Woman Tries to Get a Free Ride

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Ryan Is Driving : might do this same kind of video with the dude who pulled a gun on me, let me know if you enjoy this more controversial content sprinkled in every now and then

No Egg Craig : Loses $10, gains thousands of dollars 😂

Federal Bureau of Investigation : Im a simple man. If a woman hits me, I hit her back.

Balyeet Bhagaloe : You missed a huge faketaxi opportunity

target index : Lose $10 make $16,000 I would say you did ok.

Atoka220 : I watched too much porn so I was expecting something else lmao

Aurora Bash : I'll just rate you 1 star because you didn't let me rob you. Completely understandable logic. 👌

YofavvMiah ! : No one should look at him different !!! That girl deserves to get called the cops on tf

Elizabeth Reeves : That's assault you should send that to the police because if the genders were reversed the attacker would get a huge fine or would get pit in jail for like a few weeks or month's

T Tale : You did the right thing Ryan that girl was crazy.

Shondra Moore : On my list the next video is 'How to get a free ride' 😂💀

Zena : I thought he was gonna hit her with the car and honestly I’m here for it

DeltaLight_YT : How can i vote you 15 stars?

CHILIPEÑO : 3:45 Heroes that could easily defeat thanos

papillon : In instances like these, you should call the police. She actually laid hands on the driver. You don’t do it because of the level of harm she inflicted. You do it so that there is a police record of this entitled woman acting out on her violent tendencies. You do it for her next victim, so that a precedent is shown on her record. Because the next time she acts out violently against someone, the victim might not be as physically strong as this driver and could get actually hurt. Thus pressing charges here could help her future victims when the police checks her record. Because with an entitled violent brat like this one, you know something like this will happen again!

CommanderCyclone : Thot detected, eliminating thot

TheRealX1ras : *When you try to scam but it backfires* "I'll rate you one star!"

L3gendary101 : The average western woman, completly self centered.

Roblox Eats Kids : And then they say men are abusive


51Dss : Three most often told lies: 1)I love you; 2)you can trust me; 3)the check is in the mail and now there is a 4th...."I'll tip you on the app"   can't tell you how many times I have heard that lie. I stopped driving Uber about 4 months ago for the following reasons: it doesn't pay nearly enough to compensate for: time, wear and tear on the car/maintenance, riders who have horrible hygiene, drunk riders, vomiting in or on the car, riders who make it extremely difficult to meet up. Riders who refuse to stand in a place where they can easily be seen, or refuse to move or walk out to meet you from a few doors away because the nav system is horribly innacurate;  Riders who play with the radio, the heater, AC, riders who say weird shit like "I'm an undercover DEA agent and I need to go to this strip club to meet a drug dealer..." - seriously. Riders who demand that you drive them up their driveway, riders who slam doors and trunk lids, riders who have bad attitude (like the cunt in this video) riders who make you wait more than 5 minutes before walking out to your car and then tell you "we're waiting for 2 more people..." riders who try to bring food and open beverages into your car, riders who eat in your car,  riders who refuse to put on the seat belt, riders who threaten and call you a fucking asshole for asking them to wear the seatbelt or for telling them they can't bring open drinks or food into the car, riders who ask if they can smoke or vape in the car as they are taking out their shit and getting ready to fire up, drunk riders being picked up at a bar only to go about 4 blocks and they want you to stop at a liquor store along the way and expect you to wait while they go in to buy whatever the fuck they want and then cuss you out and call you a motherfucker asshole old man and threaten you because you decline. Annnnnd Uber IMHO does NOT stand up for the drivers - they will NOT give feedback as to how they responded to the problem riders or if they responded at all...I always had the feeling that egregiously bad riders were not in fact banned from using UBER but that Uber just set up the system so that I wouldn't be paired with those riders again....so Fuck Uber, fuck all the drunk, stinky, ignorant, stupid, dishonest, rude, scamming, lying, hateful people out there who abuse a good thing.

Its Sketchy : Respect for you keeping a chill I would of lost my shit

khaled al harbi : U should ruin her life

David Cantu : I take uber and mind my own business

Hongor Shataryn : You sir have a self control of a saint! If she tried that in my country, oh boy she would have ended up with few bruises

LegendJim : Fockin wimen.

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Gets shorted $10... makes 15k off the video, genius

Jorge : Uber is not dangerous, USA is dangerous

Oh Paige Cutie : wow people are not civilize anymore lol

Aou Celloutus : Should of showed her face and called the cops on her.

Shadow : I would give her a uppercut and then good night EDIT : DONT BE STUPID I MEAN KNOCK OUT YOU GUYS HAVE A NICE MIND

FlyingKitty : GET OUT OF MY CAR

Nourhan Mohamed : You shouldn't let her hit you, you could at least hold her hand and prevent her from doing that.

Damah Panzer : i would smash her so hard in her face....

know whoyou'retalkin'2 : *he let a woman hit him. MULTIPLE TIMES HAHAHAHA*

alexandresirbu : This title isn't strange to me

Brian Cheng : I don't understand. Why are rides allowed to be cancelled especially when the driver is already driving to the destination? The cancellation process should be a mutual agreement between the driver and the person who takes the ride.

EpoCliptixxx : Woman: yeah you, id , i will ,you are..... Man:do you understand what are you talking about Woman:Yes of course i understand what im talking about

Yoonhyun : Alright YouTube I watched it are you happy now!?!

Novaximus : 10 minutes later she goes to a supermarket and eats food off the shelf without paying.  10 minutes after that she calls1of her 10 other boyfriends take her out on the town at the drop of a hat. When he says no she threatens break up with him. Calls him lazy and how she deserves a man with "ambition".  Aaaand finally, looks like it's that time of night to go bi polar, pop some pills and go to bed.

Orion the Warrior : Hell, I would have floored it when if she tried leaning in to try and slap me

Spencer Stanley : Hahaha I love this video. I really hope this lady sees this video.

Nr Ai : You should've ran her over

TheGamer Girl : Yep... definitely blew up. People like that are absolutely disgusting.

C3N1 3R1J0N : Lmao i thought your channel name was Ryan is dying

harrietthepenguin : i woulda smacked the shit out of that floozie for laying her hands on me

Wizard afro : You know those people you really want to punch in the face...

Rene Descartes : Not entertaining. I do not understand why you let her go away with her assault. She is not a lady. Don’t call her that. You should’ve called the police, because she is going to do it again. You may ruin another Uber driver’s life.

ÖFK oemer : Fake taxi

DeadPool : If she doesn't want to pay she can offer him a blowjob.😉😉