Deadsy - The Key To Gramercy Park

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altoids eater 47 : Large amounts of nostalgia from ATV Offroad Fury 2. Loved the game as a kid. This was my favorite song out of the whole soundtrack. I even like this song today, especially the parts where he uses the keyboard.

PinkRibbonScars11 : Am I the only person who was a fan of Deadsy without hearing them from ATV Offroad Fury 2?

Kenneth Gerberich : I got the keys to your grandmother's car

RevoST180 : 211 people don't have the Key to Gramercy Park.

TheSkittles1001 : I love Goth Techno-Emo Nu-Wave Alternative Grunge Death Metal Rock. It's my favorite genre...

R H : no one cares that in the beginning the guitarist or bassist just drooled everywhere.

tquasa : Gary Numan vibes

Dean Grant : I'm 52 and digging deadsy maybe I AM just a big kid after all

Kelsey Curles : I'm here to add another comment about ATV offroad fury 2.

Drugonuv-Payne : Edgy Kid From The 2000s Starter Pack

Caitie Blankert : i was playing offroad fury 2 the other day, sure brought back memories :)

Mr. Nerve Damage : Man I miss these dudes... the second major release was decent too, but it would be awesome if all of a sudden they popped up again all decked out in this original gear with some high energy "undercore", haha. I think the biggest problem is the lack of a fan-base... I mean, sure there are thousands of people who like them, but I think it was to the point where they couldn't really afford to pursue ONLY Deadsy, it just wasn't getting enough attention to pay the bills. Hell... even if they just threw some new albums out from time to time, it would be great... most new music is garbage.

Batty Lulu : Deadsy please come back into our lives. We need you. I need you.

C A R U C H I S : The vocal is the son of Cher

Michael Eisel : This video is hilarious. I will always refuse to believe that these guys are serious.

Adrian Fyre : This sounds like Orgy.

Kenneth Smith : How many people came here because of ATV off-road fury

Veliccia : I loved this when i was in my early teens. I still don't hate the song but it is a bit cheesier looking back on it now at 25 hah.

Reverend Beet : I have some serious question for these guys. 1. Did you obtain residence next to Gramercy park, and is that how you came across the key? 2. Were you not able to "uuhhhh" under the heavenly stars before? I mean, what were you doing previously breaking in through the bars that you cant do now?! Im just really confused...

Infamouskilla 90 : Oh man, atv offroad fury 2.... This is so good.

YouBetterSwallowThatShitBitch : Omg my childhood music right hrrr....atv offroad fury 2 ps2 baby

Ashley McLeod : I used to play Offroad Fury 2 CONSTANTLY. I was only 9 and sang this song constantly. I think that's why my parents made me go to church.

themadrapper101 : Directed by Fred Durst

Corey stack : atv offroad fury 2 anyone?

slapchop14 : ATV OFF ROAD FURY 2 for PS2!!! Man, I feel like I'm back in 2003!

gonzorama1919 : Have a drink every time the singers eyes roll back in his head

Mark Caldwell : Deadsy: first to immortalize: 'boulevard of broken dreams'...

Lara Croft : uuuh.. i'm here because.. i don't know.. i always liked to see the music Video the Only by Static-X and the guitar player wore a shirt and on his shirt it was wrote DEADSY, so i look out what it was and it was a beautiful band :D

TheNewFlesh : I had forgotten how contrived this band's look was and musicians' names were. Corny millennial nu-metal was so much easier to take seriously if you didn't have MTV (and if you are a high schooler)

Ludicity Dubstep : ATV Offroad Fury 2 anyone?

HappyIslandBoy : trying to land on the train

abUSEme6 : all these people talking about atv off road fury but no one is even mentioning that this is cher's son.

D F : Off road fury brought me here lol Crazy to think 8 years ago i was sitting with my family playing and having the best battles ive ever had in a racing game haha

Brad Knapp : I always knew Green Day ripped off the phrase "boulevard of broken dreams", now I remember it's from this song.

tim taylor : Looks like my house key.

Deth Mane : who else hears jonathan davis? lol

Josh River : Who woulda thought the key to gramercy park was just your standard residential deadbolt!

Mel Robayo Music : this is my shit. I remember listening to shit like this when I was 15!!! goood times....

Seth Felger : im a rapper and 99% of the time listen to rap but this is my shit bro this goes ham!!

malathis0 : Fred Durst directed this video. Seriously.

stealthRUSH : Let the planets align, Moon of Titan 2017.

Benjamin Fredrick : Masonic

dannydsi3d : ATV Offroad Fury 2 brought me here.

J Raba : The first I ever heard about the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

NØFΛCE☿ : i REALLY REALLY want a guitar like his les paul there

Slothy Pooh : atv offroad fury 2 <3

Mary Brooks : I used to pull stunts in Off-road Fury 2 with this song •×•

King X Fernando : Awwwh yea : D Thank You ATV Offroad Fury 2 !!

Jack Squat : We need you, deadsy.

Dacco80 : Is it weird that im 36 years old and still listenin this?