Welsh National Anthem just before Wales beat England 30 - 3.Saturday 16th march 2013

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Leo Taylor Welsh patriot : Words can not describe my patroicy to Wales. I fucking love wales and that night was the best night of my life.Come on Wales

John Jones : Why is the English anthem so much worse than the other home nations

embe1 : Am blown away. Am not Welsh btw but this is hands down magnificent. I have always thought that the Welsh anthem is the finest in the world and this rendition, the first time I ever heard the anthem or even knew that Wales has an anthem, is the best. I actually feel an upwelling of emotion for a country that is not even my own.

Macker : Im shivering watching this. And im Irish

IJJosh : So proud to be Welsh :D

justsophE : I lOVE being Welsh!

dyl phillips : ALWAYS PROUD TO BE WELSH!

Sam Jenkins : As an Englishman i'd sooner forget this day BUT the Welsh deserved their win. they're having a rough time in rugby at the moment but the heart of wales will always be in rugby CYMRU AM BYTH!

Barney Paws : The best I have ever heard it sung before or since. That's what it means to be welsh

Tenby : From a Wallaby supporter. The Welsh anthem is greater than any...

Mat : They even managed a harmony. A stadium managed a harmony. Outstanding

Alex0749 : When a team, the stadium public and an entire people sing together like that, with so much enthusiasm and such power, that team cannot lose. Long live to Wales. A French rugby fan.

justsophE : the best anthem in the world! ❤❤❤

britishbeefdaf : Anyone who says Welsh is a dead language should see this.

Duncan Williamson : Nobody sings their national anthem at sporting events like the Welsh. I listen to this over and over and I am English!!

RankingRobert : worlds best anthem! greetings from austria

JordsWales 96 : I wasn't in the stadium that day but I was in Cardiff shopping and I could hear it from Inside St David's Shopping centre...i started welling up. CYMRU AM BYTH

Al Bundy : Fuck me. There's not a Welsh bone in my body but the atmosphere and the passion of this anthem is inescapable. Mad respect to the Welsh. Keep that Celtic bard tradition alive.

Emmerdale lover edits : The anthems need to be like this again ❤

JUST DRIVE : As a proud Englishman i will admit this is the best Anthem on the Planet. It's amazing

Tony bell : Now, THIS is how every anthem should be sang.

IJJosh : So proud to be Welsh :D

19dec1981 : 1:12 arshole alert. somebody make a meme with that

magmatic chunk : I can imagen all the English there like ".............Oh shit"

William Llwyn : An anthem about its people and the land they are from it be north,east,south or west. Not an anthem about imperialism or its monarchy. Cymru rydd! May the old language live on!

Schmidty the Kid : And here in the states we have some Ms. #1 on the Billboard Chart to butcher our national anthem. Sing it as a Nation just like this every time!!!

Some Nobody : I can't stop listening to this. A choir of 80 thousand singing to perfection. Life changing.

punkstarbear : mae hen wlad fy nhadi yn annywl i mi gwlad beirdd a chantorion en wogion o fri ei gwrol rhyfelwyr gwladgarwyr tra mad tros ryddyd collasant ei gwaed gwlad gwlad! pleidiol wyf ym gwlad tra mor yn fyr eu byr hof bau o byddyd yr hen iadd bar hau This land of my fathers is dear to me Land of poets and singers, and people of stature Her brave warriors, fine patriots Shed their blood for freedom Land! Land! I am true to my land! As long as the sea serves as a wall for this pure, dear land May the language endure for ever.

jake thomas : War music

Silvio Barbero : I'm Italian and I consider the welsh anthem the best in the world, it gives me goosebumps every time. Simply magnificent.

Meengineer100 : No other anthem will ever beat this. This has got to be the best one on youtube.

Michael Mitchell : I'm an Irishman who would give blood for Wales. 💪💪❤

Scott Herd : As a Scot, I wish we had a song anywhere near as good as this. Best anthem in the world, by a million miles. Flower of Scotland is a strong song, with a powerful message, but this anthem blows it out the water. Incredibly passionate, powerful and meaningful song.

Micky Flange : As an Englishman who has studied in Wales, I am proud to say I am British because of good people like the welsh.

TheHotrod017 : Obviously I love the Irish national anthem but I always liked the Welsh anthem...Some passion

Stooshy157 : as a proud Scot, i can honestly sit here & say this is the greatest version of any national anthem I have ever heard. so much passion!!

contee12345 : The welsh bring so much passion to his anthem it gives me goosebumps that's from a proud Englishman as well FairPlay to the Welsh even in football Cardiff and Swansea are class

Jodi Forrester : Best national anthem ive ever heard outwith my own countrys. Im scottish. The welsh only slightly tops the republic of irelands anthem. Best three around

Adam Allison : No political statement here, hands down the best anthem in the world Regards Your celtic cousins Scotland

steven cellugi : Who needs a Haka when you have this. When whole nation sings for you, you don't need anything but only courage, this song looks bring courage to players.

Matt Saunders : From America, we admire your national unity. It is something we are currently lacking and I can only respect a moment like this.

mbar180180 : As a scotmans am proud to be welsh.

Tenby : Damn what a anthem!!

Meir Wise : My mother was Welsh and this is one of the greatest anthems in the world. I'm English but this makes me shiver with emotion.

Peeled Apples : These lads played a belter yesterday. Congrats from Scotland! <3 Wales

Jahn Beukes : Absolutely hair raising. Respect from the Springboks.

Paulo Carvalho : Respect from Portugal!! Beautiful anthem for this beautiful country!

kelly phipps : i am proud to be welsh

Angie June Pistols : I came to live in Wales when I was 18, and fell in love with this country. I love hearing this anthem. Well ... I'm still terrible at speaking Welsh but I'm trying !

John Parry : My favourite rendition of Fy Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. It always sounds off balance when it's sung by professionals, by soloists. It was written to be sung by the voice of the common people who are singing it because it is who they are. Everybody should carry the words of their ancestors when they breathe out, that's what makes breathing in so enjoyable. My heart, my people, my land. J. R. R. Tolkien - "Welsh is of this soil, this island, the senior language of the men of Britain; and Welsh is beautiful."