Winning an Xbox One X with Doritos and Mountain Dew.

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Corby Q : Kool little vlog. I got mine for like 25 bucks in gas. I went to party stores and went thru the bottle returns for the caps.

SegaCDUniverse : This reminds me of Punch Drunk Love, with the pudding points..

Corby Q : Did you get your confirmation email or shipping email yet?

Therian12 : For anyone wanting to do something like this.. keep an eye on walmarts website for the the E-Commerce 40 bag packs.. each pack is 13.98 and has 2500 point codes. for 34k points you only need 14 boxes of chips costing a total of 195.72 you can then resell the boxes of doritos for 10$ each making back 140$

Derek House : Scan your walmart receipts (the barcode/QR code on the bottom) with the Walmart Saver App and you'll save close to $100 as they'll compare to the Publix, Kroger, mass grocery store chains at all the competitor's in that store's area. You can only submit 6 receipts a week so make sure they're the ones that have the highest # of purchases on them.

jurand81 : so i found this on /r/Every60Seconds/ so i know you've been to the thread.. how did you not try the roulette bags instead? i spent a grand total of 92 bucks and won an xbox for 30,450 on 11/13.. 46 bags @ $1.99 each..

Hella Clash : Dedication Bro!

Sevorizzle : Diabeetus!

Veive257 : painful to watch.. if you want another one, buy these instead:

Emanuel Gavia : You can use the points again when you didn't win the auction?

mark webb : You should of bought the Ruletee bags. They were a minimum 400pts and could be as much as 1000pts. Factor in there could be 2 codes per bag= Way more points per dollar!

Solid_broheemus : Wowza, 10/10

sonofgun9282 : I work in a cans allowed..everybody drinks mtn.dew bottles..snatched caps for 5 makes me sick now.

Jacob Medrano : My uncle helped me with this and we got up to 80,000 points and I won the Xbox

JC Yencón : I won an XB1-X in Canada with the same contest, and they told me that I have to wait 8 to 12 weeks to get the console to my address. 😔

سميه الاصبحي : I won 2 xbox one x One of them for sale

Nelson Vangster : congrats to you dude. Have fun trying to finish those doritoes and mountain dews XD

Watermelon Chicken : The Dorito Gamer packs give you 2,500 points and cost only $14~ That's about $200 for 35k points.

Im a pug : I have the janitors at my work snatching me caps out the trash in 2 days im at 4000 points lol

Chris Daniels : and if you don't win? You just end up with alot mountain dew. Good advertising... I would just buy the console then take a gamble.

Jake Oclair : I love win you won and your wife asked if it was over lol My wife asked the same thing and was so pleased not that I won but that the madness was over. I enjoy Dew and Doritos for late night gaming and this was an awesome promotion.

Shadd henkelman : I dug through spit and tobacco filled recycle bins at work for the past month. Won mine before Thanksgiving, gf won hers today. Out of daily consumption and what we normally buy in groceries and stuff, we really didn't spent over 100 on each one. Pretty easy wins. We almost had 3 in 2013 but ended up with 2. This one was a lot shorter of a season.

Christopher Saylor : I did mine better just has all my coworkers give me their codes and a few friends from out of state think i payed about 75 dollars the rest was friends lol i made out better

Ewan Rushmere : u know its probably cheaper 2 just buy an xbox one x ; just look at that car fulla doritos

A bunny that will chew on your cables : People who do this shit are so stupid. On those sites, normally 'the winning bidders' are people from the company itself so that you think you're bidding against other people but in reality you're bidding against the company itself, so you'll lose like 90% of the time. They only do exceptions, like they did for u, when they collected like $2000 then they give people an actual chance to win.

A bunny that will chew on your cables : The Xbox is probably cheaper to buy than all that shit food u bought

Aashay Tambi : Why not return the Mt. Dew

MengeR : You max out 150k...

Enticed Black Man : I won only spending $127

justin080890ify : If anyone get an email saying its being shipped out than please post just want to make sure everything is legit

justin080890ify : Called them they said it will be 2-3 weeks from nov 27 until u recieve a confirmation email man ill be so mad if they something i won at 29100 points shadows of war edition cost 120 for roulette bags

JAY LAI : Really u spent to much money to win that? Me i just spent like a 100 bucks to win xbox one x. . You need to buy the roullete. . And yeah sometimes they have 2 codes . .


Pickle Rick : What happens if you bid and don't win do you get to keep your point or do they reset

IOS 11 : Shit I am 300

Cold Hippo : Bought and sold 74 game packs so me and my family each got one. Going after another for friends. Total spent 0$

سميه الاصبحي : What kind of The Flash you used I try to use a flash isn't working ?

Seth Johnson : did they verify your caps or codes? or they just accept it?

Grayson Kitteh : Is this real? Looks too good to be true. They give away like 75000 dollars worth of Xbox One X per day? This must be a scam site. LOL Did you really get the Xbox One X yet? Till today I haven't heard anyone received the console nor received any email saying it has been shipped.

T H : Haha

C Ski : Why not return the didnt open the you could technically return them = PROFIT

Dustin Marquis : fuck this is dumb............ must be american