FIRST LOOK: Koenigsegg Regera with Christian von Koenigsegg

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Salomondrin : WOW! I can see a ton of bugatti owners jumping into one of these if they come out as cool as they seem they will be. Amazing technology being incorporated here! I also believe if I ever met Christian I would just have a blank stare on my face due to not understanding any of those terms hahahahah I'll bring an engineering translator then...

Vehicle Virgins : You've got the coolest life!

Brett : I can't get over how incredible the doors are

Josh Barry : Koenigsegg, the most beautiful and advanced car in the world!!!!

john doe : omg when she opens up i got hard as a rock, the smoothness of all the doors and hood opening is beyond perfect

IggyDoesStuff : This car is worth moving out of the US for

Name not found : Best I can do is 5 bucks.

Ken Lambdin : Christian is so humble and a truly unique automobile inventor

DWeezy - : Besides my wife, there is absolutely NOTHING more pretty in the entire world than this car.

Scirocco ThePunisher : You are living my dream Tim! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Wesley : It kind of reminds me of the Jaguar XJ220

sam kahn : modern day mr Enzo ferrari he is building a dream car for many it will remain a dream only few fortunate  ones will have it 'to reign' amazing feat of engineering.

Zulu Pyro : Is it just me that hates the back of the Regera?

David Baker : incredible tech coming out of such a small company

Chris Felkin : Am I the only one who thinks of a Jaguar XJ220 when looking at the rear end?

Marquavious Chester : Im think about building a business that turbocharges any car, truck, etc you can name and bring cars from grand theft auto 4 and 5 to life. (if possible)

juxtaposeism : Koenigsegg and Porsche build the most elaborated and beautiful sports/supercars but... Koenigsegg is just the most beautiful and perfect car out there because everything is just reduced to what it really needs to be in the most sophisicated way imagineable

sk88boarding : Mr. CVK is my role model i swear this guy got me amazed actually anybody who would take a few mins to appreciates the amazing engineering and technology that has been put into this car would understand what i mean. i salute this guy will always look up to him.

Nrvous 30 : It takes an incredible mind to create something as special as the Regera

Pauvlychenko : I don't mind the re-upload. It's impossible to get tired of looking at this masterpiece.

Sagar Sarker : There is something to learn about koenigsegg's 😍

TheEmil : the regera makes the chiron look like a prius.

elukok : You can see that he knows every little detail of this car. Thats ho it should be. I doubt that bosses of BMW, Ferrari or any other company like tihs would know these details. Also good job on getting rid of transmition. Sounds very interesting.

TudorSicaru : I could listen to that engine all day long... 20:22

Jakobly : Great car but the rear end is hideous

Daniel K : This car is absolutely stunning! Just pure beauty, elegance! This is one of those cars where every curve and bend is perfection. I really love Koeningsegg's cars! Just beautiful. From tip to tail, I love Korningsegg's like I love Lamborghini's!

gamecreaterdude13 : Really want to create my own car company.

Wormweed : Looks like the engine is mounted much lower than other supercars. This guy is a genius, how does he think of all these things..

mcintosh233 : Sweden should vote Christian von Koenigsegg PM!!

Karl Flerlage : Noooo don't change the exhaust. Deep rumble sounds monstrous

Tod Olusola : this over the holy trinity and Chiron any day lol. Megacars ftw lol, this'll face up against the rimac and Nebula RB 001 megacar as the new holy trinity lol.

Giova2774 : congratulations camera man, great Jobs!!!

Shmee150 : I'm afraid I had to make a few small edits to the video, I felt it was important to keep the overall content live so have done it as quickly as possible for you guys to still be able to watch this. Thank you for your patience and understanding - enjoy the Regera, it's an epic machine!

mibars : It kinda sounds like driving with a two-speed Powerglide with high stall converter

Eduard Šajgalik : definitely gonna get one. One way or another way ^_^

Joe Gioia : If this doesn't become a bond villain car, I would be very sad.

Martin Cerman : Oh Christian, you're always so beautifully enthusiastic about your cars. Best PR person / boss on the planet.

Gentle Singularity : I like Koenisegg's ambition. Thy always do something different and just don't follow what other supercar companies do.

James Aldred : wow the way the door opens is just amazing

MCR68136 : If i every hit the jackpot on the lottery i would rather have a Koenisegg than a Bugatti any day

smminco : christian is just such an interesting person. the way his mind works is just so intriguing. it's so great to see guys like him, elon musk, mate rimac, etc doing so much to push automobiles into the future. when you consider brands like chevy are still using pushrods and torque converters (which i am not saying is necessarily bad), to think the koenigsegg isnt even using cams or transmissions is just mind boggling. i cant wait to see where these guys take the industry in the next 5-10 years.

Juan Carlos Berrocal : cheers mate!!!, you are the luckiest man on earth, what a honor to share a day with Koenisgsegg

Jack Comoss : the design is growing on me... i have to see some different colors tho

Orlando Taylor : I wouldn't even need the finalized car. I would be happy with just the prototype

Davyd Orynbaev : Not to mention it looks a million times better than any Bugatti

Daniel Santoyo : when he goes to take the engine while is open, Cristián closes it vía remote.

nukem high : it sounds a bit like a old school torque converter style gearbox ?

a fan of canta : Regera meaning "Too Rain"?

DCsamH : if i had the money i would buy one with out even thinking the rear end on it is absolutely stunning

Michał Kulpa : this car is just bonkers the amount of engineering that was put into this car is mindblowing and the car itself is elegant sleek and kinda chilled out but man its powerfull