Unboxing of Stupid Macbook Air

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Psivewri : Currently watching this on my 2008 Macbook Air ;)

BathBoysAdventureTime : He should see the new macbook...

Mohammed AlGhamdi : any1 still like watching this in 2016?

RainKing : Amazing how many people can't tell it's a joke.

MiKEY T : This guy was trolling even before trolling was a word lol :)

MendezAS : All these years have gone by, and he's still trolling everyone.  Absolute champ :)

Tim Zilar : even after 8 years, this video is still hilarious haha XD

Youtuber 10489 NA : Before trolling ever existed

7th Day Productions : 15 thousand people never heard of sarcasm.

Stevie G : I'd love to see this guy doing an unboxing of an iPhone 7

Follow the train CJ : Filmed with a carrot

ThatOneMedicMain : Who watched this on a macbook air? XD

George Chiramal Davis : guess some ppl didnt get the joke...

iKitsun : I know this all an act, but who goes to a coffee shop to plug in 10 USB devices...?

Brian : I don't think people get that this is for comedy purposes

Asphery : lol all the people taking this serious

naig91 : He's right about EVERYTHING.

TheVividYoshi : Review the new MacBook, please.

voidsdmn : I don't do ANY of those things to my PC....

LightningBlueMeanie : Best troll video ever.

Ryan Maneo : Battery: don't need to take it out, this is Apple Usb: buy an adapter Ethernet: "everybody always does everywhere" lol if you live in the 70s Software: use the Internet noob

Methylenedream : Ok I HATE Apple, their product's are way overpriced, but every single thing you've said is that of an ignorant man ... and i'm trying to be polite as 'ignorant man' isn't exactly the perception of you that I currently have. It cost so much more BECAUSE it uses less materials.   It cost a lot more to use material's that require atomic level lithography and the solid materials that are used. It's NOT SUPPOSED to have a DVD drive, they made this device purposefully to be small and light.   Your tablet and/or smartphone has no DVD drive right?  2008 I don't care you're a failure at critiquing. YES, carry a USB hub with you, they're only about 2" x 2', are you a pussy or weak or some shit? You're lucky that in 2008 ultraslim devices even HAVE A USB port, for the longest time there was no USB or any way whatsoever to connect other devices to these emerging ultraslim devices. Firewire WAS OUTDATED in 2008.  Who want's or wanted firewire then or now? NOBODY. You bitch and whine yet you dropped $xxx on a device without researching the product first and instead made a retarded video to bitch about all the things you never researched before you dropped good money on it? Are you senile?

spuddie : So the worlds most sucssesful company is a "failing company".

Anton Gusev : This guy is hilarious!

Jackie Lin : Mac is awesome

soddingnocturnal : this is by far my favorite video on youtube. its so hilarious. guys he's obviously joking! he's satirizing people's initial reactions and complaints about the macbook air. y'all calm down!

me too thanks : hahahaha this is funny, He gets mad over taking a battery out on a laptop

Joe and Felicia : More like MacBook Air unboxing from stupid man

cmccarreiro : Classic. Where is this guy? Why doesn't he do more videos?

MrCaelan987 : Clearly satirical

Richard Balls : 7 years on and the butthurt continues.

Sean Van Trieste : You guys realize it was a joke, right?

Seldom Pooper : Apple devices are overpriced and pretentious !

TheBobobobob123 : I remember watching this at 9 years old thinking he was actually angry hahaha

Maximus Yamout : Watch him react to the new MacBook lol one usb-c port

Christopher Izaguirre : Why the hell do you need to have 9-10 sub ports?

JGVlogsTV : Everyone is so but hurt over this video it's hilarious! Just because he's old doesn't mean he can't troll your ass! He's made you look like right fools!  I cried with laughter from his epic trolling!

shawnthor : Will Farrell's Grandfather.

Tech Defender : Its been a few years and this is still AMAZING

Ethan Ank : Trolls will be trolls. P.S. This is the most staged, terribly acted video I've seen in a long time.

ChopNdop : your not very smart are you? if i give you 1 brain cel will it die of loneliness?

chickenceiling : lol I think this guy is just messing around

Terry Barnes : All apple stuff is crap!!

VJMPX : Let's see how much of this most people ACTUALLY agree with; EVERYONE switches out the battery something they do everyday: NO THEY DONT Can't upgrade ram: some do, BUT MOST DONT Only 1 USB port: VERY understandable Thing to plug in camera: Ehhhhh... "This is a failed device from a failing company." : NOT TRUE AT ALL how much ya wanna bet this guy uses Android now in 2016😂😂😂😂

Hunter Hoheisel : do your research before you buy something man o and instead of spending 1,800 dollars on a computer why dont you get some anger management classes

skitofpro : This is fake but the reaction awesome

Oliver Lopez : "failing company" lol... 6 years later the computer is almost still the same, and all the other companies are doing the same to their laptops so... 

Anibal : its obviously a joke

ariannadomi : is this a joke? i'm getting a Macbook air in 2 weeks and I've heard so many good things about it. my cousin has it and she said its very good. Oh and i don't think everybody takes the battery out or upgrade the ram everyday. especially me. the thing with the DVD is a problem with me but i can live without it. and people don't think i'm hating bc i'm not.

steve beast : this video deserves a like just cause its true