Winning an Xbox One X with Doritos and Mountain Dew.

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Corby Q : Kool little vlog. I got mine for like 25 bucks in gas. I went to party stores and went thru the bottle returns for the caps.

Corby Q : Did you get your confirmation email or shipping email yet?

SegaCDUniverse : This reminds me of Punch Drunk Love, with the pudding points..

Sevorizzle : Diabeetus!

jurand81 : so i found this on /r/Every60Seconds/ so i know you've been to the thread.. how did you not try the roulette bags instead? i spent a grand total of 92 bucks and won an xbox for 30,450 on 11/13.. 46 bags @ $1.99 each..

Solid_broheemus : Wowza, 10/10

Hella Clash : Dedication Bro!

T H : Haha

Emanuel Gavia : You can use the points again when you didn't win the auction?

Therian12 : For anyone wanting to do something like this.. keep an eye on walmarts website for the the E-Commerce 40 bag packs.. each pack is 13.98 and has 2500 point codes. for 34k points you only need 14 boxes of chips costing a total of 195.72 you can then resell the boxes of doritos for 10$ each making back 140$

mark webb : You should of bought the Ruletee bags. They were a minimum 400pts and could be as much as 1000pts. Factor in there could be 2 codes per bag= Way more points per dollar!

Derek House : Scan your walmart receipts (the barcode/QR code on the bottom) with the Walmart Saver App and you'll save close to $100 as they'll compare to the Publix, Kroger, mass grocery store chains at all the competitor's in that store's area. You can only submit 6 receipts a week so make sure they're the ones that have the highest # of purchases on them.

sonofgun9282 : I work in a cans allowed..everybody drinks mtn.dew bottles..snatched caps for 5 makes me sick now.

justin080890ify : Finally got mine today in the mail hel yeahhhhhh

Jacob Medrano : My uncle helped me with this and we got up to 80,000 points and I won the Xbox

JC Yencón : I won an XB1-X in Canada with the same contest, and they told me that I have to wait 8 to 12 weeks to get the console to my address. 😔

سميه الاصبحي : I won 2 xbox one x One of them for sale

Highlight Hell : congrats to you dude. Have fun trying to finish those doritoes and mountain dews XD

Im a pug : I have the janitors at my work snatching me caps out the trash in 2 days im at 4000 points lol

Chris Daniels : and if you don't win? You just end up with alot mountain dew. Good advertising... I would just buy the console then take a gamble.

Jacob Medrano : Now i just need to wait for the xbox

Jake Oclair : I love win you won and your wife asked if it was over lol My wife asked the same thing and was so pleased not that I won but that the madness was over. I enjoy Dew and Doritos for late night gaming and this was an awesome promotion.

Scratch Plays : This is pretty great lol.

Sōsuke Aizen : Lol

Toxic Gamer : Just pay for the Xbox lolz

2019Cameron Piacentini : I won december 5 but I still don't know when its getting here. Any ideas/ advice?

justin080890ify : Called them they said it will be 2-3 weeks from nov 27 until u recieve a confirmation email man ill be so mad if they something i won at 29100 points shadows of war edition cost 120 for roulette bags

justin080890ify : If anyone get an email saying its being shipped out than please post just want to make sure everything is legit

Frank Tank : I love how they make people feel like they might get a deal so people go and buy a shit load of the product they are trying to sell. Looks like it worked on idiots.

Golden Dragon : That can go to food charity

OJ Walker : Won my auction December 12th. Finally got my tracking info today. Feb. 7th

SilentNomad : why didnt you just return the mountain dew and buy some from another walmart

Watdo Ai Raitjeer : Hey man I love the vlog! Big fan of doritos dynamiites too! I subscribe and shared the video man, can you send me a bag or two to me please ?(: I'll really appreciated it if not no worries I'll still watch your vids thanks

Bad Gamers : What is the side name

Aashay Tambi : Why not return the Mt. Dew

Roadsurfer2k11 : Evan nice job. I'm playing the first time on last day...I procrastinated on this :-/ My question is can you skip the leaderboard auction phase 6am-6pm pst before 60 second drawing starts, or do you need to be on the board before closes at 6pm pst? I noticed you went all in during the auction itself from no bid. I wish I did this before to get some knowledge experience. I have over 40k saved. Auction open in an hour, go all in during initial bidding phase? I was you at the store...everyone commenting the basket of junk Ty

Seth Johnson : did they verify your caps or codes? or they just accept it?

Ewan Rushmere : u know its probably cheaper 2 just buy an xbox one x ; just look at that car fulla doritos

Hitman : With 300+ dollars u can just buy a xbox one x :T

justin080890ify : So called today they say I'm finally in the system and it shows I won but now I'm waiting on tracking number will update again

justin080890ify : Just got my tracking number finally I'll be getting it for Christmas score had to call in to get it though or i wouldnt even know about it getting to my house

Watermelon Chicken : The Dorito Gamer packs give you 2,500 points and cost only $14~ That's about $200 for 35k points.

Grayson Kitteh : Is this real? Looks too good to be true. They give away like 75000 dollars worth of Xbox One X per day? This must be a scam site. LOL Did you really get the Xbox One X yet? Till today I haven't heard anyone received the console nor received any email saying it has been shipped.

JAY LAI : Really u spent to much money to win that? Me i just spent like a 100 bucks to win xbox one x. . You need to buy the roullete. . And yeah sometimes they have 2 codes . .

MengeR : You max out 150k...

Shawn Hair : u spent a lot i won mine for 32000. if you would have waited about five days they went for 10000 less then what u paid

Jacob Medrano : It’s all in codes I didn’t get anything in the mail

Jacob Medrano : I went to go get my Xbox one x today!!!

Travel To Time 2 : What happens if you bid and don't win do you get to keep your point or do they reset

Dustin Marquis : fuck this is dumb............ must be american