Apple & Customs STOLE my batteries, that they won't even provide to AASPs.

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ChrisD4335 : why dont they take a sharpie and remove the logo b4 sending them? its a battery apples only claim is the logo right?

Louis Rossmann : Share this video while repair is still legal to someone you know who needs to see it, to ensure it remains legal!

EAX : why would anyone buy an Apple product? oh wait they only rent them because they still belong to Apple.

Wick Roswell : EA: We are the Greediest company ever! Apple: Hold my Beer.

bugatti314159 : Contact as many media outlets as possible. This would be a great story for 60 minutes. A multi billion dollar corporation targeting and strong arming individual Americans by filing false claims with Customs. It would be interesting to know if this tactic is approved by Cook himself or it's just his corporate goon squad of lawyers that is responsible. Either way it needs to stop.

joe jack : Stop Buying Apple Products. This company should be punished for predatory behavior.

kishore swaminathan : Proud of you for standing up. They definitely targeted you because of the cbc article. #RightToRepair

Andrei Vaughn : They call machines vintage after 4-5 years?? By that logic ~80% of the electronic items I own and use are vintage! So they don't expect their items to survive longer than 4-5 years, and just want people to "renew".

nicholascremato : Does apple realise that I was going to buy an apple laptop right until I saw your youtube channel? Now I won't even set foot in an apple store. I am almost at the point where I won't even have a friend who has an apple computer!!!

BEASTthisIndustry : I use all Apple products... and I'm gonna be completely honest... watching your videos makes me kinda want to turn on them.

Tzisorey Tigerwuf : In all fairness, I think Apple would've bribed ICE to seize the stuff, even if you _hadn't_ appeared in the CNN video.

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Indian might be infamous for their small scale scam, Apple however proudly scam and rob people in broad daylight and people praise them for it

Steak : Apple tries to silence you by harming your business and they will keep on doing so. The more they do, the more lucrative your youtube channel will become :)

Kevin J : It's seriously too bad you don't work on electronics for vehicles. Ford is attempting to screw hundreds/thousands of customers over backup cameras that may not need replacing. They want $608 (plus tax) to replace the camera and I've watched at least 4 videos where people do it themselves in 15 minutes and only cost them $100. Injustices everywhere by big companies that think they own their customers!

Juksemakeren : And they have the nerve to pretend to care about the environment...

Riazul Islam Rahil : This needs to be on the trending videos.

The Master : Apple continues to disgust me!!!

Robert idonotsharemyfullname : 582 apple employees watched this videos. and 60910 customers.

Meo S : Fuk apple and all the iPhone lovers come at me bro!

ChirpyBird123 : Wow he got savage at the end. Amazing tho and I'm glad you're not just giving in to them. #RightToRepair

kishore swaminathan : Apple should get a class action lawsuit. They don't repair any of your products in the first place. A broken/bent wire they just replace the whole motherboard or display or battery. They just scam people into making more money. They probably refurbish the replaced part and resell it to some other gullible customer.

cperception : the question is: which laptops would u recommend? which brand cares actually about the customers, where u can replace parts easy?

Aaron Heitzman : #BoycotApple

The Master : Apple = Anticonsumerism

Aamir Bilal : Apple is a greedy company now. Their every new release is touted as the best. Tim Cook is the face of greed. He can never be Steve. Never.

GruberAG : Louis i wish you the best, please win for all of us!

Viral Killer : well this is an easy win. Sue them. Prove items were real via serials.

cperception : i have a macbook pro 2017/2018. but it will be the last macbook. i was always happy with the lifetimes of these, never had a problem. but after seeing your vids... thats crazy !!

Ata Monk : I'm rooting for you David, go and tear Goliath's head.

Patrick Ribbsaeter : Lets get APPLE and kick their butt..

Forever Computing : And fools still buy from Apple...

Saad Kashif : #RightsToRepair #AppleStopEvil

LovingAtlanta : This is every eye opening and upsetting. I’m glad you’re exposing 🍎. People should be able to have their items repaired. 😡

Silver Ship Sinker : This is why I don't use anything with an Apple logo

pantslizard : channel..."Louis Rossman Gets Political"...dum Dum DUMM...(!) ;>)

Gøran Greggor : They've been testing the limits as to how far they can go for so many years now...and have gotten away with it all, that nothing surprises me any longer. This is a clear example of the next phase - using the power of the state aka fascism. I really admire what you're doing, hopefully it inspires more people to stand up against this before it's too late!

Aldondrius Aldondrius : Just a big company bullying smaller ones, how anti consumer practices go on and on. If they won't repair their products for their own customers at least leave others to do so, isn't this a right of the people who bought their overpriced stuff. There is only greed in the eyes of Apple, nothing else matters but money and milking people for more, years and years shows their actions, sadly the customers are blinded by the products. Apple could be the big company to love and cherish but seems like always greed takes the lead.

LovingAtlanta : 💡Start a petition going on so we can show support.

Aaron William Jr. : Apple gave me a trademark violation on eBay for my Apple Watch band listing, solely for the title which was "Apple Watch Band Hot Sports Silicone Replacement For Nike+ iWatch Series 3/2/1." I find it absolutely hilarious, like how else am I supposed to say that it's for an Apple Watch? (I could use just iWatch, but I've only known people to commonly refer to it as an Apple Watch), oh, and iWatch is trademarked too and the owners of that trademarked recently (2015) sued Apple for using search results for the term iWatch to direct to the Apple Watch page. I'm not usually an Apple hater, and I guess Apple didn't directly serve the violation it was however a company contracted by Apple to do this sort-of thing.

ᗒ╬ᗕ1112223333111ᗒ╬ᗕ : was this through the ebay GSP?

PandaTheory : There is a reason they are a trillion dollar company... Just a bunch of scammers

IPlayGames : Until the avg customer gives a fk about their questionable business practices and the quality/the product itself instead of the brand value, nothing will change. Once you've established a closed ecosystem, they will keep coming back for more and you don't even need to do much. People are just that gullible/exploitable lol

Bill Addison : This right to repair movement is going to blow up in Apple's face over the next couple years.

flavio madrigal : umbrella corporation

Doctor Michael Collins : 641 apple employee's know he's right

Adam Baldwin : While it sucks that your batteries were seized, I'm glad that, as always, you are fighting this nonsense and not backing down. One of the things that I've really come to admire about you over the years is your willingness to put yourself and your business at risk in order to do what's right, your willingness to call out bullshit, and your steadfast determination to keep at it no matter what. So in a sense, while the topic of this video really angers me, I cannot help but have a smile on my face from your response to it. Also, I've bought batteries from you before and they've always been great. I appreciate all the hard work you've done to create a convenient, US-based store with fast shipping and great prices for all those parts that repair shops need. Shit like this is one of several reasons why I'm not trying to find my own reputable supply guy in China, because I'd rather pay a little more and get it from you. I really don't know how you do it, because when you don't have them in stock I look elsewhere and anything legit is either not in stock or priced absurdly high. When I go to my browser's address bar and type the letter 's', my browser automatically fills in the rest: Don't delay, buy today! Thanks, Louis!

Matt K : Yeahhh. To be honest, I’m not even sure why carrying the Apple logo is such a prestigious thing anymore. I mainly use iPhones because they’re it’s easier to communicate with my family using them versus Samsung (lag in sending messages and mass texts). I bought an iPhone 8+ last month and noticed that the service was slower, coincidentally, right after the XS and XS Max were released. The phones are getting way too expensive, I still prefer Touch ID (which is gone from their current lineup), fast charging is cheaper on android products, repairs are cheaper on android products, android phones are less expensive, there are more features and capabilities on android products, changeable memory, and they’re more customizable than iPhones to name a few advantages. While I love the seamless display, camera quality and touch responsiveness on iPhones, these main advantages are beginning to boil down to just the gleaming glory that is the brand name of Apple. The pixel 3 is a great example of what a great flagship can be and how the gap between better standards are quickly closing and becoming more seamless. After this phone takes a shit on me, I will definitely explore all the options on the table when I’m shopping for a new phone. Apple receives plenty on money from all their phone sales and assets. Knowing they’re doing shady crap like this makes me want to return the phone on some level because helping out with the repairs and repeat business just doesn’t feel like a priority anymore. From a developmental level you can clearly deduce that Apple has hit their “mature phase.” It’s really time for another company to headline. I hope Apple’s time is up soon. Their bottom line at this point is more about preserving their assets rather than making the best phone possible... hooray capitalism 🤪 bring on the competition!

EduardoPavezGoye : Start a gofundme and we’ll gladly help you to sink this scammers.

Sergio Nery : nice video.

flamtambler : LOO UH VULL