South Park - Cartman on pre-ordering games (Season 17 - Black Friday)

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Zartan : Pre-order South Park the Stick of Truth at Gamestop today!

Omgwinrar : Battlefield 4

SuperYoutubuser : Aaaaaand the newest South Park game has just became available for pre-order. This is priceless now.

Justin Rice : Amen! *cough*Colonial Marines*cough*

Edward. C .Munsk : Truer words have never been spoken.


Cheesin' Crackers : *Cough*ArkhamKnightBatmobileEdition*Cough*

Indego84 : He's not wrong.

Baraka : Never preordered ANY game in my life. Get on my level, peasants.

MrHakisak : this = EA

mason : Watch Dogs summed up

Dick Cop : I pre order overwatch. I couldnt help it I wanted the blizzard D

Alessandro Bozzi : Words to live by.

cyrax1311 : Watch_Dogs, which is shitty i'm hearing now.

Gumball Watterson : I see Cartman is a Connoisseur in the ways of the Biscuit.

Philipp Arvelakis : gta... v

Axion : Truer words have never been spoken

CuroeGamer : And yet at the end they tell you to pre-order SP Stick of Truth. Fucking hypocritical assholes.

TriviaBot : Very true. Doesn't stop me from pre-ordering Fractured but Whole at some point though. :P

Felippe Lima : Sorry mass effect but Cartman is right

Martijn Kuiper : Very accurate...

Joe Waite : So true

beatlerocker99 : Speaking of Pre-Ordering MGSV, that was a mistake.

thebigbologna : Batman Arkham Knight for PC becomes the most recent example

LCwavesAtYa : It's so hypercritical of them to allow the preorder of The Stick Of Truth while criticizing the practice... But since they made that joke themselves, it's now criticism-free

TheMrRuttazzo : The ones who live in Germany get a big dick in their mouth indeed! Because the game's not only partially censored in Europe, but the German version has additional cuts. Man, what a piece of shit... I'm afraid, I'm starting to talk like the AVGN. :)

SirDjss : HAHAHAHA right on the spot :)

Bruva Galathos : 4 years later and this is still relevant.

Bruva Galathos : This is still relevant, surprisingly.

Ryan O : EA is the issue now.

RagnarokDel : The irony is that you could preorder the stick of truth

Shawn Kade : Hey we're going to need this video for No Man's Sky now.

Robbin Huurneman : RIP Star Wars Battlefront 2

adventureFAN : German/Austrian Pre-Order are fucked hard. We must wait a couple of weeks longer to play it...

Paul Velasquez : I regret agreeing to one of my hated ones but I agree about what he says

downsouth420 : Preordering used to mean you get something extra, like a soundtrack, art book, poster, I once even got a mini-harmonica. If the game got cancelled, you still get something to show for it. Now, they don't give you anything, and if they do it's a code for a costume or something pointless like that.

Ruben : Pre-ordering made sense years ago before digital downloads and actaully having to show up at midnight to get a copy. Now it makes no sense

Hachi Tonkon : a bat dick.

Junoh Productions : I'm going to take Kojima's big dick in my mouth when MGSV comes out on PC.

Space Cowboy : But what if I LIKE big dicks in my mouth..............Wait a minute................

Beastwolf1 : Neither console is better or worse than the other Its just that they both used their power a capabilities to appeal to different audiences. If all you do is play games, then playstation 4 If you watch Tv , xbox1 Is it really so hard?

Tangly : What's up all redditors?

JCBro2014 : Truer words were never spoken.

Ultimaniac : Black Friday Banduru **BANDURU** That killed me.

Eastwind4869 : "You know the xbox is still better right?" "Yeah..." my my how the times have changed these past 4 years

JD : Real talk

Sardaukar2611 : Yeah didn't want to have Bioware's dick in my mouth so I cancelled my pre order of MEA that I placed, because I got hyped af. Should've just stuck to Cartman's words in the first place...

Ghost : So much more relevant since Fractured But Whole has been delayed up to *March 2018*. And that it's done by Ubisoft California.

ShadowZero : And now you can pre-order South Park: The Fractured But Whole, so, Cartman?

zoko_cx : There are people that likes Ubisoft and Square Enix dicks :D