Bias Blockers

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Confused about when to call the cops? Then do we have the product for you! Written by: Kevin Gilligan Directed by: Angie Hansen Edited by: Jensen Rong Produced by: Just Get It Done Productions Cast: Concerned White Man #1: Philip Kral Black Dad: E. George Perry Black Mom: Hollie Harper Black Daughter: Giuliana Fraccari White Dad: Adam Lash White Mom: Colleen Sproull White Daughter: Naia Shepherd Concerned White Man #2: James Schmidt Young POC Selling Water: Amira Williams Young POC Buying Water: Sebastian Fraccari White Kid Selling Water: Chloe Shepherd Concerned White Woman: Sage Buchalter POC College Student: Ondine Atwell-Hudson White College Student: Emily Austin Gay Couple: Kyle-Steven Porter & Kevin Gilligan Immigrant: Nina Ashe Feminists: Meagan O'Leary & Jessica Ritacco


Finding Doiyen : This is a very good video. It is amazing how the actual footage of seeing someone looking at a black person doing something and seeing it replaced by a white person can create the actual bias that is inside. Like the movie with Samuel Jackson, "Time to Kill" where they said in closing statement, "Now imagine she's white."

Michael T : Sell them at Trump rallies.