Wake Me Up - Avicii - Sam Meador (Percussive Guitar Cover)

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TotalBiscuit Starcraft and Strategy : ITT: People who don't understand how music videos work For everyone else. Enjoy a great cover.

Fabio Baccaglioni : damn, the last name, in spanish, means "he who pee" :D but he is a great artist!

DirtyKlaumen : "but i only have 2 hands" XD

Andrew : You look like the lovechild of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.

Emma Dunn : this guy should be mega famous :0

Papermoon Productions : God, I love this. I love how light Sam's voice is, yet it has a rugged tone to it. Love the percussive guitar too! Well done! It was well done, I'm also impressed how well it was done for someone who is a metal singer! :) Awesome job. If I could, I'd give this 2 thumbs WAY up! *Likes*

Jesus Christ : Holy Shit, a legend.

darlene fair : Hot

Bradley James Townend : He's in a black metal band called Xanthochroid! I thought I recognised him! They did a beautiful folk rendition of Land of Snow and Sorrow by Wintersun! :')

Chichi D : you look like jesus in the movie the bible

Arnold 12345 : he's totally using magic.. i heard Gandalf had a son

Luis Monteiro Newsted : bom dmais**

Aleksandra Radošević : You're a best guitarist l ever seen in my life!!! Wow! Amazing!!! :)

othoncezar : R.I.P Avicii

Simón Morillo Lathulerie : How can 408? people dislike this? suckers

Rajat Brar : Awesome and so beautiful. One middle finger for all the dislikes.

Holo : Good work, Jon Snow!

Berfin Su : If he is playing the guitar now, i am just potatoing it. :((

Enyedi Sándor : Very special! It was nice to listen to. Thank you.

MrElectroMan7 ! : wow you have a beutiful voice

Damian Baez : 0:50 dont do it the percusion sound with your fingers

Tuncay Arig : great cover! good voice...

Hops and Herbs : how the SHIT is this guy not a household name.

James Capper : now that is talent

Alex Fernandez : Awesome job! Also, anyone who liked this should check out Andy Mckee, he's been doing this (minus the singing) for years.

JSRL Padre : Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor...

Viola Dante : amazing!

JORJÃO PAMPOLHA : Omg! Congrats! My dream is to play guitar this way

Adolfo360 : una palabrta para desribir eso impresionante

Cátia Costa : awesome!

camilo camo : wow este tipo merece los likes que quiere , en verdad eres muy talentoso seria bueno que te dieran a conocer mas, sigue haci bas por buen camino

Frank Schijns : Amazing!

marblelmnop : U no nuttin Jon Snow

Frank Burns : I LOVE the fingering...cool.And you can sing as well! I hate you...joking.

Kenshin Osu! : Wow! 10/10 pure gold!

ChefMimsy : Just beautiful. You're very talented, Sam - I'm looking forward to hearing much more from you!

Danubian : Great video, but I couldn't stop noticing his hair switching between going behind his head and flowing down.

Youtube 네코 : 아 이거 mp3로 만들어서 핸드폰에 넣고다니고싶다..

Brandon Ding : Whoaaaaa. Can you post a tutorial?

Myriam Rojas Salas : Is beautiffulll

김혜지 : 정말 멋있다..🙈

william nottingham : better than the original

Hostile : This guy is a Heavy metal rock musician..

Quadracer600 : This is so much better than the original

Will : Hello, I am brazilian, i don`t no speak very good english, but already I admire you so much, you play very good, congratulations!!!

Yort Fan! : OMG!

임승빈 : good singer and....guitarist

Darryl Ferguson : Dang man, Take advantage of the latest exposure! You got the talent to get the backing and support! Get ready to hold on tight and be smart about the time you have to capitalize, cause the whirlwind is coming, but this world is so fickle and the highs might not last as long as it should! Good luck sir, love the style and talent you have honed!

Kevin Bowie : Ladies, Please, Contain Your Orgasms. Bravo my good man!

lonnieke : stop wasting your time with black metal plz