Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom

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GoLuckyz : *_Men of culture_*

Arturo Martinez : *This day boys became MEN* Quick someone give these MEN a medal of honor *G.O.D IS THAT YOU I DONT WANT TO GO YET ITS NOT MY TIME* 😧😧

ShoreLord 117 : I want to play Halo.

anti brony master race : Dammit, the secret to male supremacy has been revealed.

AlterRektMLG : It appeals to the male fantasy

Chris Hansen : *God has joined the server*

ANT : The 1.1k people that disliked this are either... a) normies b) thots C) don’t understand the strongest brother hood to walk this earth d) all of the above

oCedric : Anyone outside the bathroom hearing that must think a demon was just transported to earth or some shit

LowestFiber : *_we can make a religion out of this._*

Zee Naught : This is not a meme, this is a signal. Christ the covenant have reached Earth

sithjohn80 : Just another day in the men's restroom.

Help Me Reach 10k Subs Without Any Videos : 1917: We will have flying cars 2018:

UE TheSinan : *The Bathroom of History and happening*

Arrow Head : Jake’s party was lit

Rhys Nichols : And all the fortnite players in that college shit themselves.

Crimson : *The hardest anyone has ever worked on a group project*

You Don't Know Me : *Why no one does their homework*

No were not talking about my profile pic : Jews singing in gas chamber before execution [1944 Colorized]

Patchu : This cured my depression.

ゲレロディエゴ : #nohomo

Natalie Alfera : This is what brings people together

Its Yo Boi Pencil Dick /Endevour : *The ritual has commence*


Obsidian3 with games and art : *joins in*

Alejandro Aguila : IS THIS THE FABLED D E S P A C I T O 2 ?

Dat : what a bonding moment

Simmy : Halo theme song performed by 80 nerds in 1 bathroom

KingCo : This makes me proud to be a man

PabloC4 : _There is a world of culture to be explored son..._ _Dad, and those guys in the bathroom?_ _Dont worry, they are just some spartans._

Bolby stroganovsky : And we were blessed with halo infinite

Faker The Legend : When you meet with your friends in heaven


lil HDMI : *and thus halo infinite was summoned.*

SKR4T : Wheres the T posing

Lord-Commander Savage : Do they get extra credit for this?

LemonOVA : This is how we unite humanity as one

Yeezus : We just needed 80 people in a bathroom to sing the halo theme for halo infinite to be revealed.Now we just need 800 to sing the half-life theme.

Guud_SniPez : And girls think we are savages when it comes to the bathroom

James : This is the peak of masculinity. *The epitome of testosterone.*

Ryan Burkart : Well it worked! All this singing in the bathroom summoned Halo: Infinite!

BT -7274 : They are summoning chief. edit: THEY DID IT BOIS!

David Lennon : Suicide rates drop to 0%

Lum : Welcome to the hall of virgins

CRAWL : *Virgins*

Its Yo Boi Pencil Dick /Endevour : My brothers your efforts in spreading this message will not have been in vain. *says as a solitary tear runs down his cheek*

Bapǝrr Towǝll ᄅᄅ : Glad to see they're going back to their roots with Halo 6

SilverClover 21 : Okay so imagine you've died and you're at the gates of Heaven. All of a sudden the gates open and as it opens, you hear this.

Joe Plumber : Very few women will understand this. If they do, marry them if possible.

EzzadHarith : *The Gamers Anthem will now play*

Luke Wood : Y-you did it...The summoning ritual...It worked...