A$AP Rocky Meets Aesop Rock For The First Time

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Diodes : not to be "that guy" but this is years old. maybe include a date if possible? either way, good shit right?

Average Atheist : Aesop Rock= Shakespeare of hip hop Asap Rocky= Dresses like Shakespeare

John Cripps : They can't even be compared. Don't ever confuse the two. AESOP FOR LIFE!!!

NothingWasHere : aesop rock is still better

gooneybird808 : It's Aesop not asap, they can't even pronounce it right...but aes is a good sport about it

PM 15 : A$AP meeting Aesop? Is this even life? Is this real?

whocares : I'm always like, no not asap rocky, Aesop Rock!!!

Clay Kinser : Aes looks so stoned he is nothing but eyelids

Tike Manski : This took place 3 years ago. Maybe they DID break the internet.

headcoLd 7 : Dude should be asking Aesop for forgiveness.

Rivel 0 : Description says "the number one source for new underground hip hop" Clip is from 5 years ago

Divine Zeal : later they made an album called Rocks ASAP

lofi hip hop 24/7 chill/study/gaming beats : I was just listening to The Impossible Kid when this shit popped in my feed

behest : An insult to Aesop Rock.

That Guy : As long as he pays respect and gave the credit that was due ASAP ok

Shawn Orjiakor : 😂😂😂 This is dope.

Shiver MeTimburrs : Lol "a$ap rocky and asap rock.."😂😂

richard duke : this was like 10 years ago

QVEZO : "Here we are "asap" rock" I took this comment lel

Garrett Strazdas : It must kill him that everyone is pronouncing "Aesop" as "Asap"

Ivan Brooke : This made me uncomfortable

Bigking602 : No jumper cables and purple swag in same room hahaha 🔥 🔥

Brendan M : Brother Ali and Aesop Rock are legends! The other guy not so much

robert sanchez : Aesop should rocked his ass on sight

Horacio Martinez : Holly shit brother Ali aesop rock and asap rocky in the same room!

victor hernandez : Aesop is a legend!

Solace : First time hearing about rocky I thought this mf mentioned Aesop rock and I was getting heated lol

Aiden G : Is Aesop the goat lyricist?

FOG Bloodbought : that's dope. but would of been better to see a lil more behind tha scenes stuff.....

Deerwoman L'nu Trujillo : This is still one of my favorite things

Tijuana SIX : I was wondering if this would ever be a thing. Funny how asap rocky had a reason for coming up with his name that had nothing to do with an underground legend like aesop rock

sonti yo : rosenberg steady beeing corny lmao

TheSetupWizard : Is this a re-upload? I remember first seeing this video ages ago

ISayStupidThings Sometimes : brother ali's beautiful head

ringostar8 : This was like 17 years ago. And Hanson was there

the lel : old but gold

kolton Allen : But why Master Roshi up in here?

Lloyd Nix : This is too wholesome.

The Question Maniac : Omg please be a collab

mastrdzastr : People realize its pronounced "Eee-Sop" right?

Coda : aesop looks high all the time lel

The Wobbix : REUPLOAD

Amber Davis : LEGENDS!!!!

Stephano Digiorgio : ICONOCLAST!

LimboTheory : Awesome


Octavius Densmore : That's crazy

N A : Aesop x asap interview

Carson Grubaugh : This is hilarious. I made the mistake of not listening to Aesop Rock for years because I thought he was ASAP Rocky, who I dislike.

JMega007 : Thank u rosenberg