PURGE's Guide on Girlfriend Matchmaking | Tournament Valentine Madness DOTA 2 | WePlay! | + RU SUBS

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mid or meepo : 5hours for small patches, 3minutes to get into a relationship, Purge has his priorities right

X-Mark Gaming : Next video by AdmiralBulldog: "How to split push?"

hkp : What should we do about Backdoor protection?

pikokonut_Ch. : Finding women is easy with GPM talents

AUTISMUS MAXIMUS : Never forget Ring of Protection!

Yasmin Khubiar : And guys don't rush for kills, in this game you must wait for lvl 18, our you're gonna be banned from matchmaking for a long time

MonkEsquire : tfw too scared to leave the fountain

magnivincere : But girls don't like underfarmed supports like me. They usually go for the 6 slotted carries.

SystemYTP : Some more tips: - Make sure to shave from time to time, or your face will blademail any kiss from a girl‘s side. - Girls are different. Some may be impressed if you show them your Laguna Blade at the first meeting, but most expect you to do some casual laning first. Take your time. If she is shy, maybe send her a friend request and ask for another match after the game. - Try to not get friendzoned, though. If it’s 60min into the game and she still denies you that lasthit despite you healing her all game, maybe she is just liking you as a support. In this case, just finish the game, report her, and go on. - Some girls look like CM, others may look like a Pudge with 100 stacks. Don’t judge a book by its cover only, though - a Pudge might be a really good team mate and that beautiful CM might just wait for the right moment to let out her inner Lifestealer. - If she is a Jehovah‘s Witness, please consult a Chen guide. - You finally got her? Congratulations! But now, keep her. Don’t be an asshole who cancels the Tether and Relocates away at the first problem between you. It will not only hurt her, but you might get into trouble as well - Relocate tends to catapult you back into old times at the worst possible moment. - It doesn’t matter if you have a Divine Rapier or just a magic stick. Many girls are way more sensitive than your average Russian EUW guy and will judge you by your teamwork, not by your past killsteals.

Nicolò Marcato : Ok but please DO NOT use smoke of deceit to gang up on her with your friends.

Jamie Somerville : also remember not to gank anyone under lvl18 or you will suffer astral inprisonment

Nokdef : This is the best tournament content pieces i've seen in a while

Julian Kozłowski : Remember, if Chad is about to take your girl you can always deny her, so he doesn't get the exp.

Stanislav Androsov : If she lost too much blood, dont forget to deny her.

Phyx1u5 : a couple things I would add: 1) contrary to popular belief, spending a lot of money on cosmetics does not increase your Matchmaking MMR 2) deep tower diving can be extremely satisfying under the right circumstances

miksu : thanks purge

Nguyễn An Khôi : instruction unclear, arrested for harrassment.

BigBoi : There is a Bill Cosby joke here somewhere...

MarchingSpartan : Once you've successfully body blocked always make sure to fortify your tower or risk being split pushed by some very nasty creeps.

Ragesauce : Will Dota Plus help?

OSFrog : I went for a kill and she casted Demonic Conversion, now Im stack with 3 eidolions. THANK GOD she was not level 25.

Jimmy Misseldine : Maybe you'll get to draw first blood LOL

Abhishank Bhatnagar : "Call her tomorrow when your Mana is full." - Purge.. I see what you did there.. 😉

Ozaron : Why is Purge good at everything

Dario Plantamura : what in the world did i just watched and why did i like it so much

backburner infernus : I just play Night Stalker and wait til night. They don’t see me comin.

Bobblehead : First blood lol

LU39 : once you have a girlfriend make sure your GPM is high enough don't get too toxic

ccpboy1 : WTF IS GOING ON WITH PURGE LEFT EYE open it for god sake, its getting me anxious

finargot : Тупо гении на виплее

Явор Данов : You first need too "Ignite" her "Ice wall" and "Magnetise" with your presence. Not allow yourself to get "Brain sap" ,just "Illuminate" her "Inner fire" and once you "Enchant" her like creep, it's done...ohh boy... Get your "Tidebringer" into work until she "Mana Leak" , "Unburrow" your "Mystic Snake" and let the "Flesh Golem" "Grow", but approach with caution!!! The fog of war sometimes may be tricky , especially in Thailand lol, you need to put a "Ward" there first and then "Invade her jungle". Remember to wear "ring of protection" or atleast pull out from the camp early.

Mauro Fornes : I'm a Lion and my best tool ist my finger. Kill her every time! ;)

PapaSteel : I watched the whole thing. Now I have 3 gf's, divine rapiers and infinite observer wards. Also, great tutorial, Purge, thank you. You cheered me up :)

Jordan Houlton : Instructions unclear. I’m in police custardy because apparently touching female mannequins is prohibited in Next.

Iyerikhon Lauron : What if it is a MaN? gachiHYPER

Mark Edmondson : Now we need a BSJ video on how to flame your girlfriend for being out of position...

Only For Games : SeemsGood THANKS PURGE SeemsGood

Ganolink : SeemsGood Thanks Purge

minhmeo1209 : Im a lion spammer. All I do is wait for my lvl 6 to gank. Kappa

Axel Johansson : The comparison of movement speed felt kinda creepy xD

Chesco : *Pickup Artist Theory Meets Dota Theory*

Anton Y : inb4 angry feminists start a petition to delete this vid

The EPIC Time Traveling walrus : "draw first blood" purge 2019... FBI OPEN UP

Kevin Donnelly : Best ad I've ever seen on YouTube

MrLeva115 : Remember, you’ll never get first blood if you don’t leave the fountain.

Jake Goss-Kuehn : They couldn't even get a real girl forr this, OMFG

fahmi ibrahim : I pick a wrong matchmaking can I disconnect without going lower priority?

Jorgekg : What talent to get at 20 level Purge Helppp ? +5cm lenght or +5 width heeeelp

New Tree Smell : Dota tournaments always have great skits but this is truly top tier!

Emil Brandwyne : if you failed with the first attempt you can aoways buyback by offering her expensive gifts