Bill Burr Invisalign Ad with music (Parody)

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Mohammad Al Adham : Secret link of the day? : Was that a positive endorsement *?* His style of communication can send a lot mixed messages. Imagine his wife trying to understand that :-) It's funny for sure, and confusing because he likes to use double negatives for affirmation.

George Shibley : Better than the actual commercial 1000%

Sheriff Asshat : Here before this blows up

Ihsan ingersoll : 23 hours ago, 1 upload, 12 subscribers, 66 thousand views

Robert Brunello : lol, I love Bill's podcasts!

Dooms Tree : This is one of the best unintended pr campaigns yet. For both parties involved. Love it

nate ducoeur : Well done

Reece Byrnes : Philly d

JEIL : First!

Max Ashby : Doh jeezus

Clout Cat : I’m disappointed this isn’t Internet historians video

quietmouse : R.I.P. Boogie. Your heart was literally TOO BIG for this world! On a side note, Bill Burr has one of the cleanest assholes I've ever seen.

Nico The Rabbit : What did Plato's dentist study? ----------- Flossophy

Vanessa Santos : That was actually amazing

DanieleGiorgino : Nicely done. Which ep of the podcast is this from?

G Flicks : nice job

Armando Velez : HAHAHAHAHA! @Bill Burr

Salvatore Saimeri : bill burr, the rich mans duncan trussell

Rohan Nayar : wow Bill Burr and his awesome self U lunatic

J Orson : Anyone know the music?

CommentCop Badge#666 : Well I'm sold. Now I really want them and I don't even need them.

So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says, : so... is he recommending them or what?

jesterotr : This is almost better than the advertising Bill does live on his podcast. I say almost only because his ad reads are so good, Invisalign should be thanking him for the mentions.

Fuckles The Echidna : Any other Beautiful Bastards here?

GEXtheTitan : Luv ya man

Guy : Fantastic. If they made this the real ad on TV they would make billions

tony george : This is brilliance

Khan : Savage AF

Dylan Hummel : ol' billy bucket teeth

Shane Thomas : This is incredible!

m hoppie : ill take 10

m hoppie : sold

jonfromcali831 : Amaze!