Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom
Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in one bathroom

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Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom Original: https://twitter.com/migruelf/status/997271557532610565


LitterThanATitter ́ : *45 years in the future Grandkid:So Grandpa, what’s your greatest accomplishment Grandpa:

adithya srinivasan : 1950's : we will have flying cars in the future 2019: 80 GUYS play the halo theme song in a bathroom 1950's : they have ascended higher than we thought this is glorious

Nicole Hwang : girls locker room: ugh, PE is the worst!!! I hate it!!! boys locker room:

GrynchAwesomburger : This is one of infinity reasons why I love being a dude

Kyle McCann : I can imagine the principal outside thinking there's a cult in the bathroom

こんにちはD33foxtrotlpt : Alien 1: are we ready to come into contact with humans? Alien 2: let's look at their intrests *watches this video* Alien 2: it appears that they have surpassed us long ago

Anthony : Not a juul in sight, just gamers enjoying the moment

XxIsuckatthis : Girls: are they summing satan? Principle: nope its just a normal thing they do.

Lord Donkcardo : Girls in PE: Gosh I hate PE why do we have this Boys In PE:

PaperHat : Imagine you just wanna take a piss and you hear this from outside the door.

Cyber サ イ バ ー : Girls in bathroom : "I heard that Sally got a new boyfriend." Boys in bathroom :

StormedTech : One of the guys in the bathroom to his future child: Let me tell you about the day I became a man

Malakai Bergen : Probably 15th time I’ve replayed this

Roan_Bologna : Girls locker room: omggg gym was so sweaty and gross today. Boys locker room:

Lord Vader : 80 guys went in 80 men came out

Eric Warwick : Honestly boys bathrooms are where the realest shit went down. Writing on the walls, stink bombs, robbery and murder. The best

Blue Burger : You are the hero we need, but the one we don’t deserve.

Erin Harrell : Nobody : Youtube recommendations : Halo theme by 80 guys in 1 bathroom

THE FACE OF HAPPINESS : Girl's Locker room: OMG I hate P.E so much, it's so tiring, how's your boyfriend? Boy's Locker room:

Daniel Zhou Vlogs : Rare sighting of the Gamer's mating call

Legit Xarlos : Nobody: 90% of comments: Girls: I don’t like p.e Boys:


iCrazyGood ! : Girls locker room: Omg P.E is so hard, So rebeca how’s your boyfriend :) *Boys locker room* :

Brandon Verduzco : 0:24 The dude on the right sounds weird when it’s by himself awwwing 🤣

Floccinaucinihilipilification : This is when humans use 100% of their brains

Shenoa Playlist : Girls Locker Room: *Talks about how boys have no class* Me Hearing about it later: "I bet you feel pretty dumb right now."

NinjaMonsterMG : This gives me hope for the future generations.

TheDarkestSoulz : *Master Chief entered the chat* *80 guys entered the chat* *Respect has entered the chat* *Virginity has joined the chat* *Girlfriends have left the chat*

JD loftin : principal walks in Principal: *Who didn't invite me*

Fuker The Legend : When you meet with your friends in heaven

Ana Banana : Legend cant be spelled without this...Its so touching, This made me tear up...Asians, African/Americans, Americans...Delightful, Epic, But most importantly...HALO...

Devin Davis : The most oppressed group of men in the world. GAMERS RISE UP!!

Twix grey : Girls locker room,ugh I hate or jenneifer what perfume is that Boys this whole video

Ryan Lai : 30 likes and I’ll recreate this but with the avengers theme song

CoK QPyzo : Women: So what goes on in the men's bathroom Men:Yes

𝔒𝔡𝔶𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔶 : PS4 player shot up that school the next day.

Cromwell Castaneda : Second coming of Christ.

BIG BOI Gamer : Yall should have did it in a living room that was empty so the echo could have bounced more but still it sounded good

Lvl 99. MaximiliunMus Soldier : mum: hey son what did you do at school today? me:

sithjohn80 : Just another day in the men's restroom.

Gaige Beam : Women: Hey! Have you heard about that one girl? Boys:

Alex G : I clicked on this because I thought it was heung min son

Augustine Ningark : Girl’s bathroom: *laughs* The boy’s bathroom must be boring, they don’t know how to have fun in them. Boy’s bathroom:

Evie Marquez : Me before video: what am I doing with my life Me after video: WORTH IT!! >:3

Mc Nuggets TM : "80 guys 1 bathroom" *vietnam flashbacks*

Potato Bleach : Girls bathroom: Ugh PE is the worst Boys:

CURSEDFLAME 11 : Guys: ~sings halo theme song~ Girls: ~hears theme song~ Girls: i think they're starting a cult

EmperorRoses : Teachers: Where’s 50% of the class?? Girls/nb folk: idk someone said something about needing to pee-

MLG KIDYT : imagine you take a poop then right when it comes out everyone plays halo theme 0:03