Woman Tries to Get a Free Ride

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Ryan Is Driving : might do this same kind of video with the dude who pulled a gun on me, let me know if you enjoy this more controversial content sprinkled in every now and then

PKRT 4 : The least UBER can do is to ban that woman from the service.

D'Angela Marx : Why'd u cancel ur ride ? U need to get out of my car..... He said that monetone AF.

Its Sketchy : Respect for you keeping a chill I would of lost my shit

Alexis Andrea : That lady is a junkie

ReposefulCrane4 : Dude honestly who tf is so petty to save $10. If you are really so strapped for cash, why take Uber on the first place?

My name Is Chicken : That lady just plain stupid

DeoxysKiller : You shouldve just stopped the car and not said a word. And when she asked about it, be like “oh you canceled the ride so im waiting for you to get out”

Lila Games : You should called the cops

wig dog : shes gotta b on drugs

MrBrothasky : That's some weird shit.

シxInkx713 : Yoooo I kinda feel bad for you bro is cus it looks like it was midnight and ur up that late.

Metro Viral : She's high af

Ryuujin1078 : Why would someone dislike the video?!

Green Bullitt : How can she rate you when she cancelled

Atomic Bomb : You did the right thing by staying calm even though you were stressed out, you were also being respectful about and you were just doing your own job.

Soulfully : I wish uber did better about how they handle these situations. They often aren't transparent or helpful and say they will resolve the issues but never update you on whats going on. Then 9/10 times if you don't hear it and drive them to the location you will get nothing out of Uber even if you complain. Keep doing what you're doing and doing what you love Ryan. Just be careful out there.

Emily Mills : "hey this is me, is this you?" I somehow can't stop laughing

lucia 28 : This is sooo embarrassing! She’s clearly so drunk! Yuk

Reiden Lightman : I hope her account got banned.

Nikki M. : Lmao what a low life. Also, you're hot.

LOLZWOOF : "I just know that lyft does 2 stops" *1 minute later* "yeah I just knew it that uber did 2 stops"

Guitar Guy : She attempted a hit and run!

TANGLDWEB : If I may,.. I'd suggest a wingman. (or wingDog more accurately : )

Jeremy Permenter : This is why I feel like Uber needs to get rid of their no gun policy and allow drivers to be armed

FallxnFear : *A head for a ride*

gothboiclique : Wow, I would whip her *** real quick

Miykael Davis : Finally a legit YouTuber

far8 : imagine if she had a knife...be safe dude.. alcohol and drug are the number 1 enemy

Ali Zamani : you legend 👊 thanks

Tim Pavic : id just run her over

Yuvraj Parmar : This is why you should drive Uber Eats instead 😂😂

Hornswabber : GET OUT OF MY CAR!

Garrett Hayes : *SNAP* Yep, that’s going on my feminazi compilation

hlias mous : Drugs are no joke. seriously.

Karina B : sniffing vicodin in paris in the background 😍

um klance : Omg you look like Tom Holland!! (I spelled the worng I think sorry) Kina do...I just see you in the Light ish...

Scribbly S'cat : And it's girls like that in which make the rest of us girls, who actually *aren't* brain dead, look bad.

Jaysean Latham : In my eyes, he did no wrong. She was very wrong.

jimmy perkins : what would you do if you saw her again ?

Zdog Yeet : That girl is drunk asf

Zang yaks : Seems staged, she was smiling and fake hitting him.

Phil Sim : have cc on at 5:02 lololol

DarkOpGames : if he hitted her back it would be self-defence and gender equality

The Monarch Butterfly : "I'll rate you one star" Hahaha, didn't know that phrase is actually used LOL. Just saw Vanossgaming's video on team 6 or whatever and heard it there so I thought it was a funny little joke but when it's actually used it is pretty cringy not gonna lie...

WTFMannyxFTW : On a bad day, you're still nicer than most people. Your reaction was completely justified and forgivable. God Bless You.

Phill Huddleston : I wouldn't call that an attack, more like a few love taps.

TheFlash 20208 : Their are many reasons guys should hit girls... We just choose not to.

HipsterHelios : Im subscribing because this video lmfao

Girly Nerd : Your voice sounds like binging with babish.