Artist Dog poops on wall

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G String : Your dog is going to get deported.

Russell Glasser : What is she saying?

nvslurker : Wall mounted Obama trophy head?

Ian Fowler : what a good boy

Lil KoXtentioun : Hehe

Ralf X. : Now I've seen everything. It's time to die.

Jenny O : I wish I could do that

Skilleczo Spy : That dog just made art on that wall ?isn't that fantastic? Don't judge nature

wolf draws : Spider dog spider dog!!! he was a dog and you never new

spacekitt3n : still better than a trump speech

Totally Acting : Vandalism ooo cops 👮🏻

Saquez : 4Chan

William Jenkins : it's his wall now!!!

WULFY THATS MEEE : Natural born artist

Dylan Chinna : Lmao

funkybunny9966 : And I'm betting it was never cleaned up. Wanna bet no matter what this dog's owner is asian!!

pwq2rf wxnht : I want to eat this poop :P