Apple & Customs STOLE my batteries, that they won't even provide to AASPs.

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bugatti314159 : Contact as many media outlets as possible. This would be a great story for 60 minutes. A multi billion dollar corporation targeting and strong arming individual Americans by filing false claims with Customs. It would be interesting to know if this tactic is approved by Cook himself or it's just his corporate goon squad of lawyers that is responsible. Either way it needs to stop.

Super Brian Games : Apple you just lost a customer. I just went back to Windows and built my own Desktop.

Steak : Apple tries to silence you by harming your business and they will keep on doing so. The more they do, the more lucrative your youtube channel will become :)

Alex DeMilo : I showed my girlfriend your videos showing how apple is bullying you. We chose not to upgrade her macbook and iPhone, and instead bought HP and a galaxy note 9. Companies that are anti competition hurt us consumers in the long run

LFP Gaming : I'm very proud of the fact that I've never purchased an apple product

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Indian might be infamous for their small scale scam, Apple however proudly scam and rob people in broad daylight and people praise them for it

Aamir Bilal : Apple is a greedy company now. Their every new release is touted as the best. Tim Cook is the face of greed. He can never be Steve. Never.

Ayratown : You should start gofundme or something like that for legal fees. I am sure you already have the money but Apple needs to understand you have thousands of people behind you if not more. And this is coming from a hardcore Apple user who is sick and tried of the direction they are going after Steve Jobs..

Ichigo Kurosaki : Don't buy apple products problem fixed no more apple

EAX : why would anyone buy an Apple product? oh wait they only rent them because they still belong to Apple.

4schitzangiggles : Instead of using Apple logos, copywrited or trademarked items, get some Asian manufacturer to make you some Rossmann Group trademarked "Bananas" or "Oranges" logo'd batteries. Who could make an apples to apples comparison when it would be an apples to Oranges comparison. Bananas is simply a reflection of how the fruity consumer electronics and lifestyle company treats those who choose to "rent or lease" their products. I mean really, if you actually owned it, you could fix it or buy parts yourself. Imagine a car manufacturer seizing your Walmart battery you bought to install to replace the OEM battery, or confiscating your replacement tires that were made outside the US. Holy moly imagine if they kicked in your front door because you dared to install unlicenced audio systems and aftermarket lighting on your shiny new car. What's next Apple, going after grey market phone cases?

daniel walsh : get this man on Rogan

AutumnRage : I am due for an upgrade. Not going to get an apple anything.

Jason Markson : Apple repair stores were doing this exact same scam back in the mid 1990's and this is why I have talked hundreds of people OUT OF getting a MAC (when I was a business consultant). In fact, one of my ex-girlfriends was so incensed by apples ruthless disregard to fixing her MAC, that she has also told dozens of people about this rip-off practice.

Wick Roswell : EA: We are the Greediest company ever! Apple: Hold my Beer.

Patrick Ribbsaeter : Lets get APPLE and kick their butt..

Kevin Diaz-Lane : Louis, Your business is representative of the small cottage industries our nation’s founding fathers envisioned for industrious citizens of the republic. While the globalists push for a carbon tax to further enslave us and restrict our freedoms, you contribute positively to reducing “global warming” by extending the life of computer hardware which if it were up to Apple “geniuses” would just end up in landfills. The hypocrisy of our government and duplicity of corporate “America” is appalling. Keep up the good work - you are restoring America to greatness and contributing positively to the solution of global challenges. If Apple doesn’t change its corrupt business practices SOON, in just a few years, it will go the way of the dodo bird.

Jake Cravens : "I am no an apple customer. I do not take to being ripped off nicely" 🤣😆😂😆🤣😆😂 that was too real

Rajkumar T.V.D. : So apple 🍏 has people at the very top of US 🇺🇸 😢 the US Govt is hand in glove with Apple 🍏 😰

Louis Rossmann : Share this video while repair is still legal to someone you know who needs to see it, to ensure it remains legal!

Andi -b : Do you have an update on this? Did you get your shipment back? Hope you did.!

Kawe T : How do I go about to donate my life savings to this guy ❤.

Lolzzn12 : Anyone else surprised Louis hasn't had an "accident" yet? Wouldn't put it past apple to silence Louis.

Lortz2610 : I found the CBS video by accident yesterday and saw this video right now. As an IT professional and supporter of customer rights, I wish you all the best! Will search for updates on this case now and hope to find good news. Greetings from Germany my friend!

kishore swaminathan : Proud of you for standing up. They definitely targeted you because of the cbc article. #RightToRepair

Elton Zammit : We’re behind you, sue them for every cent. I’m an Apple user and it really made me angry on what happened to you!! Keep up the good work, and keep us updated please

popnimpop : When did Apple invent the battery? You can’t exactly make a counterfeit of something they didn’t invent and don’t even make. Other companies make the batteries for them and those companies also happen to not own a trademark on batteries

82abn34 : I paid a thief's ransom for a Mac in 2008. It worked quite well and still works quite well but I had to install a SSD and a linux OS to keep it going. Apple updates are designed to make older hardware obsolete. The Mac hasn't been my main driver for about five years but it's still OK for casual use. I won't be buying any more Apple products. I finally got my iTunes Library converted to mp3 and that was not a trivial task. I couldn't find a local shop to touch the thing (vintage POS). Thankfully the screen protector and screen weren't glued in on this particular model and I learned much about esoteric formatting and boot loading schemes. Now, if I could only get the thing to quit doing the turn on chord through the speakers. Hmmm, a toggle switch will work well for this. Goodbye Apple, though maybe you shouldn't receive many happy returns.

MrJuice1979 : You know this doesn't happen in the UK as our government, legal system and customs just isn't anywhere as close to corrupt as the US. It appears there everyone can be bought. Senators, police, customs. Whoever the highest bidder is will win. There's no legal reason to block your business. Apple has absolutely no right to stop people privately repairing their own goods as they're not owned by Apple. The only thing that would happen in the UK is that your warranty with Apple would be void. They tried to stop repairs here but the government said there was no valid reason to do so and threw apples case out. Anyway. Good luck to you. Maybe try re-routing your parts via another country and getting delivered to friends addresses rather than your business that has been clearly targeted as apple have paid off customs.

Антон Южаков : Shit move by Apple... Hope there will be another episode with CBC.

Silver Ship Sinker : This is why I don't use anything with an Apple logo

Kulbir Singh : Bro what happened next? Did you file? Did you win?

Unruly Masses : I learned Apple uses shady business practice way back with the iPhone 6. I had touch disease and they tried to charge me $350 because I had “water damage”. Thing is the phone was a few months old and I never dropped it in water or even got it wet. Took it to another Genius Bar and they just swapped it out. Apple went from being all about customer service, and making life easier for us to becoming this tyrant company. You basically pay $1000+ to rent until u upgrade because every aspect of your products life is entirely up to Apple at the end of the day. It’s disgusting.

Masayuki Nakamura : Tim Cook? Who dat? Oh you mean Tim CRook!

Offroad circus : I watched like 10 times to make sure the YouTube algorithm spreads this around. Commenting and liked too

Sodisna : And yet people still support apple. Amazing.

jojy yo : Louis you are realy the best. I would hope that there where more youtubers that are just realy corect.

John Pratt : This proves that Apple is using the government to sidestep the antitrust laws by blocking 3rd party repairs!

Misha Grin : Is he still around or apple took care of him 🤷‍♂️

Novin Davis : Well, now i know why Apple is a Trillion-Dollar Company.

Shawn Nwaubani : LETS GOOOO!!!!

david johanson : this guy is kewl. Wish i could solder like him. But listen to him, he knows what he is talking about. Shout out from Boston.

Javier Rodarte : I don't even own any apple products, but I still love this video

William Watkins : Have you got your batteries?

James H : _Bastards. No-one steals Louis' batteries._ Edit: Wow. Never had this many likes on one comment before. Edit 2: 600 likes? Eh heh, please stop. This comment is kinda worthless and stupid :P Edit 3: 830? wow

Justin Bennett : Never owned an Apple product before and from what I have seen in your videos it doesn't look like I will be owning one anytime soon. #BankruptApple.

Enrique Gonzalez : Love what your doing brotha!!! 💪🏽 keep it going strong. You have my full support

Daniel J : Solution, do not buy, fix or advertise Apple anything. Let them implode. 694 down votes = Apple zealots.

rollercoaster55 : I admire what you do. But I think the kind of sheople who are all religious about buying Apple products sort of deserve what they get. Overpriced hype, closed source and lack of flexibility, and a total lack of control to have their own broken device repaired. Re those counterfeit batteries - and you admitted they were right here... need to work out a deal with the counterfeiter that they have to take the risk if they fail to "sharpie out" the logo and it gets seized. And yeah you should have mentioned this in this vid! I don't understand why you insisted you knew they weren't counterfeit when you knew otherwise.