Woman Tries to Get a Free Ride

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Ryan Is Driving : might do this same kind of video with the dude who pulled a gun on me, let me know if you enjoy this more controversial content sprinkled in every now and then

Skirdus : If you get in the car you pay for the ride, simple as that

Brandon Flash : She sounds drunk a bit. I would’ve called the police and pressed charges for battery but what you did is fine.

Tsavos Alliance : I would change jobs if people really act like this. Not worth dying over $10 rides that dead-beats can't afford.

e kk : She is so dumb, she is really dumb

Nick Rowlands : Fair play to you sir for keeping your cool.

DaRealCarlos \ : Cocaine is one hell of a drug

Lilian Verma : Her speech sounds slurred. She's drunk, has some sobering to do. Either drugs or alcohol. IDK but she shouldn't of have acted like that. All to try to cheat off 10 bucks. What else does she need $10... hmmm... alcohol?

Pickle Sticks : I’m glad this video blew up

ajay Prasanna : I would have fake taxied her 😂😂😂

Talat Djuraev : what kind of dash cam are you using ? great quality

Greg Rothschilds : Dash cams ppl. They help the innocent and nail the bad guys. Win win for everyone

Rachael stylinson : Shoulda ran her over tbh ..JK

Purgatory Pirate : When the add is a minute and it won’t let u skip

cohpr : Sue her do it now

C. Mustard : Lol the speech at the end was so real and honest hahahahh the ad revenue thing was what i was thinking the entire time

Adrian Disla : She is so Dumb

n o : Report that assault to the police.

yeah : she ruined her own reputation.

Ryan Ellis : Total child. You did everything right. Sad that people like this are out there.

David Ellwood : Damn dude you are a SAINT!

DavidVsNorm : Definetly make an update video on this as soon as you get more info lol

Markus Konzett : Am I the only one who wanted to see him running her over?

Marcelline Choisne : that look as in the serie black mirror!!

Ri7ki : She's crazy...

Shelly K : that driver was hot and i loved the grin he gave her as he was telling her to get out. around like 3:19ish.

FlyingKitty : GET OUT OF MY CAR

Diplume : *iMmA FUcKin pRoPOrT yOu TO fUCkIn lYfT* Nice ending 👍

La Muerta : she was probably on drugs dude, you did what I woudlve done.

Marcelline Choisne : not fair at all!

Benji St Rose : You're a peaceful man... I dont even want to think about what i would do if someone did this to me. I was a taxi driver as well.

Nicky h225 : Yay you can get her arrested

funtime vapes : I'm a cab driver for a living good job hang in there good luck out there

Velo six : That philosophical ending to the video about someone trying to short you 10$

Kevin Malone : LEGEND

Cruzito : ride on man

CME : I was waiting for him to go into reverse and run her over.

Daniel Jenßen : FakeTaxi

Stefan Ragbir : This is a really shitty thing for her to do but on another note you have great taste in music

John Blake : Get out of my car NOW.

Renta : My new fav channel :DDD

Pippy : Please press charges for assault. A large reason people think they can get away with assaulting people, is because when they assault people nothing comes of it and they learn that there are no consequences for their actions. If you do nothing, you reinforce her belief that you can physically assault people that you are upset with, even when she is in the wrong.

Adam David's Oddities : Wow, entitled woman.

P3oplEEE 3lBows : im glad there's a guy who made this kinds of videos

Tommy D : We got your back bruh! Oh also 6.3 million people saw you woman. Twice as my country. Put that in your head. Every individual from two friggin countries.

Vivian Ha : so like um umm ummm uhm like um

Eku : U man have so much patience

deedeet3000able : That chick really did not sound coherent. Either drugged or drunk. Her behaviors were not... "normal" Anybody else get that vibe?

Jon Pierson : I wouldn't berate someone for being poor, that was probably the only thing done wrong by driver. Besides that, I get that it's a stressful job and she was totally trying to pull a fast one.

Abood Mki : I Would Instantly know that she's drunk, and drop her where she wants and leave But most Americans have the tendency to seek drama and fame. And I was asleep enough not to even notice the channel name (Ryan Is Driving) VERY INTERESTING STUFF IN THERE, what a total waste of 9 minutes.