The Super-Secret White Porsche Collection
A stunning Porsche collection Presented in white from the floors to the ceiling to the cars themselves Visitors must remove theirs shoes and leave their cellphones before entering the building in an undisclosured location

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In the hyperactive/hyper-competitive Porsche world, it can seem like there’s nothing truly new under the sun — no car undiscovered, no collection so obscure as to be unknown, and no collecting theme unexplored. Having said that, walking into one of the largest and most secretive Porsche collections in the world is a surreal enough experience, until the realization that nearly everything in it is white. It may be the closest vision of the ideal Porsche afterlife extant — the cars are white, the building is white, the walls are white, the floors are white, the furniture is white. If you make it past the front door — a feat in itself — you’re given two options: Wear socks, or cover your shoes in protective booties (white, of course). You’ll also have to drop your cell phone in a bucket until you leave; that’s white too, by the way. If you want to find out more about this impressive collection of Porsches, watch the video above. PCA members will get even more insight into the collection in this month's issue of Porsche Panorama, which is mailing to subscribers soon. For the full list of Porsches in the White Collection, visit: Subscribe to our channel! Video by Will Keown Photo by Nick Berard


Sylvain Villet : I love the white one!

TRL : Accidentally sneezes,(comma police resolution) 12 men in white biohazard suits come running out...

Luke Faulkner : So secret it appeared on my YT homepage without my ever having searched for it.

J : If this were my collection I would walk around in that shop at night in my PJ's and my slippers, smoking a Cuban and giggling like a school girl.

Tom Mather : Definitely needs a white GT1.

Peteng 13 : That carrera gt is 1 out of 4 ever made in white.

MrFriko22 : If you loose your bag of coke in that joint it’s gone brother!

flim flam : I hate seeing wonderful cars not being driven.

talentedmangina : I am not a Porsche guy, but I can definitely respect this.

AN D1 : This is UNREAL, this guy is holding the past and the future of Porsche carrying all this to the future. Would love to visit this place

krabbenschubser : Looks incredibly similar to Ralph Lauren’s red Ferrari Collection 🤔

HitDaLick : Carrera Gt and 918 spyder looks sooo good in white

Samson518 : O.C.D. Stanley Kubrick would approve.

ramar492 : I want a black collection

Stu047 : "Museum environment"? - It looks more like a private Porsche library or a closed gallery than a museum. Beautiful collection of course but I find myself asking why is the collection "super-secret"? ...and who actually gets to see this display in person? Close friends? VIPs? Journalists? It's a bit sad that so few will actually ever get a chance to see the art that is in that room. The collection is missing a Singer 911; it's definitely worthy!

Chris Frank : The idea is to preserve these beauties and the history. Stop crying about “why don’t you drive them blah blah”

Apexjuha : Wow! But it does raise the question - why?

1320video : WHAT! An all white collection!?!? I'm in heaven, I must visit this! <3

mplewp : If civilisation falls . and aliens find this , then atleast their impression of mankind would be great x)

Barsa F : Do you mind if I live in that building for a couple of weeks?

1ls376 : "Good Day Mr. Bond"

utakatikmobil : even porsche museum in stuttgart doesn't have this much cars.

MRMichael Lepp : I will find & visit this place before I die.

Bondy : Collecting is ☝️ thing......Driving them is where they are worth their weight in gold👍🇦🇺

Stootsie von Salzburg : ..they dont't stand out with white walls! They need contrast.. but not black!!!

S.walker : it's got a Clockwork Orange kinda vibe, strange but oddly satisfying.

George Gagishvili : WOW Fantastic, what an amazing collection and idea of displaying! Where is this collection, can it be visited? White GT1 is missing there! Definitely must be added.

Humour : i especially liked that white one

Joseph Pole : Amazing collection but needs a white 928GTS

Łukasz Skrzat : Imagine total insurance cost :) Sadly this cars probably will never see sun anymore :(

Alex Jones : 1:17 RED TRACTOR

J. Martinni : I really like the idea of a sort of extensive archive or 'preservatory' of everything Porsche, especially such a nice and clean one, but... at the same time it's sad to see so many great cars not getting used for what they were built for.

Gareth : You need a "Flachbau" (flat nose) 930!

DerpEye : judjing from the cables under the cars, every car is maintained in running order i guess.

Mario Subasic Media : Like Magnus said, GET OUT AND DRIVE

Sr.Splittington : Morgan Freeman should have voiced over this....

Gino Foto : The collection lacks the soul, it feels too posing.

Angelica Cushing : I want to fart in there.

N3RDY Hoodlums : Damn so Proche did "Off White" first

Lefyre : Rumor is it's owned by Mr. Clean

Andrew Clelland : Didn't see a 928?... or did I miss it? Also, why have beautiful smooth gimbal footage mixed with horrible shaky hand held???... just does not work together - as a film maker you stick to one or the other ;)

mrwoolrich : What a beautiful, well taken-care-of collection. Hats-off!

Supercharged V8 Jag : Wow! Wasn't the 996 GT3 RS never sold in the U.S.?

Mr Gunslinger : While you struggle to pay for a nice meal at a restaurant...

HuneyBastard : Simply beautiful. Love the whole minimalism and peaceful atmosphere.

Porsche Collector : I've been few times a part of looking for cars for this collection. It's truly amazing, however I still have one porsche they would love to have 😉

Hardstyle Croatia : So, that's how paradise looks! 😍👌

XaHt : 964 Turbo 😍😍😍

Gewel ✔ : Is this what heaven looks like? Or is it hell because I can't drive any of them