Limmy's Show: Gotta Take a Little Time

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Fraz : We've all been there.

time to deliver a pizza ball : *wrong way down a one-way street*


S//\\SH : Benny Harvey RIP. Gonna miss you big man. Gone but not forgotten :(

valcaron : That feel when every joke you tell is like that shiter.

Frivolity Machine : It was like, he was just tryin ti fertilise the grass.

philrob1978 : Ah, I think most of us have been "there". Again, Limmy throws a lens on awkward situations in his own inimitable style. I may need a little time to think things ovou.

ijustguffed : This sketch got cut down on Netflix! Criminal. It's the best one RIP Benny Harvey


Belisaur : The greatest story ever told

Laddie : This is honestly the best sketch out of the show

Jonny Mann : 🔙🔛🔝

Steven Premmel : Wrong way, down a one way street.

The Grinderman : The way he delivers the song reminds me of Team America's "what would yew dew?"

Canisestlupus : Kirstin is so cute.

Negative Repz : Back on top

Mad Mario : back on top....

Matt Ryan : You have to release that cover on the charts. Can be the Scottish Independence anthem.

Gregor Carlin : I remember watching this at 17/18 and not understanding the joke, guess over the course of a few years I've became way less funny

S.P.S. G.E. : I always does this.. But by bein greedy for the laughs i try and add on to the first vit of succesful patter that just landed for me. God.. Its always rough

Blazed-Banana : Anyone else think limmy is really fit?

Matt John : Watching this with CC turned on really adds another element.

mcdgreg21 : So glad you included the credits!

Caprey Lance : the music became my ringtone complete with limmy's voice

Thunder Chunky : It sounds almost identical to Nick Knowles' song!!!

moodini99 : That Limmy, he's up t'bloody tree!

Kevin Steele : Ovvvooooo !

Jasmine Bower : Best video I have ever, ever seen.

DannyJ804 : I know somebody who does that exactly. He chips in with a comment which, without fail, subsequently results in an awkward silence.

Defi : At the end, I thought one of the other guys would tell the joke again and everybody would laugh

Paul King Design : We’ve all been there. Trouble is, I haven’t bounced back.

LoungeJay : I genuinely felt pleased and relieved at 2:41

Gerard Glancy : Him n Billy, neck n neck as the funniest men alive

Mackellar Mackellar : Back on top 😄😂

Adam Kemp : This song came on in Gregg’s the other day when I was buying a bacon roll. Immediately thought of this sketch while she was asking what sauce I wanted.

lithuang : Ahh ha ha hawelcome to Limmy’s show

newton. : But, voice is heavier than Jacqueline McCarferty.


Bill Bill : Limy is pure gold

zoltansocrates : back on top! lol

lee gilmour : At the end he says back on top

Player 1 : This one was a belter!

AntonyLockhart : When that joke fails to land, it’s like going the wrong way, down a one way street

Kelly14UK : Wondering about the 2 guys. Who are they? Those 2 could do a lot of roles. They were brilliant. The pair of them.

Iain : Final fantasy 7. Not many will have a clue what I'm on about if anyone.

Standon DeVeranda : your no right mate! hahaha

HeadBob GunPants : seriously though limmy, you've a voice on you like a young Christ Rea.

StrawberryDonutKing : You have to double down in situations like this. You have to feel when a joke doesn't land, when it crashes. But when it does you make sure it grinds across the landing strip for as long as possible before going up in flames.

B-Bud : this is me