Let's Talk About Weird Japan

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Nasser Feed : The weird thing about Japan is the obsession with school girls

By the Numbers : You have really upped your game. Your production values have always been good, now they're better. Same with content, which is thoughtful and thought provoking. Any big city is not that country. New York is not USA, London is not UK, or Moscow is not Russia. These cities are real, valid, and functioning in their own rights. But they are not the whole country. Same with Tokyo. And within each of these cities, it is not hard to find people and situations that are weird, and especially weird things that make good pictures. Alongside of the weird are the vast armies of rather ordinary people who go about their daily lives in seemingly unrenarkable ways. What makes them weird? Because they are not usual, normal, or commonplace. They stand out in the crowd. One day in Tokyo, I got off the subway surrounded by men in dark suits, white shirts, and dark narrow ties. Like a river of people we flowed up to the streeet where we were met by other rivers of men in dark suits. Then, there he was. A man walking towards me. What made him stand out? He wore a brown suit! Did he represent the whole? Not likely. No more than with the maid cafes, or any other "oddities."

Evolation : "maid cafe" "????" "maid-u cafe" "oohhh"

NoPlaceLikeCheese : Living in NYC, I wish we adopted the mask thing here. I get sick way too often.

rockshot100 : I would hate that "reaction TV thing". It is like American sit-com "laugh tracks" or "canned laughter", taken to a highest level. It is patronizing and yes I could go off on a rant about that as well.

Jedidiah Young : Great video. In high school I was an exchange student and was really let down I didnt see all of "weird"Japan. Recently I took my wife to Japan for our anniversary and took a few detours into those niche cultural areas and was still underwhelmed. I think the internet paints this unfair image of what Japan is like. I think the weird stuff most westerns will find is how quite things are, how clean things are, how quickly trains board and how efficient things are. It's a great speed of life.

BibbidiBobbidi Bunny : Some things about Japan that seem unusual to me are the availability of cigarettes and alcohol in vending machines, the fact that men are not afraid of "cutesy" things, and the fact that there seems to be a process to everything that MUST be followed. Also, I've noticed how openly Japanese people tend to talk about bodies, even commenting on things that might be frowned upon in other places. I've heard people casually talk about someone being "fat" or they have "big ears." They aren't necessarily being rude or mean, but pointing out flaws doesn't seem to be a sensitive topic in Japan. In Australia, some things that others might find weird include our habit of shortening words (we do it a lot-almost excessively), the fact that we are so casual with colleagues, bosses, even university teachers (it's not uncommon to call your boss by his first name), the whole "byo" thing, and the fact that it is perfectly acceptable (with exceptions) to go to a store, fast food eatery, or voting booth shirtless, shoeless or wearing swimwear.

you are correct and I am wrong. : 3:01 if she is his girlfriend, this guy has balls of steel

HaiLsKuNkY : in the uk we have the rent a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, they are called escorts.

Isori : Really, if only "professional jounalism" could be fair like this... I guess that when there is someone screaming with neon lights on a hill it must be hard to see the people sipping coffee beside you. In most cases, Japanese stereotypes are not too negative, but it really pushes my buttons when there are articles or videos like "Hey look how weird this Japan thing is because Japan." It's unfair, unhelpful, unrealistic, unprofessional and just shameless attention-grabbing. But even worse than this kind of journalism is Japanophiles who forget Japan isn't Disney, it is a country full of "boring" everyday life as much as everywhere else. (Sorry about ranting) And if you think about it, it is the same every time a country tries to talk about another one from a "journalistic" point of view, which if not infuriating, it is very sad. Great work, by the way!

ThatGuy : 13:38 japans has been doing reaction skits way before youtube i swear they live in the future

Fled From Nowhere : Japan is weird not because what we consider weird is normal for all of them, but simply because they have the ingenuity and the balls to create those weird things. Sure, maybe most of those weird things strike Japanese people as weird, too. But Japan's awesomeness comes from the fact that they still make those weird things despite how weird they might be seen by society.

Life_wrecker Xoxo : Weird Japan thousand times better than weird America

rockshot100 : The fact that you buy a new modern house in Japan and it doesn't come with central heat or AC, I think is weird.

veabruhilda : Teapot Genitalia Man 😂😂😂 cracked me up because I'm immature like that. But I love your videos. Sad I just recently discovered your channel, but I have been binge-watching for days now.

Andreas Björkman : teapot... genitalia... man? That's just stupid enough, I'll give it a watch.

piggy66 : It's cool! but why didn't you talk about porn? crazy japanese game shows? panties vending machines? love hotels? hentai (you only mention in passing) ? I know these are x-rated topics, but these are what the west often think are the weirdest aspects of japan! Could have given at least a 30 second summary

A Simple Dog : I wish people here would wear masks, once someone at school gets sick we all get sick smh

WallFlowerr : i wish we had the mask thing in scotland, so many people are sick at school which then makes me sick

Yithiru : This was a very good look on the "weird" side of Japan. On the topic of tv dramas, at first I was quite confused watching 恋空 and 14才の母 since in both shows the girls get pregnant even though you don't even see them kiss. But you get used to it and it becomes endearing. Eating 納豆 and seafood is something I doubt I will ever get used to though... I can't even stand the smell haha.

Lukas Mihara : 10:30 I know you usually don't eat the skin of many fruits in Japan, but to me that's just 勿体無い The skin of Japanese grapes is a bit bitter, but I still eat it, I just seperate the skin and the flesh inside my mouth and eat the skin first, so that I have the sweet flesh at last. That way I waste nothing, and it still tastes very good. ^^

Jessica Smith : I love this video. I took my family to Japan for the first time last year. Before we went, I explained a few things they would see that they should consider "normal" for Japan. You've covered most of them in this video. We really enjoyed watching you go over them in detail. Everyone in my family was like, "Yeah! I saw that a lot!" The kancho thing made everyone crack up really bad. I taught my children to kancho from a very early age so they knew exactly what that was. Thank you for another very fun and informative video.

Jocelynne McDaniel : The mask thing gets on my nerves here in the US, I dont have a spleen so I have to be super careful about getting sick and when I wore a mask to school in highschool I was told by teachers to take it off and people would be so rude but I'm just trying not to die because sick people wont just stay home. I don't understand how its weird??

Afiq Amyrulz : OMG Shin chan is the best! HAHAHA thats my childhood right there

Lynz C : I love every part of Japan. The weird, the niche, the normal, the mundane. Every country has their weird niches I think. The difference in Japan is that you van really - really - get into something even if it is weird. That's where I think a huge gap is in understanding between the people who go to Japan for the weird and the people who are for some reason very against others being happy with their love for weirdness. I love anime and cute stuff and when I go to Tokyo I find myself in Akiba for days. You can find *anything* and not only can you find anything, but your love for anything even if small, you can find A LOT of it. I wonder if it's because Japan treats hobbies differently than we do since they have such limited time to enjoy them, they choose to get really into them . I feel like their work, life and overall environment breeds creativity. And obviously there's some large market for all this stuff and it's usually not foreigners. Thank you for doing this in a way that doesn't put down the people who DO like weird. So many other videos (and the comments section) seem to have this complex against those who like the Japan weird. Japan has their unique quirks like every other country and it's wonderful! But what I love most is that even daily mundane life is somehow magical. Love Japan :)

Joanna Marie Segura : I wish you featured the square shaped watermelons because that's weird and genius! 😊

sirluke7 : Nice! Yuta had nice clean, trimmed fingernails... Okay... I still won't eat what's on his plate..

Jessica McGee : I wish wearing masks was more common in the west! It's so polite and considerate! Great video as always!

Akimoto4u : so Americans consider civilized and healthy living weird! while they fill themselves up with desert dwelling scribes and bushmen

Wagner ワグナーCharles チャールズ : I think many Japanese people wear a "mask," but not a physical one, a mental one, that they portray to the outside.

Rudrani Dasgupta Chaudhuri : I'm surprised that people find bitter gourd weird. It's a more or less regular vegetable in Bengali cuisine. #lovefromIndia

Cassie Tolley : I love learning the culture differences! A few years ago my youngest brother and some of his friends were getting in trouble for doing kancho (poking each others butt holes) at school. Here in the UK it's inappropriate borderline sexual harrasment. Thankyou for another awesome video :D

nZurah : i never really write comments on YouTube but all your videos are just fantastic, so informative and professionally done. I hope you see this comment because there are a lot of people out there that are extremely happy to see a video of yours pop up in their sub box :) can't wait for the next one!

X averius : What a great video! I have a request for you: would you compare Japan to Canada using the five points of Hofstede? I find this tool very helpful when trying to understand a society. What surprise me about the Japanese is that they are actually quite individualistic. I then interprete their orde and discipline as a way to excel oneself. If you don't fall in line you are making a fool of yourself. Would you say that this is true? And that it's looked down on someone who doesn't publicly try their best? I would love to hear your opinion on this!😀

Turtle Lover : Some made an anime character out of the kfc guy. Look it up it’s really weird.

NyanCheeseYT : 1000 years of death!!! *Naruto Reference*

Thank You : you might be confuse about this part 17:33 this group consists of pornstars, forgot the name of the group tho.

Anécdotas de Japón : What I find strange are the fireworks shows like the one you showed! Here in Spain we can buy our own fireworks and set them off ourselves.

fixpacifica : The Great Courses Plus has a pretty good course on Japan. *I wrote the above before I saw the plug for the course at the end of the video.

Moryanka Chalia : Says anime *shows shinchan*

NK Montreal : As an asian from Canada and past 30 years of age, I still "kan-cho" my friends 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

abc : The nudity thingy is actually exactly the same as in Finland. Even many finnish family movies have full nude sauna scenes and japanese bathing rules are almost identical to the finnish sauna rules.

Andy Au : They have big grapes

Roy Sama : 9:30 "send freshuness" that got me x"D

Namez : great video, the production is great, as well as the narration. Had my attention the whole 24 minutes! Keep it up.

bhumika chaudhari : I love how people like you introduce their cultures to the world. It helps everyone understand that not everything will be the way they do it in your country and helps them become more accepting

SerAkanat : Very educational video! I'm Japanese myself, but growing up in America I've noticed most of the points you've mentioned, but I never considered the double standard when Americans talk about the "weird" Japanese tv shows whilst having the raunchiest music videos. I guess it's all about what you're used to.

Gurosama Bltch : LMAO teapot gentialia man wasn't even one of Filthy Frank's creations XD

LegendLength : "You made the right choice by summoning me"

ddranimestyle : Forgot I wasn't watching a Yuta video in the middle of the interviews