A pair of little girls met a cashier who resemble maui in costco

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The Big Al : That guy is super cool

Shadow Heart : OMG, that is Maui!

Candice L : Wow! He really does look like the character, and what an awesome guy, taking the time to create a beautiful moment.

Sid Ramen : They're staring at a demi-god

Lylexd : Cashier: Here's your receipt. Have a nice day! Customer: Thanks! Cashier: *WHAT CAN I SAY EXCEPT Y O U R W E L C O M E.*

stone tooth : He owns that sht

Misty Sayitlikeitis : He's a cool guy for playing along for them. ♥

Cheryl Medeiros : Will is a great man! Deserves this recognition!

2115virgo13 : Awesome ! Love this guy!

wallygr : What a nice man. He made their day.

mimi89 : once me and my sister saw a famous lookalike of a singer at the mall and kept calling him masari until his wife got pissed and told us to shut up lol

Meat Dragon : I read Maul. I thought I was going to see Darth Maul.

A.TWorldChannel : "just don't break your other wrist please, thank you" LOL

Hector Mejia : This guy is awesome. This small act show what a great person he must be

VonakHS : this guy is awesome!!!

Hana Y : He needs to go work at Disney pronto

Clown Afra : What if that was the real Maui playing one of his tricks?

Nicolai Alatzas : This made my day

TotallyAwesomeMcknz : Oh man, he’s such a brilliant sport! Good on ya man!


Jenny Leal : God bless

fastdraw30 : Ahhh...that's awesome...those kidos will remember that forever.😁...that guy deserves a serious raise!!

I support Jesus Christ : Holy crap that does look like him.

Cole Peltier : I bagged your groceries "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

Shoney Williams : What a great guy!!!!

Mista C : give him a disney land job as maui

nfinitiduck : Just a regular demi-guy!

Dezirae Annamalia : "On tree" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 deadddd

sweets08816 : You know that poor guy has to do that with little kids all day long lol

dimmkah : I hope that when they left and said thank you he said "YOU'RE WELCOOOOOOOOOMMMMMME!"

Merchant Ivory : Your welcome!

kocoa hollis : What a good sport!

Get Some : Awesome......weeeehooooo

Chrissy G : This guy is awesome!

marky 6 : What if that was the real Maui pretending to be a cashier pretending to be Maui 🤔

thiskidkatits : Imagine he was black and they said he looked like a black character? Itd be all over the news

Sonnenanbeterin1991 : I guess its not the first time this happend

Adam Craig : its nice for them, but i bet he hates it now

Phoenixspin : He needs to get paid extra for that.

Marijan Karaula : I'm a GOD! How can you kill a God?? What a grand and intoxicating idea!

Timothy Hollywood : Yeah, we all look alike to white people.

MondoBeno : I'm big and white, and I had black kids think I was Mister Incredible.

Lynn Hexler-Haan : Well done that man!

saltytsp : Chheeeeeeeeee WHOOOOOOOOOOoo!! LOL cool guy

Kc Magic girl : This guy is awesome!


luis arevalo : Where this what c

Frederick Young : Really cool cashier

Lauren Ashley : so cute oh my gosh :D

Missy Rabbit : what a cool guy. He just made their day.