The Super-Secret White Porsche Collection

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Luke Faulkner : So secret it appeared on my YT homepage without my ever having searched for it.

Tyler Lewis : If somebody drugged me, brought me here and convinced me I had died and gone to heaven... I’d believe them

Sylvain Villet : I love the white one!

flim flam : I hate seeing wonderful cars not being driven.

TRL : Accidentally sneezes,(comma police resolution) 12 men in white biohazard suits come running out...

J : If this were my collection I would walk around in that shop at night in my PJ's and my slippers, smoking a Cuban and giggling like a school girl.

Peteng 13 : That carrera gt is 1 out of 4 ever made in white.

MrFriko22 : If you loose your bag of coke in that joint it’s gone brother!

Tom Mather : Definitely needs a white GT1.

talentedmangina : I am not a Porsche guy, but I can definitely respect this.

Apexjuha : Wow! But it does raise the question - why?

utakatikmobil : even porsche museum in stuttgart doesn't have this much cars.

ramar492 : I want a black collection

krabbenschubser : Looks incredibly similar to Ralph Lauren’s red Ferrari Collection 🤔

Stu047 : "Museum environment"? - It looks more like a private Porsche library or a closed gallery than a museum. Beautiful collection of course but I find myself asking why is the collection "super-secret"? ...and who actually gets to see this display in person? Close friends? VIPs? Journalists? It's a bit sad that so few will actually ever get a chance to see the art that is in that room. The collection is missing a Singer 911; it's definitely worthy!

NESherv : The amount of negative comments is simply staggering. I cannot understand how people are complaining about these cars not being driven. My money says that they are absolutely driven regularly; we just didn't see it happening in this short film (probably to help conceal the location). The way these cars are built, they actually need to be taken out frequently. Otherwise, the seals will dry up and the fluids will go bad. Also, would you rather see these sitting out in a field, or being preserved with the utmost museum-level care that they deserve?

Samson518 : O.C.D. Stanley Kubrick would approve.

HitDaLick : Carrera Gt and 918 spyder looks sooo good in white

1320video : WHAT! An all white collection!?!? I'm in heaven, I must visit this! <3

AN D1 : This is UNREAL, this guy is holding the past and the future of Porsche carrying all this to the future. Would love to visit this place

Nick Hanson : Jesus, drive them!

saint laurent : To everyone saying drive them; He literally mentions that it’s a “museum” That’s like telling the louvure museum to take out Mona Lisa to play with it I bet he has some Porsche’s that he drives at home, but he’s obviously trying to preserve the cars as art, so stop being so brain dead lmao

Stootsie von Salzburg : ..they dont't stand out with white walls! They need contrast.. but not black!!!

mplewp : If civilisation falls . and aliens find this , then atleast their impression of mankind would be great x)

MRMichael Lepp : I will find & visit this place before I die.

Łukasz Skrzat : Imagine total insurance cost :) Sadly this cars probably will never see sun anymore :(

Bondy : Collecting is ☝️ thing......Driving them is where they are worth their weight in gold👍🇦🇺

1ls376 : "Good Day Mr. Bond"

J. Martinni : I really like the idea of a sort of extensive archive or 'preservatory' of everything Porsche, especially such a nice and clean one, but... at the same time it's sad to see so many great cars not getting used for what they were built for.

Barsa F : Do you mind if I live in that building for a couple of weeks?

Mr Gunslinger : While you struggle to pay for a nice meal at a restaurant...

Humour : i especially liked that white one

Gareth : You need a "Flachbau" (flat nose) 930!

George Gagishvili : WOW Fantastic, what an amazing collection and idea of displaying! Where is this collection, can it be visited? White GT1 is missing there! Definitely must be added.

S.walker : it's got a Clockwork Orange kinda vibe, strange but oddly satisfying.

TINGTING TING : I am looking forward to a black collection.

Chris Frank : The idea is to preserve these beauties and the history. Stop crying about “why don’t you drive them blah blah”

Joseph Pole : Amazing collection but needs a white 928GTS

Andrew Clelland : Didn't see a 928?... or did I miss it? Also, why have beautiful smooth gimbal footage mixed with horrible shaky hand held???... just does not work together - as a film maker you stick to one or the other ;)

Alex Jones : 1:17 RED TRACTOR

Borg Drone : and not 1

Garage928 : I probably could contribute a 928 in white, low mileage if there is not one already in the collection

Jesus Christ : What No Boxsters?! 😀

K03sport : Cool, but not cool. Money? More specifically, who and where does it come from? You can't have a mystery museum w/dozens of high-priced and very valuable cars, not to mention the upkeep and daily bills, w/o some sort of revenue stream. Do people get invited to this place? Do they have to pay an admission fee as part of that privilege? I like museums and/or preservation sites, but it is a shame that these are socked away in some building, somewhere that just sit and rarely get to see the light of day for others to enjoy. I wonder if the tires are as old as the cars they sit on...if so, maybe it is a good idea they aren't driven as we don't need another "Paul Walker" incident. I like the posters and I"m trying to do that, on a smaller scale, by clipping all of the Porsche adds out of old car magazines I have from the '90s and early 2000s to make a poster collage to hang in the garage.

Sr.Splittington : Morgan Freeman should have voiced over this....

Porsche Collector : I've been few times a part of looking for cars for this collection. It's truly amazing, however I still have one porsche they would love to have 😉

Track Prep Explained : Storm troopers just called, they want there cars back. Awesome collection, I'm glad this place exists

DerpEye : judjing from the cables under the cars, every car is maintained in running order i guess.

Angelica Cushing : I want to fart in there.

FTLAUD 911 : Wow....what an amazing collection. That would be a cool job to have. I like white cars, but color is the spice of life. Imagine if they were all rare colors instead. That Carrera RSR left me speechless.