Rick and Morty - Ticket Master

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Clay Thomas : I don't get it.

Kash : This is real and happening now in our society, get it???

Madison Schmitz : LOL me and my friends always joke about how ticket master is evil because as soon as an artist independently starts selling tickets, ticket master buys up every single one and then jacks up the price x10.. It might not be what its referring to but it works so perfectly.

jose paulino : Rick and Morty are woke as f

Marc Darren : https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ticketmaster-cheating-scalpers-726353/

asm mnyyy : Video "online ticket scalping, ticket resale should be illegal" explained it well ticket master is a monopoly

KOTYAR0 : Wait. This is reference to what?

KOTYAR0 : Ooooh.. I got it, one cool Reddit user called OHaiSean put it like that:

RM J : youtube.com/watch?v=37nT4R42pvA