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Süßmann : I'm honestly a die hard rock and metal fan. But when I kept seeing this guy's albums in every shop I went to in Hawaii a few months back, I decided to buy this album and listen to it. Now for some reason I'm hooked on this guy xD. Rest in peace IZ, I hope you have fun somewhere over the Rainbow big guy.

ashybae daqueen : Almost Heaven, West Makaha, high-ridge mountain, crystal-clear blue water. All my friends there hanging on da beach, young and old among them, feel the ocean breeze. Country road, take me home, to the place I belong, West Makaha, Mount Ka'ala. Oh, take me home, oh, country road. I heard a voice, in the morning calm, she calls me, as though to remind me of my Home far away. Driving down the road, I feel the Spirit coming to me, from yesterday, yesterday. All my memories hold Heaven on high, brown-skinned woman, clear blue island sky. Daytime sunshine, oo-ooh so bright, midnight moon a-glowing, stars up in the sky. Country road, take me home, to the place I belong, West Makaha, Mount Ka'ala. Take me home, take me home, country road. I hear a voice, in the morning calm, she's calling, as though to remind me of my Home far away. We driving down the road, I feel the Spirits coming to me, of yesterday, yesterday. Almost Heaven, West Makaha, high ridge mountain, crystal clear blue waters. All my friends there sitting on the beach, young and old among them, eating fish straight from the sea. Country road, take me home, to the place I belong, West Makaha, oh, Mount Ka'ala. Take me home, oh country road. Country road, take me home, oh to the place I belong. West Makaha, Mount Ka'ala, take me home, oh country road. Country road, oh take me home, yes to the place, to the place, I belong, West Makaha, Mount Ka'ala, take me home country road. Country road, take me home, to the place I was born, West Makaha, Mount Ka'ala. Take me home, country road....... Huuhuu. Huuu-tah. Good fo' be back. White san', clean watah. Hô boy, the mountain...feel the makani... whew, what a place.

Magnus Thorensen : The best always die young.

・The Ultimate Variety Channel・ : Love this version!

Floof : IZ wouldn't want all this arguing so stfu and listen to the damn music

Kills Alone : I love this version of this song, Iz really did it justice. I used to walk down this country road when I lived in Waiohinu, it was so beautiful. I would look down the mountain into the ocean waves and see whales breaching the surface. Sometimes I even listened to this song via my cheapo MP3 player while I walked. I'd smoke my own herb, the best I've ever grown mind you. Eventually I'd reach Naalehu, eat a Loco-Moco (burgers, rice, poached eggs & gravy) or two for energy, then head north-west into mountains. Hiking towards the sleepy town of Pahala & Wood Valley, I'd stop at various locations to search for Panaeolus Cyanescens (psilocybin mushroom). One such spot looks like a giant soccer ball from the main highway, so if you've been to the South Point area, you probably know the kine. While I picked the mushrooms I'd start my trip; clean what I collected & eat it. The shrooms on the ground would start glowing, they'd start calling to me. Once I found shrooms so large I only needed three of them. This was pretty rare though. Normally the shrooms that were exposed to any light were already melted into mush. The best shrooms where to be found under tall grass and tree, such wonderful countryside. After I had collected enough mushrooms, and perhaps a few for later, I would sit and meditate for hours, smoking a mixture of herb with some Blue Lotus (ShamanShop), Amanita Muscaria (from Latvia), and Salvia divinorum (Diviners Sage) thrown in for good measure. Sometimes I would bring San Pedro as well, an extremely potent cactus. Normally I needed to take the cactus in advance, was always fun to take it first, fall asleep, then wake up from a dream and be tripping; this is one way to bring the dream world with you. From my favorite spot I could look up North-East back towards Naalehu and even some of Ocean View; green everywhere, then it became harsh lava rock, and to the North-West I could see the great Kaʻū Desert; all covered in deep patterns of brown and shades of red, eclipsed by the blue ocean and the sky. I never realized just how amazing the sky would be until I came here, those huge puffy clouds will blow your mind. Behind and under me was the Kīlauea Volcano. I spent nearly a year making this pilgrimage. I am truly happy I had this time to meditate and be one with nature; one of the times in my life I am very grateful for. Aloha from Hawai'i

Zylex Rza : Hawaii is my HOME and the most Beautiful place on earth....cheeeeee 808 HI state

Don Clark : Iz was one of a kind. Such a beautiful and gentle voice. That had to come because he was Gentleman.

merlin4596 : I hope you are home brother.  I am following those roads .. ^

The Unforgotten : Oh God I hope that John Denver got to hear this before he died. At least now they are up there together, at least I hope they met.

Crown of Dandelions : As a West Virginian, I can't help but to hear the original. IZ's version is equally beautiful and I hope the people of Hawaii feel the same sense of pride as us in WV have while listening to 'Country Roads'.

Anthony Frattali : Somewhere on a country road Iz and John are singing this together, going back and forth with the verses.

Ansel Adams : "Everyplace you have been, all the places you have lived and stayed at, all the houses, hotels, motels, restaurants, businesses, someone is there right now. Someone is on every road, freeway, at every river, mountain, and lake. Someone is looking at the statue of liberty right now. People are eating at all the restaurants. People are traveling in boats, planes, cars, trains, buses right now. People are having sex, people are fighting and being murdered. People are everywhere they go, doing everything they can do at this moment. To be at one place doing one thing means you are missing all of the other places and things. To do one thing is to miss another. The only true way to miss out is to miss out on the present moment. People always want to be doing something else, at some other place. It is impossible, where you are and what you are doing is it, it is the present moment. It is all there is and if you can't be fulfilled by it you are in real trouble because it is the only thing that exists." An excerpt from the present, at Truthcontest*com. The truth of life has been revealed, Google *_Truth Contest_* and read the top entry. The truth will set you free.

Sergio Diaz : Iz was taken from us way too soon, but left us with beautiful music for all generations to enjoy, mahalo.

Dave Straughan : IZ still lives on , RIP my friend

dan cooper : I am sure john denver would have loved it

Eva Marie : i wish he was still alive :[

Reginald Moseri : Go well "IZ" you left your mark your LEGACY will live forever, R.I.P my brother, AMEN!!!!

Cindy Rizzato : *R.I.P. IZ - you are missed by many..... ♥*

randy109 : One of my College roommates (1976-78) built a place on the Big Island a few years back.  He keeps a small motor launch and a 22 ft. cabin cruiser on the Hilo side of the island.  My father in-law (ex of 27 years) grew up on the big island just a few miles south of Kona.  The time I've been able to get away from work on spend on the big island and Maui have been like trips to Paradise.  I had one of my trucks in the shop last week and the Mechanic had grown up on Oahu and the Big Island.  He moved here (California) just a couple of years ago so the weather "shock" wasn't so bad, but my friends from Montana that now live in Hawaii can't believe the weather.  Listening to this beautiful man sing these songs of my youth with his Hawaiian soul are simply mesmerizing.  If my health permits my g/f and I are going to spend some time in that wonderful land, Hawaii before we are too old to fully enjoy it.  If listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole doesn't make your heart sing, and Hawaii beckon to you I don't know what will!  If you have never spent any time in Hawaii, PLEASE go!  It will be one thing that you will remember to the end of your days.  Paradise on Earth... 

John Schofield : Bravo, lovely redemption of John Denver's song,...Israel Kamakawiwo'ole  makes it sound diferent and special, he really was a great talented artist with a big,big heart and soul, Bravo, we Pacific Ocean folks will never forget you!!! (el Oceano Pacifico nos une en un sentimiento puro y enorme, que engloba a todos sin distinción!!!).

Mooseydog : What a heavenly voice this man had. Each time I watch one of his videos and listen to the song I just become breathless. May IZ rest in peace!

jane irvine : John would have loved IZ's version.  It best captures the spirit of this song.  That's to be expected, because it took a big man to hold such a big, loving spirit.  Now they're both out there, singing with us.  Love to IZ and his family.  I plan on taking up the ukelele.

Brian Hughes : A gift to the world of music that was lost way too early. Gentle and sincere. His melodies make me smile every time.

Rosemary Ochoa : he was a true music lover, what an inspiration, I know he is home, thank God for him, he's a blessing

Dion Riley : Being a good singer isn't about how high of notes you can hit or how low you can go. It's about having a sound and story (voice) that people can relate to and get a feeling from. That's what makes a good singer and IZ makes you feel like there's someone who understands everything anyone could ever go through and reassures you that everything will be ok in the end. He has a story, that's why I listen. 

Andrew Glazier : I was in Honolulu the day he died. All the traffic around Ala Moana stopped and everyone was playing his music on the car radio. No honking, just people crying, the paperboy in traffic had a paper that said Iz is dead. It was beautiful.

calculuscoaches : Great interpretation of a classic from John Denver.

Gavin Mason : A true hawaiian. Who lived and sang Aloha

Matthew Guthrie : i was angry now im not.

killerbeau95 : Aloha from Makaha 96792

Tony Rose : Man, this just about sums it up...

jon Holsapple : lovely voice growing up as a military brat we would sing this song on our way to school each one of us brats sounded off our home

Joe Swharta : :) love you, IZ.

Jeff G. : Love the John Denver original and love this just about as much. I think IZ did it with admiration for the original. It's definitely in the same spirit; almost like the other side of a conversation with the Denver version. Kind of "yeah, I know what you mean, brudda. My home makes me feel that too"

gilad sefti : Isn't it remarkable that a young man that suffered so much physically and emotionally, I am sure, sings so beautifully happy and optimistic. Wow. Makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.

valerie denis : très  belle  chanson  ! j'adore

izLight : Never fails to bring a smile.  John D. is probably smiling the same :)

deedee : I've always loved the music of IZ. His singing was incredible. So, so sad he died, & yet so young. xx

matt bucklen : west Virginia *

Eden F : R.I.P IZ ;(

G27Jinx : Rest In Peace my cuz

James Groover : i think he sounds good and can sing and for the ones that said he can't its like they say opinions are like assholes everyone has one rather it's good or not

Bobble Head : I just got into his music... such an amazing voice

Bob Murphy : Have been to Hawaii 12 times! Got to see IZ a number of times, met him once. This was a great man, with a major talent! He had more soul than any of you! Shame we lost him soooo young. RIP IZ!!! Your music will live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hawgdawger : Oh, my freaking ears are hearing the single greatest tribute I've heard of this song. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

Eric Birtel : A few times in my life I have been asked, "Who would you like to meet?" Well IZ is in my top 10 for sure. You just listen and it all comes to you when IZ is singing and playing.

Macguy : IZ and Teresa Teng, the two most beautiful voices to ever sing a song...gone forever, never to be replaced but never forgotten.  They will be listened to as long as their recordings can be played.  You don't have to understand the languages they sing in (Hawaiian (IZ), English (IZ &TT), Chinese (TT), Japanese (TT)...the beauty of their voices will hook you. Check out Teresa Teng on YouTube, incredibly sweet and lovely voice, unknown in the West but her songs in English, Japanese, Chinese are a wonder:  'Feelings' , 'Kuukou (Airport)', 'The Moon Represents My Heart' won't regret it!  TT is considered the greatest female singer out of Asia, she passed way in 1995 at 42. Their voices are 7 parts sweetness and 3 parts tears.  IZ and Teresa were miracles.

juanita tinkle : it acrying shame he`s gone  he`s singing with the angels