A pair of little girls met a cashier who resemble maui in costco

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The Big Al : That guy is super cool

Candice L : Wow! He really does look like the character, and what an awesome guy, taking the time to create a beautiful moment.

Shadow Heart : OMG, that is Maui!

Sid Ramen : They're staring at a demi-god

Lylexd : Cashier: Here's your receipt. Have a nice day! Customer: Thanks! Cashier: *WHAT CAN I SAY EXCEPT Y O U R W E L C O M E.*

Misty Sayitlikeitis : He's a cool guy for playing along for them. ♥

Hana Y : He needs to go work at Disney pronto

wallygr : What a nice man. He made their day.

Hector Mejia : This guy is awesome. This small act show what a great person he must be

Cheryl Medeiros : Will is a great man! Deserves this recognition!

fastdraw30 : Ahhh...that's awesome...those kidos will remember that forever.😁...that guy deserves a serious raise!!

Clown Afra : What if that was the real Maui playing one of his tricks?

stone tooth : He owns that sht

sweets08816 : You know that poor guy has to do that with little kids all day long lol

Mista C : give him a disney land job as maui

I support Jesus Christ : Holy crap that does look like him.

VonakHS : this guy is awesome!!!

Meat Dragon : I read Maul. I thought I was going to see Darth Maul.

TotallyAwesomeMcknz : Oh man, he’s such a brilliant sport! Good on ya man!

Speedster404 : "just don't break your other wrist please, thank you" LOL

mimi89 : once me and my sister saw a famous lookalike of a singer at the mall and kept calling him masari until his wife got pissed and told us to shut up lol


Nicolai Alatzas : This made my day

Cole Peltier : I bagged your groceries "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

marky 6 : What if that was the real Maui pretending to be a cashier pretending to be Maui 🤔

2115virgo13 : Awesome ! Love this guy!

Shoney Williams : What a great guy!!!!

Merchant Ivory : Your welcome!

saltytsp : Chheeeeeeeeee WHOOOOOOOOOOoo!! LOL cool guy

Sonnenanbeterin1991 : I guess its not the first time this happend

nfinitiduck : Just a regular demi-guy!

Phoenixspin : He needs to get paid extra for that.

dimmkah : I hope that when they left and said thank you he said "YOU'RE WELCOOOOOOOOOMMMMMME!"

Kc Magic girl : This guy is awesome!

Chrissy G : This guy is awesome!

kocoa hollis : What a good sport!

Jenny Leal : God bless

Get Some : Awesome......weeeehooooo

Dezirae Annamalia : "On tree" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 deadddd

Lynn Hexler-Haan : Well done that man!


Adam Craig : its nice for them, but i bet he hates it now

Marijan Karaula : I'm a GOD! How can you kill a God?? What a grand and intoxicating idea!

MondoBeno : I'm big and white, and I had black kids think I was Mister Incredible.

thiskidkatits : Imagine he was black and they said he looked like a black character? Itd be all over the news

Timothy Hollywood : Yeah, we all look alike to white people.

Felipe Matos : Very cool! I've been to Hawaii for my honeymoon. The island of Maui to be exact and no pun intended and met several Polynesian people. Samoans, Tongans and Māoli. They were amazing people with so much love in their hearts and made my wife and I feel so incredibly welcomed. I'm not surprised this gentleman was as nice as he was. Mahalo!

karry sasfoot : This man is awesome.....super act of kindness

Phoebe Congloebe : This is so cool... Who knew the demigod of Oceana works at costco lol And I have a friend at my school that looks just like Moana with glasses...she gets offended every time someone mentions it tho but she looks like the spitting image of Moana i kid you not

Nadine Cuen : Omg that is so cute. Its funny when kids see people who reassemble characters. That was nice of that guy. Cute video!