Woman Tries to Get a Free Ride

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Ryan Is Driving : might do this same kind of video with the dude who pulled a gun on me, let me know if you enjoy this more controversial content sprinkled in every now and then

Zena : I thought he was gonna hit her with the car and honestly I’m here for it

Aj Catanzaro : You know she’s a real sicko when she cancels a ride mid Blackbear

Samodeus YT : When a woman slaps a man no one bats an eye but when a man slaps a woman everyone loses their mind, equality my ass

Adam Spears : She assaulted you. I advise you to press charges against her. Its also past time that men take a public stance to let society know that abusive women are not going to be passed off anymore. They need to be held to the same standard as abusive men.....because that would be "Gender Equity".....you know, that thing that the metoo movement claims it advocates for...

Gianna Fenton : She’s drunk or high or something. Idk but she crazy

Aurora Bash : I'll just rate you 1 star because you didn't let me rob you. Completely understandable logic. 👌

Lazy potato : High key wanted him to run her over

Humantarian Harjot : Fact to Learn: *Not all men are PREDATORS and not all women are GOOD* 🌎.

Borussia Doormat : Her IQ is probably less than 85.

Laggy Duck : Sometimes women get away with to much

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Gets shorted $10... makes 15k off the video, genius

Jesus christ : I would have beat the shit out of her.

Sydney black : makes me so angry...it's so hard to not just want to beat the hell out of her

Aaron H : 16 THOUSAND people are garbage enough to dislike this. LOL

Mark Johnson : Very shady hooker. She was obviously also off her face.

No Egg Craig : Loses $10, gains thousands of dollars 😂

Srini Krish : Equality man...you should smack the shit out of her...You did not respect women equally lol...you sure would have a smacked if it was a dude...

Leslie Cooper : Entertaining? No. Enraging? Absolutely.

dgoid_game : A woman that feels entitled yet again. I just want everyone to notice that if a man would have attacked a woman she would probably have called the cops because more damage would have been caused, so clearly saying women are victims of more violence by the use of facts is refutable since men receive less damage therefore often do not report to cops. I'm not sure if this is clear, but let me know.

Api : Where’s the video of the gun pulled on him

Wizard afro : You know those people you really want to punch in the face...

the explosive Gamer : Did you call the cops because that is assault

Franklin NJ : For every bad Uber driver there is, there are thousands of bad horrible passengers. Young people today have so many mental issues they live in fantasy land with their social media. And then if you should dare even try to correct them or criticize them, they want to commit suicide because you hurt their feelings. Facebook and youtube have made them into sociopaths and they are only a step away from being full blown psycho's.

Eleni McFuckyou : Holy shit. People are completely in the wrong and they get mad at you for calling them out🙄

joc jocuri : Lost it when she tried to hit him))))))))

TheRealX1ras : *When you try to scam but it backfires* "I'll rate you one star!"

Mesterlock : Makes u want to go GTA mode and u know what im talking about.

ScottishJackSparrow : You need to press charges bro She assaulted you

Turboblastzero : Should've called the cops on her.

SlicK20815 : Someone tell me how many times she said um

Skirdus : If you get in the car you pay for the ride, simple as that

immadummee : As s driver, just be professional. Kick them out nicely, drive away. You didn’t need to go back and say anything to her. Pointless.

ScottishJackSparrow : You should’ve just not acknowledged it and brought her back to where you picked her up Then told her to get out


Jade Shea : Yo he’s hot though 🤷‍♀️

GINO BERNARD : The least UBER can do is to ban that woman from the service.

Seth Clements : full blown PSYCHOTIC

Grace Robertson : When she tried to hit him 😂

Baby Prodigy : uhm .. uhmm .. run out of ideas lel😂

Sweetskis : You should have gotten out of the car, body slammed her, and sat on her until the cops came.

Weird Heather : I can’t believe she attacked you for refusing to work for free. How hard she hit you isn’t the issue, the fact that she thought it was acceptable to try at all.....I’m honestly shocked!

5 star general valentino angel Israel : Hey get another job if you can, you seem like a nice guy n it seems you don't deserve this kind of evil destruction in your life from messed up demon possessed people who want rides, but sometimes people are stuck with certain jobs while other times they can just quite n work somewhere else

Shaq WithTheCombo : I think he wanted the woman out of his car but I'm not sure.

Mr.Dr.ProfStonerman : last time me and my buddies used an uber the guy was so cool, he was from like saudi arabia or dubai or something drove a blacked out audi s3, all he talked to us about was the weed he could get back in his home country and how the hash they make from it is like nothing we'd ever smoked here in canada. we gave him a cash tip of 100 and handed him a pack of 4 joints and told him to have a great night, best driver i ever had.

Cate Ellington : ‘I’m gonna proport you dude’.

FlyingKitty : GET OUT OF MY CAR

Donna Terry : I think she was on drugs! You have the address from where you picked her up so I’m sure you could get the police involved if you want to!!!!

cndvd : She probably saved you $2 on car maintenance. That is a dangerous job. What a low life, cancel the ride during the ride, I see.... she didn't want you to notice that way she gets a free ride, when you get there.

Kimko -_- : I think she was drunk but I also think a woman hitting a man should be illegal i mean like come on we’re both human or at least Ryan is and not her 😑