Chili Klaus & Big Band on Fire 🔥 Wait for it!

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Bralph888 : That solo though...what a trooper

Paul Müller : I always think about what a horrifying pain it must be when they visit the toilet next day

Brian Quinn : You're a maniac Klaus. I imagine they won't be using those reeds again

llcool xl : THIS. THIS is WHY Youtube was created.

Gaylord Longdic : The most cunning part about Klaus: nobody can say no to that charming smile of his! They realize that they are doomed way too late xD

DeeJayDaveK : This is freaking amazing! I love how COMMITTED they all were! Some were just playing with their eyes closed haha! <3

Ethan Lim : *sees Orchestra and Carolina Reaper* Oh Klaus you absolute monster.

Neumah : I need a part two, where they all go to the bathroom afterwards in a big multi-stalled tiled bathroom with proper acoustics.

Roman Mejorado : I loved it. Keep them coming.

GoodAvatar : This is kindof sick and kind of wonderful. Those poor people may have signed up for this, but I don't think they knew what they were getting into. Every time Klaus does something marvelous like this, you see these total professionals *just barely* keeping themselves together.... Only to erupt in a chorus of groans and sweaty faces and looks of total disbelief and pain the second they're done. It's glorious.

Jeff Ward : Fantastic torture... I mean video. 😀

Version : They're blowing all that pepper spit into those instruments lol, I hope they thoroughly clean them out after. Not to mention, I feel the worst for all the wind players because they gotta suck on those spicy reeds for like 3 mins straight lmao

Le Low : This should be a series, one music genre at a time + chillies!

92JinKazama : Liked before even watching since Chili Klaus always delivers.

Kasper Svendsen : I no lipreader, but I'm pretty sure the guy at 2:15 said "For satan mand!" :D

Carsten Mehlsen : det kunne være fedt at høre et par af artisterne fortælle om oplevelsen

CapoXProductions : Is Chili Klaus a sadistic psycho? Press 8 for the answer... JK I love you Chili :)

Simon Santiago : Yes!!! Awesome.

Avarice : I hope they clean the mouthpieces off their instruments before the next time they place. That'd be a painful oversight.

FratinandMadrik : Why the excessive use of emojis?

Kurt Koben : 02:15 "For satan mand" ah hahaha

mobspeak : Bravo! They all handled that like pros.

bdpa kaknox : Spit valves were full after this one.

ALRIHAE : That was hilarious!

The Flute Channel : Chili come to Montreal and let's do a Flute and Pepper concert!

paladro : professionals, to even finish the piece.

Joanna : So much... *PASSION*

Matthew T. Lowe : Man alive! The way they played despite the ridiculous amount of capsaicin coursing through them was as though they were unfazed! That was incredible! Thoroughly impressed! Hats off to you, Chili Klaus!

Thor Odinson : I love that Klaus is smiling and having a good time jamming and they’re all suffering!! Chili Klaus has the Carolina Reaper on lockdown

The Trusty Sidekick : It's been a hot minute since the last one. So excited for this.

Felix Elvljung : Amazing Klaus, keep on doing these shows!!

G. Sowul : That's big ensemble. And, so far, only one dislike?

Salt Westlo : Oh my this is fire

Olli von S. : I looove your videos, Klaus.. And Respect to the Band as well for handling that chili. 😂😂😂

Andreas Hille : Haha. Fantastisk video!

lastimosaz : It's the time of the season again!

DJ AMP3X : 30s, im already in

Elias Andersson : I wanted to hear them swear in angry danish! Naaajeee foorrr heeelveeedeee

555 Gear : Funniest thing I've ever seen

llamapie24 : Do it again with a jazz band that actually improvises!!

80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆ : this band is *HOT !!!!!!!!!*

Mario Cruz : Stelan Skarsgaard fat brother on trumpet at 0:47

Shadowl1ne : This was amazing! Close your eyes from 3:16 onwards... You're welcome :)

James Davis : That was hilarious!! Was not expecting to get the giggles

Calle Ahldén : 100% Whiplash feeling when u see the drummer fight against the pain.

Dal97GLX : So much “soul” in their performances after eating the peppers. If you didn’t know they just ate the peppers, you’d probably think they were performing a very passionate piece. LOL

FreeSpirit : Chili Klaus med djævelske sadomasochistiske tendenser :) Udøver sine experimenter på et paralyseret Aarhus Jazz Orchestra + Carolina Reaper. Rofl. det hade jeg ikke lige set komme hahahaha ahhh jajajaja, for satan da !

Fernando Nunes : Wait... They eat peppers while play jazz? Why? What's the point?!?! I can't see any reason on that! Still, pressed the like button and subscribed. It was a great song.

Kim Cote : I love watchin this shit!!!

cyphanx : almost became Mexican