Minhaj you’re not entirely correct. One cannot seem to criticize Israel and its problematic influence on America through lobbying without being smeared and fired from your job. Wish Americans could be more honest and stop acting like America is the perfect democracy. At 4:56 he talks about being able to say anything. I dare him to talk about Israel. Would you really be proud of a family member that harms people outside of his household and is an ally with other killers (Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc)?

s f : Do one about Israel next.

Brennen Cox : I have a Chinese friend. They know about Xijiang. Sadly, they don't see a problem with it. They feel, as long as Han Chinese are ok, then it's ok.

Hal Fox : Love the fake emails at 3:29, especially the one from Marie Kondo XD

Chantal Arko-Dadzie : I think it's amazing that Hasan and his team are bringing up stories that deadass most of us would've never heard of otherwise. Like, thank you. Seriously

N Corp : This is probably your best episode to date...very informative and different information, thank you. The sexism in China (and Asia) is extremely rampant and gets very little coverage....anywhere. It goes MUCH further than sexual harassment (which is a FAR greater a problem than merely at universities) and reproductive control. In the early 2000's, China and even Japan started implementing intentionally sexist university entrance policies to keep women out of schooling and certain fields of study and access to careers. Women are held to a far higher standard in regards to scoring, testing and communication assessments and interviews to get into universities, and quotas designed to benefit men were put in place to keep women out. The "problem" is, women are surpassing men academically, and they are threatened by it. Globally and historically, the idea that women's priorities would shift and gravitate more towards career and independence from family and husband has ALWAYS been regarded as perhaps the ultimate threat to men. In the East and West, the intention to reduce women to their baby making functions as a means of political control.

chirag ranga : Let's talk about something less controversial CHINA!!

MrPaceTv : Irony is I am watching this in Saudia Arabia on a public ISP.

Nhan Ha : China people is living in the Matrix. Brainwashed.

Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu : Haha that's me at 8:51😁

Hasan : India is proud of you Hasan Minhaj

dangerhamster : "I have a cousin whose atheist, he'll be rolling a blunt and drinking but he'll still be like 'hey man is there pepperoni on that pizza" the accuracy - I feel attacked personally haha the accuracy, I'm the same I'll still call myself atheist but offer me bacon I'm like "nah dude, I can't"

Asterix Gaul : Excellent Hasan! Do a segment on India as well. Women are treated in a similar if not worse manner in India.

Ahmed nasir : Hope you performed your hajj long ago. Otherwise you will have your last fist fight

ebimowei agbeyei : He's right, I stay in China and I didn't Know about the Muslim stuff. 😢 I'm not Muslim, but that's terrible

Halaqa : China's government's logic is basically that if you're too ignorant to use a VPN to bypass their censorships, then you're too ignorant to think for yourself and visit websites like Facebook. Their citizens use VPNs all the time to bypass the censors, and the government is well-aware of it...

Kalana Herath : Winnie the Pooh is mad lol (Like if you get the reference)

Dariya Draganova : Please work on providing subtitles.

marco shawn : Watch here from China by vpn. My Weibo account was disabled for my mentioning constitution amendment in one comment! So tired of CCP.

William Hale : *"MBS is NOT modernizing Saudi Arabia, the only thing he is modernizing is the Saudi dictatorship." - Hasan Minhaj* *The same applies to Chinese communism. Xi Jinping is only modernizing countrywide communism and extremism.*

Subinita Mazumder : Kudos to all the women in China for fighting such way.

A Siddiqui : American history is also super modified for the ruling party aka Caucasians Read “Lies my teacher told me” by James Lowen


Fahad Ar : Good luck with Umrah and Hajj.

Faduma F : Hassan talk about Israel next.