I Won an Xbox One X with Doritos and Mountain Dew.

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Corby Q : Kool little vlog. I got mine for like 25 bucks in gas. I went to party stores and went thru the bottle returns for the caps.

Hitman : With 300+ dollars u can just buy a xbox one x :T

Suyeb Shaikh : Sir, you are the greatest gamer ever😱 I believe, this was awesome thing to do, to win an Xbox One X, Enjoyed watching your video, and congrats for the win 😇

daddyjankie : *that was awesome*

BrendoBox Vlogs : Broo this was intense! I admire the dedication!! Great video! Keep it up! New sub!

Sevorizzle : Diabeetus!

Lighter Fluid : This is the most American video ever

Shawn Hair : u spent a lot i won mine for 32000. if you would have waited about five days they went for 10000 less then what u paid

Puppet Master : Very well played sir u never updated the video u liar liar 🤥 👖 on fire 🔥

jurand81 : so i found this on /r/Every60Seconds/ so i know you've been to the thread.. how did you not try the roulette bags instead? i spent a grand total of 92 bucks and won an xbox for 30,450 on 11/13.. 46 bags @ $1.99 each..

Golden Dragon : That can go to food charity

vlowen : under rated

justin080890ify : So called today they say I'm finally in the system and it shows I won but now I'm waiting on tracking number will update again

Emanuel Gavia : You can use the points again when you didn't win the auction?

SegaCDUniverse : This reminds me of Punch Drunk Love, with the pudding points..

Jacob Medrano : Now i just need to wait for the xbox

Frank Tank : I love how they make people feel like they might get a deal so people go and buy a shit load of the product they are trying to sell. Looks like it worked on idiots.

Jake Oclair : I love win you won and your wife asked if it was over lol My wife asked the same thing and was so pleased not that I won but that the madness was over. I enjoy Dew and Doritos for late night gaming and this was an awesome promotion.

Derek House : Scan your walmart receipts (the barcode/QR code on the bottom) with the Walmart Saver App and you'll save close to $100 as they'll compare to the Publix, Kroger, mass grocery store chains at all the competitor's in that store's area. You can only submit 6 receipts a week so make sure they're the ones that have the highest # of purchases on them.

JC Yencón : I won an XB1-X in Canada with the same contest, and they told me that I have to wait 8 to 12 weeks to get the console to my address. 😔

justin080890ify : Finally got mine today in the mail hel yeahhhhhh

Jacob Medrano : My uncle helped me with this and we got up to 80,000 points and I won the Xbox

سميه الاصبحي : I won 2 xbox one x One of them for sale

Im a pug : I have the janitors at my work snatching me caps out the trash in 2 days im at 4000 points lol

Therian12 : For anyone wanting to do something like this.. keep an eye on walmarts website for the the E-Commerce 40 bag packs.. each pack is 13.98 and has 2500 point codes. for 34k points you only need 14 boxes of chips costing a total of 195.72 you can then resell the boxes of doritos for 10$ each making back 140$

Solid_broheemus : Wowza, 10/10

T H : Haha

mark webb : You should of bought the Ruletee bags. They were a minimum 400pts and could be as much as 1000pts. Factor in there could be 2 codes per bag= Way more points per dollar!

Corby Q : Did you get your confirmation email or shipping email yet?

Highlight Hell : congrats to you dude. Have fun trying to finish those doritoes and mountain dews XD

sonofgun9282 : I work in a foundry..no cans allowed..everybody drinks mtn.dew bottles..snatched caps for 5 days..mtn.dew makes me sick now.

Hella Clash : Dedication Bro!

Burro Gaming : Good job man you did good I liked the video a lot

Anarchy 1 Gaming A1G : Great vid. Although you bid too high. That was the week or so that the bids kept going higher and higher. I waited that out knowing the history of these contests. I won all 5 of mine for less than 32000 points each. The lowest being 27000 points and some change. The last time they did it with the Xbox one I won 3. I could have won more but I was tired. We do a few things to get codes. We buy 12 packs (last time they did 24 packs) on sale for 2 for $5. Cut the code off and sell the 2 12 packs for the same price of $5 on social media. Our only cost is time and a little gas for the dew. For Doritos we price match and get the bags for 2 for $3.00. We then use the Doritos for walking tacos we sell at our business concession stand. So no loss there. We actually make money off of them. I kept 1 xbox one x for my son for Christmas, gave 3 away to employees for Christmas and sold one for $450. Covering all gas used and plenty of profit. I was originally going to to shoot for 10 xbox one x's but got wore out after 5. Plus many Wal-Mart's and stores I buy the Mt dew from stopped having cases with codes nearing the end.

ZombiePanda402 : What did you do with all those Doritos and Dew?

Ace The Creator : legend has it he still is waiting

Watdo Ai Raitjeer : Hey man I love the vlog! Big fan of doritos dynamiites too! I subscribe and shared the video man, can you send me a bag or two to me please ?(: I'll really appreciated it if not no worries I'll still watch your vids thanks

CForCraza : Where is the update ?

itsk3hiphop : Wait, did you actually get the Xbox or what?

Dustin Hawk : i feel sorry for you now you have to drink all that mtn dew and i think most mtn dew sucks the only one i like is baja blast which is one my favorite sodas next to coca cola but damn you could saved your self the time and just bought one new for $500 but im just like you in a way ive been going to taco bell almost every day and getting 2 to 3 $5 chalupa boxes each day coming home eating them then redeeming the code of xbox website to try to win that platnium xbox one x and i actually achieved that goal after investing around $200 into $5 box meals and i wont that shit like 4 hours ago on 7th of november was pulling up taco bell xbox one on youtube to try to see the unboxing of the platnium xbox and your video popped up so watched it looked interesting but fuck you went overboard with with all thoose doritos and mtn dew in your kart people in the store probably thought you were on drugs carting that cart full of it around the store lol and dam was the code on on specific doritos because if i would of done that i would went for the cooler ranch ones because thoose are my favorite chips

Kittlebucket : How much did it cost?

sanik 316 : That's a cheap way to get an Xbox one x

Cloud Mars : Where’s the unboxing for the Xbox??

Noizey : Did you ever get it?

dream : they shipped it right?

OJ Walker : Won my auction December 12th. Finally got my tracking info today. Feb. 7th

SandyzSerious : That stuff is bad for your body...

Toxic Gamer : Just pay for the Xbox lolz

Bad Gamers : What is the side name

TruckinToeKnee : Diabetes