Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom

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crimz : *The hardest anyone has ever worked on a group project*

MetroVerse : *Master Chief wants to know your location*

Sm0k3y : Top 10 secret cults that could overthrow the government

Golf Boi : I was born in the right generation

MagmaTagma : In case the ladies were wondering what we do in the bathroom.

Chris Hansen : *God has joined the server*

Aaron Henderson : It took 80 guys in a single restroom to summon the Master Chief. I am inspired.

Nitsukai Contigo : girls: 10 minutes in restroom, ready to go. men: 10 minutes in restroom, ready for war. *see the difference?*

FBI Does Stuff : Now this can intimidate Thanos him self

100K Subscribers Without Any Videos : Who else could clearly hear the asian guy’s voice

Godot : This is why men don’t go to the bathroom together; we end up triggering choirs and forming brotherhood bonds

Xbox gaming Guy : This is proof that video games are the key to unifying the human race They can bring anyone together as equals

Conker BFD LIVE : When everyone gets a joke at the same time

Flame on Gamer : Where can I join this cult

RobotThunder 1 : *teacher walks in* *Teacher joins in*

Justin Y. : These aren't boys. These aren't men. These are gods.

Ter Stegen : Way better than YouTube rewind 2018

Donald J Trump : Please rise for the national anthem

Atomic Snowman : Whoever planned this whole thing is a genius

lakeville gaming : Only legends were in that bathroom

LaFave Bros : Ladies; yes, this is what goes on in men's restrooms. Strong bonds of brotherhood forged by angelic choirs.

Solo Kin : The poor dude that walks in just trying to go to the bathroom

Jay Muthari : Roses are red Violets are blue Thanoss is defeated By men in a bathroom

Henry Hernandez : These men can take down Thanos without the avengers

Ggallqas - : Why men are superior

sithjohn80 : Just another day in the men's restroom.

AlexGator : Bathrooms.... *Where boys became men...*

Who put you on this planet? agent : This is what it does,it appeals to the male fantasy

Korn Akopia : I was in the stalls taking a dump when this happened. It scared the shit right out of me.

Wildhelm : god actually exists

Shybaka289 : When your gold membership is about to expire and your 79 friends give you .75 cents each to renew it.

I know I'm wrong, but : *Almost forgot to watch this video today*

Tyler Martin : Imagine needing to take a piss and you walk in on this

Jokers slautherhousegaming : just a morning prayer nun big

Ciarán morrissey : no racism no hate only no rights for wamen truly beautiful day

GoLuckyz : *_Men of culture_*

Austin Garcia : Someone hit puberty at 0:23

IamsuperSam MrKay : "Janitor walks in" *Nope*

Ryan lii : i didn’t have the sound on but i could still hear it

Xx_Fubuki420_xX : Now everybody in that restroom have an interesting story to tell their grandchildren

Billy But Better : The human male race has ascended

noob 101 : Then they became part of the spartan 2 program

Malissa Amaral : *Rare footage of Spartans before war pray for our soldiers.*

MrTimotronator : 80 Virgins trying to escape to heaven sooner than planned

DelluXeD : *Epicschoolshooter420 has enter the server*

Faker The Legend : When you meet with your friends in heaven

MikaXD : O K T H I S I S E P I C

xXRafaelGamerXx HL1 : Respect to this guy, he know how to record horizontaly

Goku_ Black_DBS : When Mom brings hot pockets home.

Bendy Animation studio : *Top ten anime opening intro*