Craig Ferguson Laugh Attacks - Fresh New Compilation 2018 #1

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The Jayleno Fly : If there is no laughter, there is essential build-up to a laughter moment. & I'll announce now, until I announce differently, I won't be uploading daily like I did in 2017, but I'll upload whenever I have a good idea & material for it & make the best videos I can. If anything changes, I'll inform you. Enjoy & Thanks!

Tom Laveign : The show evolved into it's final form once Geoff was introduced, and it just kept getting better from there. His chemistry with Craig is incredible. Also, Craig was born to do this kind of show - he is so good at hosting a talk show it's ridiculous. He should have at least continued doing some kind of improv comedy with JRT, even if it wasn't on the late late show. This stuff is lightning in a bottle.

SwankeyMonkey : Man, when Craig laugh/cries, we all laugh/cry. He is so emotively infectious!

Mitch Jump : this video is the cure for depression

dm21865 : The best talk show host ever in the United States was an ex-drunk Scottish guy. :) Miss you Craig. :)

SamSmith : My God that "guess my weight" joke was so freaking quick it was superhuman.

Mictlán : Thank god they made Geoff's voice live, he's worth gold as a talk show sidekick!

wingsandash : Geoff was played by the very talented Josh Robert Thompson. Separately, they are amazing; together, they were magic.


Kenny Roberts : I really miss this show. Late night shows suck now

Joe Shopper : I saw that the video was 26 minutes long and I wasn't going to watch it. Too long. So I though.. Ok, I'll watch a bit.. Then around 20 minutes in, I kept checking the time, wishing there was more. I could watch this stuff all... day... long.

Ricky : The beads bit is my favourite. Nearly pissed myself the first time I saw it

Arnab Chakraborty : Thank you JayLenoFly.. my life was becoming exceedingly frustrating and i feel whole again now :)

Nameless One Wanderland : The golden years of talk show. Craig was the Bruce Lee of show biz

rcoveyduc : "Yah, I got a place there."

Edwin Heida : I miss this late late show. I miss Craig, Jeff, Secretariat. The new late late show with James Corden isn't bad but I really, really miss this random and incredibly funny show.

The Door To Light : Man, I remember just about all of these clips. This was the only tv show I always watched religiously and it’s such a shame it’s gone. Thanks for making these videos.

Jaybond Jane : That cat joke always gets me lol

Allen H : Still funnier than most things on TV, actually makes you a laugh out loud.

BammerD : Careful, Icarus.

kime Hunt : Holy shit 20:01 I finally get the channel name. Thanks again for these videos. Oh and well done ending on Robin Williams, he was always great on this show. That was one of my favorite interviews, watching these two together was like watching 2 old friends laugh.

Kevin Guerrero : I have a fever...and the only more jayleno fly.

ManateeAdvocate : Geoff is such a world class jerk. I love him!

Luiz Guilherme Amaral : Oh man congratulations on this compilation. I laughed so hard I've a headache now

Lemonie Lala : I am having the shittiest day and this made me laugh so hard! 😂😍 Thank you JLF for brightening even the darkest hour! ❤

Jennifer Shrader : I love when he cracks himself up 😂

Ryan Peña : his laugh is contagious! thank you for this video

max silbert : The spicy salsa had me in tears

Michal : You sir, are spoiling us! :))))))))))))))

Zhinarkos : 4:18 is still the best.

Red King : oh snaps! the jay leno fly bit was glorious!!!

Chris McFadden : Tremendously funny when Craig loses it! Great stuff!

TacoMonsterNick : I don't always have salsa, but when I do... I prefer spicy!

Paul Beebe : OMG Ju-Yoga....awesome...

Stimulator7 : jeff: "Oh, I'm done, man!" too funny

alakabaz3 : This is beautiful. Plus it’s a great spirit lifter. Just got rejected from a girl I really liked and this is a far better remedy than hitting the drink. I’ll return here from now when feeling the blues.

MountainMadness : lmao this is fantastic, makes going back to uni today that much easier. Thanks so much for the several hundred hours of entertainment I've had these past few years, I never actually saw Craig on tv, but he's become my favourite talk show host. Happy new year from Canada!

AWS Vids : 11:30 ... as soon as the clip started, I was wondering what it must have been like to be in the Secretariat costume, doing stuff like this. And I thought, “They must just be laughing away in there most of the time, since probably nobody can see or hear them. Well, maybe Craig can since he’s this close...” It was exactly then when Craig starts cracking up and says “I can hear the horse laughing...” Perfect timing.

Lumino : I absolutely love Craig's cat joke! I don't know how many times I watched this scene in the past but I 'll probably never stop watching it.

Tom Branch : I miss this show, purely unscripted moments of random, yet awesome hilarity.

Ian Hemingway : God's work, son.

VMinoda : Oh man, thanks a lot for this, I'm in such a good mood now. It's funny how Craig has a brilliant sense of humour but sometimes the weirdest stuff ever gets him going. Daffy Dook is still my favourite bit!

kirstybubble1 : Thank you so much for this! The bit with Craig and Steve Carell eating in the restaurant cracks me up every single time 😂

Viktor Tsvetanov : Ohhh I miss this guy!

SukoYote : I really hope this show gets released on DVD. It was so darn funny!

Bea Sallander : My makeup is ruined. Thank you.

Joanne Denney : Vortex of Scottish charm 😂😂 x So proud to see someone who grew up 15 minutes from where I live have such a successful career :) x from Cumbernauld to Hollywood! X

W Lee : This was funny till the end and Robin Williams appeared, then I got a little sad.

Mike Silvers : It coulda been a possum 😂😂😂😂 gets me every time. Thanks TJLF

Larry David : One of the best videos on YouTube right here. Do you accept donations, Fly?