Richard Hills plays Tiger Rag

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William Alston : He deserved far better applause than he received because that was CRAZY good! That's the downside of being an organist.  Such huge technique and chops.  Bravo!  Dead audience.  Very unappreciative of his skills.  Play on anyway Sir!

Televersity : Cameron Carpenter eat your heart out!

Offshoreorganbuilder : Incredible control and memory! Thanks for the upload.

Teniente Danielshon : Genius !

ThePilot314 : NEVER have heard it BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Kemp : A virtuoso performance from a most accomplished organist. Lifts the spirits to hear playing like this. Thank you Richard.

three37 : this is the best

accousticdecay : a most amazing performance.  5 stars!

kiqw : This performance does not seem humanly possible. FANTASTIC to say the least.

Daniel Clafton : From now on, when i look at a guy playing on a normal piano i will say: "That's nothing". This is so awesome

hmm : Still Better than Justin Bieber.

Jonah Beale : And a thanks to the unsung hero here: John Leeming. The audio quality is fantastic! I swear I can feel every pedal note in my chest.

TheWhitecloak : Re: evdanker There are a number of unexpected controls on a theatre organ. One being the white buttons under the keyboards which are pre-set to operate the stop tabs. Richard only has to press one of these for an instant to change the whole sound of the organ. Another hidden effect is incorporated in some of the keyboards and pedal. That is the Second touch ie. the key is depressed the normal depth which plays the sounds set on that key board. by selecting a second touch stop tab and depressing the key a little further, an extra sound can be played. For example, Flutes on the first touch and trumpet on the second touch. That way he can bring out a melody or counter melody with the same hand. Watch Richard's fingers closely and you may notice him doing just that at times. As far as I know this is unique to theatre organs. Good example at 0:46

nyterpfan : BRILLIANT---this is VIRTUOSO playing!! Mr Hills, you are INCREDIBLE!! (Swear to God--if Art Tatum played this piece on the Wurlitzer this is what it would sound like!!)

Violet Lynn Scraton : this sounds like a whole damn band!!!! o.o

Kim Runic : Unreal performance. Love it when all the tabs dip at 2:13

1969Wilus : It was a great thrill to hear Richard Hills play this live at the Troxy in London yesterday (7/1/17) , with even more bells and whistles! He and Simon Gledhill also spoke very eloquently and entertainingly about the history of theatre organ music.

barbaralcharles : He plays like a maniac and he looks so calm! Sensational.

rghwd46gf : Excellent rendition of this classic old jazz standard!  Suggest adding yt:crop=16:9 to the YouTube tag for this video to eliminate window boxing.

riejurv50 : Wow, nice organ playing!!! In my village (in Catalonia, Spain) there's a huge old organ in the church, sometimes they play concerts there, the sound is wonderful, they say its one of the best in the country, it would be good to listen to this, live there... Anyway, thanks a lot, this is a WONDERFUL performance!!!

Jack Raves : He'se a tiger at those keys!!!

Rowan Lidbury : A registration master class! (And that's from a Church Organist). An imaginative, skilled and tonally comprehensive performance using probably the entire instrument. Superb! :o)

Alexis Guerne : j'ai mal aux doigts de le voir jouer

myszka1uk : I'm from the UK, I'm 52 and a ex nightclub Dj. I first heard a record of a Wurlitzer when I was 14 (1974) in the likes of a guy called Leon Berry (Chicago). From that moment on I was hooked on what these unbelievable machines can do and the awesome sounds they produce. I have never seen a Wurlitzer or heard one live but it's in my to do list before I throw a 7. I cannot play a note but from lots of reading I know a fair bit about these organs. Crazy I know. From watching videos of other theatre organists I can say Richard Hills is at the top of my list for someone to watch. I am stunned by the speed and accuracy of his playing. I need to find out where this guy is playing so I can see him. You are one genius on the keyboard Mr Hills and I look forward to seeing you play the Wurlitzer one day.

Wuppy D : He's alright, but he's no Elton John. HAH! He played the fuck out of that thing! I'm 97 percent certain this video just impregnated my wife.

Silas Longshot : OUTSTANDING!!! A lad with a large dash of Virgil Fox style from the 1970's.

Jeanne M. Uzar : I AM Gob-smacked. When I was in the southern United States, near Anderson, South Carolina there is a well known aggie college called Clemson. Their football, (That's U.S. football) team is, "The Clemson Tigers"  You all have guessed by now this is their theme song.  I have watched the greats play these Mighty Instruments, Story, Wright, Hazelton, etc. never have I seen such zeal while playing. Awesome, "Well done You!"

wurlitzer895 : Couldn't put it better myself. I also am a classical organist of very limited ability but in past years did dabble in playing theatre organs, and believe me, they are incredibly difficult to play well, but very easy to play badly. Richard Hills is up there with the best of both classical and theatre organists. Total admiration for his technical mastery and superb musicianship. Like you, I've often wondered what JSB would have made of the technology and tonal resources of such an instrument.

Peter Willson : I can't believe how fantastic this is!

Ben Emberley : Richard was awesome when I knew him back in King's Rochester when he played at the Cathedral for School services.  I miss his playing.

Video7Rose : AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Marvynmonkey : Stop The Pigeon!

TheChrisnab100 : Ok I must admit I've be biased I've heard the great reg Dixon play this and thought he was the tops but really!!.... Richard plays this miles better. A completely different style but boy... Different level. Will he ever come to Phoenix? Would love the chance to see him live!

ap xpandy : Wow, my fingers were exhausted - just watching! Great technique - thanks!

yves Prudent : There are always idiots to criticize !

Gero Brauer : No words can explain this! It's simply more than great,guy!

Frank Chambers : I've only just stumbled across this. Truly staggering performance. Hugely enjoyable.

E T : Killed it.

Merlin50 : Richard is always fabulous and if you enjoy this version of 'Tiger' go to BBC Proms 2013 and listen to his encore on the organ at the Albert Hall.

PandaPapa146 : Simply phenomenal! 

Ted Matspon : That is really great.  I had gotten to where i didn't like that song because of rabid LSU fans.

lohphat : GO DADDY, GO!

David Diffenderfer : Looking forward to meeting you at Blackwood!

Dietmar Hoelzner : YYYIIIKKKEEESSS !!!!!!

Rob Stockton : That's astounding.

sr633 : Flicker fingers !

Gill Oselton : He's not even trying . Richard Hills just sits there and does it. In my opinion one of the best if not the best organists in the UK. Awesome is an understatement.

Art In SF : Absolutely amazing. I'm near 80 years old and have never seen anything like that.

David Diffenderfer : Audrey and Dave looking forward to seeing you in 2018

Matt Van Der Walt : Bravo!!!!!!!!