Put It Down

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Darian M : South park never fails to make a good song

dsagent : Was that sign language lady always there?

DecimusYna : Not gonna lie, the first time I saw this, I cried.

amarylis : 1. This is the best South Park song. 2. Cartman is better than actual rappers. 3. Craig has an adorable singing voice. 4. Tweek's backup vocals are the best. 5. "And I'll take the pledge!" "No one caaares!" Is the best thing ever. 6. For some strange reason this song makes me cry.

TheChanCan : I love the way Tweek and Craig's relationship, which started as a joke, has become one of the sweetest relationships on TV.

C T : Hilary Clinton:I’ll take the pledge. Choir:no one cares! Lol

AiraSora : The Deaf interpreter in the top right corner made my day <3

DecimusYna : *NO ONE CARES*

gghelis : Only South Park can be so profound and stupid at the same time.

julia loki : Wait...if tweek was holding Craig's hand at the end... *Then who was playing the god damn piano*

Menma Uzumaki : Cartman killed this ✌✌👍👍💥💥💥

Sock Cat : I love how much Craig cares about Tweek and how much Tweek loves Craig back. It's adorable.

Julia lam : *When Tweek is so calm playing the piano and singing back up for Craig and your feelings are just-*

appoline cremades : Oh my god the president killed kenny !!

Tamara Marschner : This has been stuck in my brain for at least a month Yeah sure cartman's rap is lit and the song is very gay yes of course but Tweeks back up vocals at 0:35 tho One word: ANGEL

LwMark 561 : "No one cares!"

*puppuriin : season 22 NEEDS MORE CREEK EPISODES

Kenny McCormick : I’ll Take The Pledge *NO ONE CARES*

Oz : One episode: 1)Making fun of Trump. 2)Teaching to stop looking on phone while driving. 3)Alarm about suicide issue(Cartman). 4)Shows real, beautiful homosexual love(Tweak and Craig). Yeah, tell me more how bad is this cartoon.

Nort Willows : *tweek’s backup vocals give me more than i can handle*

Rashad Lewis : Who agree with me that south park is better than family guy

Marco De Palma : Cartman‘s Rap is next level! Cartman / Eminem collab, when?

that one guy who likes memes : It's funny cause I'm watching this on my phone lol

Nicholas DiGaetano : 2:12 omg they killed Kenny.

CrazyLevi : The most important song of the 21st cenutry and its made by a show that talk about dicks all the time! I love it. I love the show. I love how cute tweek and craig are. I love how hillary takes the pledge and they sing nobody cares!😁

kierankasey : What does it say when 10th graders handle a relationship way better than the general public?

batgirl gamertv : Pause at 2:12 do you see kenny. Like if you seen him

Mario&SonicGuy256 : “There’s nothin wrong with being gay” -PC Principle

Berucrat : Awhhhh Tweek is such a good singer and Craig being embarrassed about how he wasn’t matching pitch with the other kids made my heart melt

Mordorf The Senile : Hands down the best episode of the season

Jasmin Lupin : Tweek can sing!?🙊

Jordan Harvey : Hillary: And I’ll take the pledge Everyone: n o o n e c a r e s

Sock Cat : I'm so used to Tweek freaking out, that when he's not screaming his voice sounds weird.

Sucky Videos : R.I.P. Kenny died from a president on their phone 2:09

Tiaan Engelbrecht : Just realized Kenny isn't in the choir because he's one of the victims lmao

Luana Showdebosta : 2:27 beautifull 1:38 BUT THIS IS MORE BEAUTIFULL

Lovisa B : Damn Tweek knows how to play the piano

Joseph Ocasio : Now an Emmy nominated episode.

Alextheepicpro : it's funny how craig didnt know how all the kids were in the back and tried to sing louder XD <3

Raj Kothari : Cartman’s rap 😍😍😍😍 and Tweek’s back up vocals 😍😍😍😍

lenay25 msp : *South park can be a bloody and adult show but it teaches us a valuable lesson* *Literally: The best show :')*

Barbara Bardouniotis : Omg the rap of cartman is hilarious! Good job South Park for finally making an episode that puts a fantastic meaning! My new fave South Park song hands down!


ELISA MOYA : Tweek has a voice of an angel.. Craig no so much xD


Lucky The Creek Child : #CREEK yeah!!

S N E E Z E : They're holding hands. This is a dream

Berucrat : After the 127th time I’ve watched this since the episode aired, I finally got Cartman’s rap perfect.

Shivery : This ep is fantastic! I just like the comedy mix with politics in the show and REALLY cute relationship between Tweek and Craig. And they're a LEGIT couple so now everybody can shut up about it as fake. Also they give them a development when they have to work their hardships to make them a better gay couple. Cuz most gay couples that portray in other shows are just too perfect and no conflict to work through what so ever. Anyway this is a 10/10!

NOTORIOUS C.I.D. vevo : Choir:put it down Me:(in the shadows)put it down don't be on your phone while being president