Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom

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GoLuckyz : *_Men of culture_*

Godot : This is why men don’t go to the bathroom together; we end up triggering choirs and forming brotherhood bonds

Adrian Cermeño : Is this the male fantasy?

MineZocker 46 : *The Bathroom of History and happening*

Elzeta : Friendship goals

Natalie Alfera : This is what brings people together

Dr . Wub : Guys doing what guys do.

Rhys Nichols : And all the fortnite players in that college shit themselves.

You Don't Know Me : *Why no one does their homework*

David Lennon : Suicide rates drop to 0%

sithjohn80 : Just another day in the men's restroom.

Patchu : This cured my depression.

PabloC4 : _There is a world of culture to be explored son..._ _Dad, and those guys in the bathroom?_ _Dont worry, they are just some spartans._


ANT : The 1.1k people that disliked this are either... a) normies b) thots C) don’t understand the strongest brother hood to walk this earth d) all of the above

Dat : what a bonding moment

SKR4T : Wheres the T posing


Lord-Commander Savage : Do they get extra credit for this?

Guud_SniPez : And girls think we are savages when it comes to the bathroom

Faker The Legend : When you meet with your friends in heaven

Cheese4G : This is what happens when you break the no talking in the bathroom rule.

Yeezus : We just needed 80 people in a bathroom to sing the halo theme for halo infinite to be revealed.Now we just need 800 to sing the half-life theme.

KoalaKrushr : What happens in the boy’s bathroom, stays in the boy’s bathroom

SilverClover 21 : Okay so imagine you've died and you're at the gates of Heaven. All of a sudden the gates open and as it opens, you hear this.

LemonOVA : This is how we unite humanity as one

Ryan Burkart : Well it worked! All this singing in the bathroom summoned Halo: Infinite!

Marvin Connelly : boys enter men leave

1headphoneguy : “For the law was given through moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” ~ *John **1:17*

AFGThugonomics9 : Imagine if there was a guy in a stall that wasn't a part of this.

lil HDMI : *and thus halo infinite was summoned.*

Mayank Marwah : .....and approximately 20 days after this halo 6 was announced. We should thank these guys they performed the ritual that was needed to alert the gods of halo to release another game.

Gumball Darwin : Teacher: *walks in Teacher: nope

Dub Solo : And we were blessed with halo infinite

Chris Hansen : *God has joined the server*

Luke Wood : Y-you did it...The summoning ritual...It worked...

Jyotiraditya Satpathy : 10 years later, these very boys form a new company to start developing halo, taking over from 343 and making halo great again.

hentai lover76 : put in 280p for proper halo nostalgia

Mr. Misty-eyed : Explain this atheists

BT -7274 : They are summoning chief. edit: THEY DID IT BOIS!

hmeekisz : And I thought I was a nerd lmao love halo❤️

Matthew Lee : I am so proud to be a part of this fandom.

Slump Mask The Ski God : Halo infinite

Loyalty Games : Master Chief has once brought hope to this world!

Bapǝrr Towǝll ᄅᄅ : Glad to see they're going back to their roots with Halo 6

Russian Trico : Infinite hype people

No Name : Who came here after the trailer

OMG Rys : Cultured swines

I_Like _Chips : Masterpiece

Somali pirate who's actually somali : The only place i would feel comfortable taking a piss. brings a tear to my eye