Hardware AA from an HDMI cable? mCable Gaming Edition Review!

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JustSomeDude-Gaming : I need to go to the eye doctor because my eyes are too noob to see a big difference.

NGClayton : I mean the tech itself is cool, but for 120$ its not worth it

ParadoxicGer : That cable works best for older consoles. I have one and use it for my original Xbox and the amount of difference it makes is crazy. For PS3 and Xbox 360 it's also still quite good but I wouldn't buy it for a PS4/Xbox One and ofc not for a PC

necropig : Was it part of the DF Cv to require crazy hand gestures?

Hazy J : LTT did a review on this like a year ago..... But Im glad you guys did too!

sugonmaballs : I would have liked to see how it handles older consoles like a PS1, PS2, and N64 (through a HDMI adapter of course since those consoles don't have HDMI) where AA was almost never used. Also, I assume you can put this cable on the output of an HDMI switch/receiver and have it apply it's affect to everything plugged into the switch?

Lee Everett : You should have tried older consoles without much AA/post processing, like the PS2, Gamecube and OG Xbox.

SBM : Has Tom been hitting the gym? Looks a bit bigger

CaptainLogic : Okay, if you have to zoom in 400% and the change is still to slight to notice, then it isn’t worth it.

RJ : I see a Vita in the background. I found a new friend! Good job on the vid!!

yodagamer1 : For $120 I'll just stick with aliasing.

Christian Stout : I got one of these to use my last-gen consoles (360, PS3, Wii U, PSTV) with my 4K TV. Works like a dream.

Sleepy Skrub : to be honest I'm not seeing much of a difference

DK Baller : $120 uhh no thanks I think I’ll keep to my basic $20 cable😬

The Trust : I dont see a difference. No joke.

Mondo : Any plans on testing freesync and 1440p output on Xbox one X?

RANDY TYSON : Their logo looks like pornhub

Game Buffet : I’m getting this for Wii U

SalsaKetchup VR : I actually use a mCable with the PSVR; plugged from the PSVR box to the HMD and it works, though it can sometimes have some issues i.e. you need to be certain that the cable has power before any signal is put though it or it can act like a normal pass-though cable or just not give any signal at all! So the number one issue is normally to do with power i.e. if you plug the usb cable into the PS4 it will be very unreliable, so I use a separate usb power supply for my mCable. Next we come to the blackouts and yes there are a few issues with the V1 PSVR's that I think have mostly been eliminated with the newer version of the PSVR (I can't test this as I only have the V1). The blackouts as I understand them are mostly related to odd HDMI encoding outputs from the PSVR box, so when it switches between modes the HDMI signals can upset the mcable and it will not process the signal right (most times turning the hmd off the on will fix the problem), one of the oddest things is that if you have been playing a PSVR game and then close the game application you will often find that no image will go to the PSVR of the home screen in cinema mode, start a PSVR game up and mostly it will work fine apart from when you go back to the home screen where you will just have no image until you switchback to the game. Now we come to the real odd blackout issue that some times comes up once a month or every few months where you will get constant blackouts at random and the image will not come back on no matter how many times you turn off the hmd or unplug the mcable source end from the PSVR box a plug in again (this normally fixes things if pressing the hmd power off/on fails), now the fix for this should in no way what so ever make a difference, but that said has worked every time for me and that is to unplug the hdmi from the PS4 and plug that end into the PSVR box and the end that was in the PSVR box you plug into the PS4. Now I know that should not make a blind bit of a difference but it has worked every single time that I have had a problem. In conclusion I think you should go back and try again with the PSVR and see if any of the above sorts that out for you so you can test it out fully.

TofumanFC3S : One of the first things I thought it would be great for is a HDMI modded N64. You can set the output to 480p through line doubling and disable the blurring feature. Then use this cable to smooth out the resulting pixelation. GameCube with GCVideo would be another great candidate

TrueDesireHD : DigitalFoundry: we play our games 500% zoomed in

Alex wonderland : The manufacturer recommends you guys get 2 cables connected through an HDMI female to female adapter for games with a lot of jagged edges

GeneralMyke74 : test this on 360 ps3 and wii please!

Keyboard G : Yea. $120 for AA on Minecraft

Geert Matthys : 120 bucks in the toilet

A.G. : This kind of tech is perfect and should be applied on modern TV input though, other than using a cable. Hopefully the TV manufacture will get this and try to implement the tech on their TV with more options to control the intensity of the effects.

aL3891 : I don't really get why they made this into a cable rather than a box... Maybe to be able to be able to charge huge extras for the longer length? Seems like a huge ripoff to get anything but the shortest one and just connect a regular hdmi cable the rest of the way :) it would be kind of cool if someone made a more feature rich image processing box that you'd pass the hdmi signal through though.. maybe that exists already

Ryan Skelton : would have loved to have seen this in use on wii games, ps2 and gc games and possibly even ps1, n64 as they should have the biggest return

Pedro Rezende : It doenst make sense to buy this cable at this price. If you are playing older consoles (where the cable makes sense) you are probably not willing to pay extra 120 dollars on a cable, as the PS4 PRO and Xbox X are pretty close to this difference on price to the base consoles while they offer far more improvements than better anti-aliasing

Igarzigar : mCable? $120? More like scamCable.

Matt Turner : Does unplugging the USB Power Supply turn off the post processing (ie effectively an on-off) or does it render the cable dead?

Mr Fathead : It just blurs the whole picture slightly, I don't think that it looks better.

Henrik Olsson : i think the best useage out of this cable is using a digital out to HDMI converter on a gamecube and then this cable since the gamecube didn't do AA in most games and at most the game are 480p so the post AA really has a lot to work with.

Gatsu : Looks good for the switch

Dan K : This cable is most certainly not worth the price. Especially if the only console that really benefits from it is the Switch where half the time most people play it in handheld mode. $150.00 that’s ridiculous.

Leo Gabriel Roque Fariñas : I have 2 of these (the gaming edition). One connected to the switch on a 4K Oled and the other one connected to a 360 to a regular 1080p screen. It’s basically free antialiasing for games that don’t have it. The IQ improvements is noticeable at first sight. At this point, it’s basically a requirement for Switch gaming in 4K docked mode for me. One thing DF didn’t mention, the antialiasing also improves the shadows. In Mario kart, arms , Zelda, etc. The shadows get more “rounded and curved” instead of kinda jagged

Nerd Cave : If it’s not 2.1 then it’s useless

Kerolos Abdrabbo : yea on pc it is useless you better invest that money in a better GPU instead

Salient Simon : It would be cool to see if this would improve Riddick on original Xbox. That game has a shit ton of aliasing so it would have been a perfect test subject. Obviously you would need additional peripherals to test it, but still. I doubt it would improve it at all judging from the effects it seems to produce in these tests, though.

Emerson Biggons : What if you use the Mcable with AA enabled, wouldn't that make it look even better?

Pop Corn : This thing is trash. DO NOT BUY.

J Rosario : I sent Marseille an e-mail but have not received a follow up reply when inquiring about the differences between the Gaming Edition and Cinema Edition. Also, their video answering this question was insufficient and vague. The owner said that the gaming edition simply "applies more aggressive anti-aliasing" I play games and watch movies about equally. Here are my questions: 1. Do both editions apply anti-aliasing? If so, what does "more aggressive anti-aliasing" actually mean? 2. What does the Cinema edition do that the Gaming edition doesn't? 3. If I could only afford to purchase 1 cable, which would you recommend and why? 4. If I could afford 2 cables, and wanted to connect 2 cables together to double their effect for gaming and movies, which combination would you recommend and why? 5. Also, what is the best way to convert 480i, 720i, and 1080i, to 480p, 720p, and 1080p content so that the Marseille mCable algorithm will work? Thanks guys!

Mimiyo : That cable looks THICC

Jeremy Johnson : What we need are powerful ICs on GPUs to do geometry level AA.

seanmcbay : Think I’ll pick this up eventually since Switch is my main console at this point. Great review.

Logan Wolv : what about the colours?you didin't test that

Raw'N'Proud69 : I would consider this for my PS3 oldies if it wasnt so overpriced

100 degrees : $20 HDMI cable is good enough for me. Im not spending more than that.

Bruce Alrighty : This is cool and all, but why on earth did they put it only on HDMI? Pop that thing in a displayport as well.

VR VIN BEANSEL : Lots of folk use for psvr and with good results so don't understand your tiny analysis other than ignoring vr yet again