Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom

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sithjohn80 : Just another day in the men's restroom.

Adrian Cermeño : Is this the male fantasy?

AFGThugonomics9 : Imagine if there was a guy in a stall that wasn't a part of this.

firestarrox1 : That bathroom needs to be declared as a national historic landmark.

Mr. Misty-eyed : Explain this atheists

Godot : This is why men don’t go to the bathroom together; we end up triggering choirs and forming brotherhood bonds

Elzeta : Friendship goals

Mayank Marwah : .....and approximately 20 days after this halo 6 was announced. We should thank these guys they performed the ritual that was needed to alert the gods of halo to release another game.

Just A Random Guy In The Comments : *GF: Honey where are you headed off to?* *BF: Just going to hang with the guys*

Lego Lover 2018 : This brought the world to peace for 43 seconds

GoLuckyz : *_Men of culture_*

Cheese4G : This is what happens when you break the no talking in the bathroom rule.

Red Wølf : These aren't boi's... These are talented Spartans... *Jesus has joined the server*


Yeet : General Washington rallying his troops before the battle of Philadelphia 1835 (colorized)

CrimZ. : *The hardest anyone has ever worked on a group project*

Comedic Noob : lyrics: OoooOOooooOOOoooO, oooOOOOOOooooooOOOO, OOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOooooo

OMG they killed Kenny! : *there was silence. Sony had launched a blow that knocked Microsoft to the ground. Blood was on sonys boxing gloves. Spiderman, bloodborne, god of war and uncharted, multiple blows that had brought Microsoft to its knees. Sony was smug, leaving the ring, knowing well it had dominated the gaming industry. But then, a soft humming came from the bathrooms. Before Sony knew it, it turned into a beautiful call. Then Microsoft rise from the canvas. It was the master chief and he was pissed. Microsoft was back in the game.*

Lt. Hank Anderson : That poor Asian dude who couldn't hit the low note though. *F*

Bruceolini and his big weenie : They've started to sing sir... *Finally*

Noble Gamer : for ladies yes. This is what us guys are doing in the bathroom.


Vinnie Fabian : white,black,asian....eveyone were united that day.All of them got laid.

Conor O : Good to see they are doing something far more productive than juuling

1headphoneguy : “For the law was given through moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” ~ *John **1:17*

Justin Y. : These aren't boys. These aren't men. These are gods.

Jyotiraditya Satpathy : 10 years later, these very boys form a new company to start developing halo, taking over from 343 and making halo great again.

Nightwolf 5681 : Imagine how the people outside of the bathroom feel hearing that....

TheFreindlyDog : That Asian kid stands out a lot. And his voice dosent really fit in I luv it

Logan Yoder : *This is what brings world peace*

SadBoyScooby : *God has joined the server*

Manoel Messias : I dont see people i see a brotherhood

Isaacnewton4to : DON'T 👏 CLAIM 👏 YOU 👏 KNOW 👏 HALO 👏 IF 👏 YOU 👏 DON'T 👏 REMEMBER 👏 THIS 👏 SONG

Bunnyman 458 : You can make a religion out of this

lila : *_This is the new generation.. and I’m happy to be alive to see this right now_*

LaFave Bros : Ladies; yes, this is what goes on in men's restrooms. Strong bonds of brotherhood forged by angelic choirs.

Marcos Santos : This is peak male perfection.

Matthew Lee : I am so proud to be a part of this fandom.

OMG Rys : Cultured swines

Josh Reidy : Literal chills

LemonOVA : This is how we unite humanity as one

Hank Unios : -and this children is how church started-

Can We Get To 10,000 Subcribers With No Videos? : State award for best school choir

SparkingPony : I mean, this is hilarious and all, but it just goes to show how much of a cultural impact Halo has had upon this generation. And what a bunch of teenage guys can get up to when crammed into a bathroom.

Tarro : They are better than the choir at my old school

BT -7274 : They are summoning chief. edit: THEY DID IT BOIS!

BETA 097 : I busted a fat one

George Washington : That's why Men students goes to bathroom

Hunter Steinmetz : I do not see anything differing in any person here, all I see is humans, epic gamer moment my guys.

SnoggyTheBear : And y'all wonder why teachers only allow one guy at a time to go to the bathroom.