F*ck the Earth Day

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Samuel Newsome : Today's earth day. Screw it, im pouring oil on a duck.

Steve Clark : hey thats TODAY, I'm gonna go eat some rocks!

1 Bad Jesus : "Swim and Eat Rocks" ...my new life motto.

Should I Smoke This? : LOVE THIS!

rumple stiltskin : Today I ate a whale... burned 16 tyres... flushed 532 plastic bags down the toilet , spray painted my nature strip with cadmium...Damn I feel good.!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Zach Swasta : This guy is a worthy successor to Leslie Nielsen.

Wesley Odom : omg

Christine : Bahahaha!

Blake Shamp : This guys a fuckin champion lmao

Dangerious Mistake : fuck the earth, expecially all the human scum

homing pigeon races : Give a Cuban a fishing pole for this holiday. he will do the rest. Eat a sea turtle, or a manatee.

Jurassic0Al : You were gonna replace the Ford Mustang and nobody knew what to do with you after they didn't do that. How much could a Probe know?

Jurassic0Al : What do you know? You're a Ford.

Michael Tacoronte : Happy Fuck The Earth Day everyone!!!

Tim Klein : This is awesome! I dumped used oil down the drain that empties straight into freshwater lakes in celebration of Earth Day! Tonight im burning 10 old tires that I had in the garage - cant argue with a cleaner garage and fucked up ozone layer!

Eaglez Nesty : Eat some fucking rocks lol.....this is awesome....I leave all my light on all day everyday......I love it

Milian Violet : "Pour oil on a duck." hahahaha

XIIFangv2 : LOL

Some Guy : Jack English is a nobhead.

Hannah Scroggs : Swim... And eat rocks... Happy fuck the earth day.

MinionOfDeth2112 : @Bladzes - Exactly, LMFAO!!! XD

Chris Blades : Wouldn't the rocks in your stomach make you sink faster?

DemmyChan : oh my goodness that was so funny and wrong at the same time

Chris C : I like this video, but I already celebrate my own fuck the earth day... christmas!

GuyWIthAHoad : yer fuck the earth day bitches

poisonsnake0 : LOL

huntermichael : hahahaha awesome! ^_^

MadLavaxe : i love this holiday.