psychotic racing testing plaster city 9/1/13 run 2

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BNASTYLW : I saw these guys at Ridgecrest last weekend. I was quite impressed to say the least. I always root for the underdawg. This team has more talent than they do money, that's for sure. We tried something similar, it didn't work out, so we have e new car in the process.   What motor do they run in this beast? 

Bigmusclesgymguy123 : The graphics in real life are amazing these days.

Alice Bonnet : I love Trevor.

Zachary Windsor : Mad max?

Carlo Albarran : bAdass

Tyler Durden : V-6? The bitch screams!!!

Mark Dethlefsen : This truck is ballistic. Sounds very nasty

Yahwehs Blue boy : Looks like shes about to bottom out and eat shit on the smallest jumps.

Marc Normandin : That truck doesn't even need a road to go at full speed and be stable, lol. That's awesome.

twonks : is it ok that im mildly turned on by this

Tony Music : What has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck

Nicholas Godwin : whats the point if there is a road 20 feet away?

Brah One : Neat truck and all but why did you guys make it so loud? It hurts my ears :( please dont drive this down my street guys

omnipotent cg : I want one.

Bananas Slamim : kinda undercarriage ? IDK UT I see a lot of art

Perry Taylor : Best videos on YouTube hahaha

duridersa : I WANT IT!!!

Adrian Fernandez : What type of mufflers?

Adrian Fernandez : That's the sound of Victory!

Joe Z : Those headers tho!!! Damn

CaliManRalph : Sexy