Apple & Customs STOLE my batteries, that they won't even provide to AASPs.

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Louis Rossmann : Share this video while repair is still legal to someone you know who needs to see it, to ensure it remains legal!

EAX : why would anyone buy an Apple product? oh wait they only rent them because they still belong to Apple.

Viral Killer : well this is an easy win. Sue them. Prove items were real via serials.

Super Brian Games : Apple you just lost a customer. I just went back to Windows and built my own Desktop.

bugatti314159 : Contact as many media outlets as possible. This would be a great story for 60 minutes. A multi billion dollar corporation targeting and strong arming individual Americans by filing false claims with Customs. It would be interesting to know if this tactic is approved by Cook himself or it's just his corporate goon squad of lawyers that is responsible. Either way it needs to stop.

kishore swaminathan : Proud of you for standing up. They definitely targeted you because of the cbc article. #RightToRepair

joe jack : Stop Buying Apple Products. This company should be punished for predatory behavior.

BEASTthisIndustry : I use all Apple products... and I'm gonna be completely honest... watching your videos makes me kinda want to turn on them.

Andrei Vaughn : They call machines vintage after 4-5 years?? By that logic ~80% of the electronic items I own and use are vintage! So they don't expect their items to survive longer than 4-5 years, and just want people to "renew".

Steak : Apple tries to silence you by harming your business and they will keep on doing so. The more they do, the more lucrative your youtube channel will become :)

Kevin J : It's seriously too bad you don't work on electronics for vehicles. Ford is attempting to screw hundreds/thousands of customers over backup cameras that may not need replacing. They want $608 (plus tax) to replace the camera and I've watched at least 4 videos where people do it themselves in 15 minutes and only cost them $100. Injustices everywhere by big companies that think they own their customers!

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Indian might be infamous for their small scale scam, Apple however proudly scam and rob people in broad daylight and people praise them for it

MrJuice1979 : You know this doesn't happen in the UK as our government, legal system and customs just isn't anywhere as close to corrupt as the US. It appears there everyone can be bought. Senators, police, customs. Whoever the highest bidder is will win. There's no legal reason to block your business. Apple has absolutely no right to stop people privately repairing their own goods as they're not owned by Apple. The only thing that would happen in the UK is that your warranty with Apple would be void. They tried to stop repairs here but the government said there was no valid reason to do so and threw apples case out. Anyway. Good luck to you. Maybe try re-routing your parts via another country and getting delivered to friends addresses rather than your business that has been clearly targeted as apple have paid off customs.

Jason Markson : Apple repair stores were doing this exact same scam back in the mid 1990's and this is why I have talked hundreds of people OUT OF getting a MAC (when I was a business consultant). In fact, one of my ex-girlfriends was so incensed by apples ruthless disregard to fixing her MAC, that she has also told dozens of people about this rip-off practice.

PandaTheory : There is a reason they are a trillion dollar company... Just a bunch of scammers

Juksemakeren : And they have the nerve to pretend to care about the environment...

Aamir Bilal : Apple is a greedy company now. Their every new release is touted as the best. Tim Cook is the face of greed. He can never be Steve. Never.

popnimpop : When did Apple invent the battery? You can’t exactly make a counterfeit of something they didn’t invent and don’t even make. Other companies make the batteries for them and those companies also happen to not own a trademark on batteries

4schitzangiggles : Instead of using Apple logos, copywrited or trademarked items, get some Asian manufacturer to make you some Rossmann Group trademarked "Bananas" or "Oranges" logo'd batteries. Who could make an apples to apples comparison when it would be an apples to Oranges comparison. Bananas is simply a reflection of how the fruity consumer electronics and lifestyle company treats those who choose to "rent or lease" their products. I mean really, if you actually owned it, you could fix it or buy parts yourself. Imagine a car manufacturer seizing your Walmart battery you bought to install to replace the OEM battery, or confiscating your replacement tires that were made outside the US. Holy moly imagine if they kicked in your front door because you dared to install unlicenced audio systems and aftermarket lighting on your shiny new car. What's next Apple, going after grey market phone cases?

kishore swaminathan : Apple should get a class action lawsuit. They don't repair any of your products in the first place. A broken/bent wire they just replace the whole motherboard or display or battery. They just scam people into making more money. They probably refurbish the replaced part and resell it to some other gullible customer.

ChirpyBird123 : Wow he got savage at the end. Amazing tho and I'm glad you're not just giving in to them. #RightToRepair

daniel walsh : get this man on Rogan

Ichigo Kurosaki : Don't buy apple products problem fixed no more apple

Patrick Ribbsaeter : Lets get APPLE and kick their butt..

GruberAG : Louis i wish you the best, please win for all of us!

Randy Moreno : You know, every once in a while I get this itch to try an Apple product again. Then I run across videos like this one and many others that show you how greedy Apple is. I'm NEVER buying another Apple product again.

Japhy Ryder : Love how they deem the batteries to be counterfeit without providing any evidence to support their claim. I wonder how that will hold up in court?!

Daniel J : Solution, do not buy, fix or advertise Apple anything. Let them implode. 694 down votes = Apple zealots.

Silver Ship Sinker : This is why I don't use anything with an Apple logo

Gøran Greggor : They've been testing the limits as to how far they can go for so many years now...and have gotten away with it all, that nothing surprises me any longer. This is a clear example of the next phase - using the power of the state aka fascism. I really admire what you're doing, hopefully it inspires more people to stand up against this before it's too late!

Aaron William Jr. : Apple gave me a trademark violation on eBay for my Apple Watch band listing, solely for the title which was "Apple Watch Band Hot Sports Silicone Replacement For Nike+ iWatch Series 3/2/1." I find it absolutely hilarious, like how else am I supposed to say that it's for an Apple Watch? (I could use just iWatch, but I've only known people to commonly refer to it as an Apple Watch), oh, and iWatch is trademarked too and the owners of that trademarked recently (2015) sued Apple for using search results for the term iWatch to direct to the Apple Watch page. I'm not usually an Apple hater, and I guess Apple didn't directly serve the violation it was however a company contracted by Apple to do this sort-of thing.

flavio madrigal : umbrella corporation

Bill Addison : This right to repair movement is going to blow up in Apple's face over the next couple years.

LowReedExpert1 : I just want to thank you for this channel. In the music world Apple has it's hooks in on everyone, not even just mixing and so forth. As we've moved to digital sheet music, the most popular (by far) software for a musician is ForScore and is exclusively on Apple. The competitors are barely known so everyone is told to just go get an iPad with no alternative ever suggested. Luckily I found this channel first

Riazul Islam Rahil : This needs to be on the trending videos.

Amjad Mohammad : Good work Louis i stand by u in support i have been a apple user n apple fan for years till i got the XS Max n it stopped working n now the apple so called authorized service center is all over me trying to force me into accepting a second hand used iPhone in replacement for a brand new phone hence making me a sucker into buying a second hand used phone for the price of a brand new xs max n my fight with them is still on going n most of it is inspired by u as for not bowing down to apple

IPlayGames : Until the avg customer gives a fk about their questionable business practices and the quality/the product itself instead of the brand value, nothing will change. Once you've established a closed ecosystem, they will keep coming back for more and you don't even need to do much. People are just that gullible/exploitable lol

MrSammy : 😒 has anyone a documentary on this? Im curious when did this shit actually started? the Apple II back in the 80s was disassembly friendly just like a regular PC 🍎🤔 And what about the Mac Pro Towers? why were they created for years if apple hates repairs? 😒🍎

Kevin Diaz-Lane : Louis, Your business is representative of the small cottage industries our nation’s founding fathers envisioned for industrious citizens of the republic. While the globalists push for a carbon tax to further enslave us and restrict our freedoms, you contribute positively to reducing “global warming” by extending the life of computer hardware which if it were up to Apple “geniuses” would just end up in landfills. The hypocrisy of our government and duplicity of corporate “America” is appalling. Keep up the good work - you are restoring America to greatness and contributing positively to the solution of global challenges. If Apple doesn’t change its corrupt business practices SOON, in just a few years, it will go the way of the dodo bird.

Forever Computing : And fools still buy from Apple...

Jorge Vila : Average Apple user: Apple products are expensive because they are made to last Apple: your 5 years old Apple product is vintage!!!!

me nkat : Apple is a POS Co. and will never get a penny of my hard earned money.

SILENTUNDERDOG : Steve Jobs created an monster.....

Max O'Leary : Apple is a bunch of crooks

madcat789 : Thieves. Burn them.

Nicolas Foster : Who knew Steve Jobs turned out to be a sith lord

Ata Monk : I'm rooting for you David, go and tear Goliath's head.

Bill Angelos : To respond to the last 30 seconds of the video. The people that buy apple products don't seem to give a shit. They seem quite happy to fork over their hard earned money to have apple spit in their face. I'd never buy anything apple for this and many other reasons. Apple isn't going to care if you call them out because plenty of people are still going to give them their money because people from 20 years ago told them that PC's are hard to use.

JGTechBlog : Apple stepped on the wrong shoe this time!

KilluaXIII : noone should ever buy anything apple ever