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Liam Smith : Good metaphor of what it must have felt like to be a peasant in feudal times, able to be crushed by your noble betters who would have seemed like terrifying, unstoppable giants. The music in the outro shows the true attitude of this studio though.

Sulik : Now time for Grunwald 1410 :)

Patryk : I live in Gdańsk. It's all true.

Ghuul : This is part 1. There should be more. Remember, finally the Teutons lost, the Poles won.

Kacper Montażysta : nie tak zapamiętałem wojnę z krzyżakami xD

tedrocks : Dat neverending story theme song at the end though...

toutagamon : Imagine what the giant did to the woman https://images2.imgbox.com/48/35/bB4rnVNs_o.jpg

coax : it's creepy as fuck. bone chilling. nice work

thecultguy : This farmer has clearly never played dark souls

Jill Valentine : I have never clicked so fast fuck! !

Cghost 3578 : I know what happens next, that kid will swear to kill all fu**ing titans!

Blend That Film : If this was on Game Of Thrones people would be losing their minds like "man the bit when the giant crushed guy with his hand!!!" But because it's on a channel making experimental short films with new technology they're like "fuck you dude you wasted my time"

bladykurmen : I live in Gdansk and there was a legend about giant who lived in this city. That's why the top of the St. Mary's Church tower is flat, so the giant could sit and rest. ..but I don't remember the 'squeezing people so hard, they turned into jam' part tho. Great work!

Cenot4ph : another video without content or reason.. Oats you're beginning to lose it

cttrunks : I see this is inspired by Jakub Rozalski work: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AZYXo :) And it should be called Grunwald not Gdansk ;)

Tony Stark : Why are the recent few uploads from Oats Studios are just a 2 mins trailer or incomplete clip!! When will they complete all this incomplete projects?

Arek Zegarek : Gdańsk zawsze polski!!!!


Damian Włodarczyk : Was that inspired by Jakub Różalski artwork??

emceha : This short movie is an allegory. Gdansk is a city in Poland. In 1939 it was a German city named Danzig and had one Polish post office, allowed by Versailles treaty. 1 September 1939, combined forces of SS and Danzig police (I'm sure you noticed German black eagle coat of arms on the giant) attacked the Polish Post Office in Gdansk. They defended themselves for 15 hours, 57 Post office workers were killed, that includes a wife and 10yo daughter of building keeper. Last 4 alive decided to surrender. They were sentenced to death and executed. It proved that fight to the death is an only option. All we can do is die, taking as many of them as we can. Most of the time we just die brutally, achieving nothing, but earning a place in the stories of future Polish generations.

Breadblack4 : nsk - novosibirsk

Julien BOYER : Characters really look bad, sorry. You need to improve hairs, faces and a few textures, especially on the woman. She looks terrible.

Hibana : There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere to live,but to fight and die.

OneShallStandOneShallFall : Teutons with a Teuton Giant. Nice.

Phil Lancaster : POLSKAAA !!!

yvngkidbuu : Anyone else prefer the live action shorts? This just looks like cutscenes from a video game

Your Ad Here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1410 taking a wild guess and saying its based off of this

DOOKINS : Love the premise.  Love the darkness of the giant crushing the man so easily.  Love the mood.   But HATE, like, seriously...  HATE, the CG girl at the end....  Come on guys!!  What?  Couldn't find a female actress who could fit your standards?  She was so obviously CG in her face and hair it completely destroyed the rest of my experience.  I hope Gdansk gets better females.  It's too cool to not give it some more respect of a real actress.

Farmer Bob : Don’t understand the point of these?

Wampir Staz : Co za chore gówno, podoba mi się :D

sikamika9 : the womans hair behave like she is under water...bad work there

The Art of Horror : Ni !!

john andreo : We are gonna need an Eren Jaeger, a couple of Ackermans and that giant bitch will go home in a box. A rather big box.

Lacombe57 : Gee gratuitous violence, what a novel idea.

Nihil Quest : In the words of Nathan Explosion: Brutal

Sir John Hammond : lol so many saucy comments. *takes them and goes to make pasta* (I didn't say I disagree)

Bill Clinton : WTF?

Ducky : Oats are always next level with everything they do. I look forward to every upload.

Peace Walker : Hhmmm is the message that a oppressive power can feel like a giant that crushes you? And the invading army clearly has money while the farmer doesn't. A small clip with a strong message.

Greg Wasdyke : Is this all realtime too?

Brown Pir8 : What expensive nonsense is this?

7100warhawk : He literally got the shit squeezed out of him.

Ab B : Reminded me of a mix of Skyrim and Assassins Creed. Sick!

MildredSnitzer : I don't see the point of this

MrDrew : David and Goliath with realistic mod enabled.

Thomas Andersson : Do a S.T.A.L.K.E.R movie!

Ruben Nielpha : What th....

PlasmaKong2 : Did he dieded?

Lucian Andromaniu : і так буде з кожним ляхом, гавкаючим "Лемберг - польське місто"

dave d : WTF