Limmy's Show: Gotta Take a Little Time

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Oleg Sagaydak : The embarrassment after telling a bad joke is heavier than feathers

clown town : I have unironically returned to this video to celebrate recovering from a shite joke

Fraz : We've all been there.

time to deliver a pizza ball : *wrong way down a one-way street*


S//\\SH : Benny Harvey RIP. Gonna miss you big man. Gone but not forgotten :(

valcaron : That feel when every joke you tell is like that shiter.

Frivolity Machine : It was like, he was just tryin ti fertilise the grass.

philrob1978 : Ah, I think most of us have been "there". Again, Limmy throws a lens on awkward situations in his own inimitable style. I may need a little time to think things ovou.

Matt Ryan : You have to release that cover on the charts. Can be the Scottish Independence anthem.

Belisaur : The greatest story ever told

Laddie : This is honestly the best sketch out of the show

Longknife : Yo where can I find the english translation?

Blazed-Banana : Anyone else think limmy is really fit?

Jonny Mann : 🔙🔛🔝

Gregor Carlin : I remember watching this at 17/18 and not understanding the joke, guess over the course of a few years I've became way less funny

Elevindollar : I can't understand a word


Steven Premmel : Wrong way, down a one way street.

Mad Mario : back on top....

S.P.S. G.E. : I always does this.. But by bein greedy for the laughs i try and add on to the first vit of succesful patter that just landed for me. God.. Its always rough

moodini99 : That Limmy, he's up t'bloody tree!

Matt John : Watching this with CC turned on really adds another element.

Canisestlupus : Kirstin is so cute.

Negative Repz : Back on top

Thunder Chunky : It sounds almost identical to Nick Knowles' song!!!

mcdgreg21 : So glad you included the credits!

DannyJ804 : I know somebody who does that exactly. He chips in with a comment which, without fail, subsequently results in an awkward silence.

Kevin Steele : Ovvvooooo !

Spliggedy : What does he say at the end? I've listened about 5 times and can't make it out! :-(

Mick G. : Who's the guy who 'disliked' this? Somehow we all have to hunt him/her down and bury them alive. I mean; how dare they!

Defi : At the end, I thought one of the other guys would tell the joke again and everybody would laugh

Paul Pignet :

Bill Bill : Limy is pure gold

Brett Hackett : Wahmin ya clays liyk an icepole I have no idea what Limmy said in that last bit but there is an attempt at transcribing

bmcg8888 : I want to know what a good joke is......I want you to shooow me

Absolute Swine : i dont know why i think of this sketch so miuch

0308920133 : ooaaavvvveeuuurrr

GluteusGale : Limmy stares into my soul at the end

Jasmine Bower : Best video I have ever, ever seen.

Tomis : Is it possible to get the full version of the song, sung by Limmy? Honestly, it's good stuff.

YouSoRusso : Singing with that accent reminds me of the gold monster evil guy from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers xD Great stuff Limmy!

John Diamond : A goat intae a bit eh gardening, and this is the first time ave told any wan

Wee Al's Wheels : Brullllyent ;)

newton. : But, voice is heavier than Jacqueline McCarferty.

Kenneth Murray : Just sitting between normal mans comedy and real comedy. Just sitting there, of no use to media consumption.

Mr Buchanan : Why's this bit cut short on jetflix?

Eddie Mcgarvey : He's a genius. Proper marmite.

StrawberryDonutKing : You have to double down in situations like this. You have to feel when a joke doesn't land, when it crashes. But when it does you make sure it grinds across the landing strip for as long as possible before going up in flames.

Gerard Glancy : Him n Billy, neck n neck as the funniest men alive