Welsh National Anthem just before Wales beat England 30 - 3.Saturday 16th march 2013

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Duncan Williamson : Nobody sings their national anthem at sporting events like the Welsh. I listen to this over and over and I am English!!

Paul Allen : An Englishman ere. Best Anthem in the world. better than the dirge we have.

John Walton : A rough translation from the Welsh here: Dear England, If you think You can come here to Cardiff to Wales And win a Grand Slam On our patch Like it's just another game of rugby... We're terribly sorry But you are very much mistaken Regards, Wales

\\ veezus : There is no sweeter sound than a packed Millenium singing the Welsh national anthem at full pelt with the roof closed! Coming from an Englishman!

gem stone : As an All Black supporter this is the greatest anthem in world rugby. I hope to travel to Wales and hear this prior to a Wales v NZ test match. My only regret is I'll never hear it sung at Cardiff Arms Park.

Mat : They even managed a harmony. A stadium managed a harmony. Outstanding

JUST DRIVE : As a proud Englishman i will admit this is the best Anthem on the Planet. It's amazing

Stuart alba : I'm Scottish but believe me I listen too this often an it stirs ma fucking blood...

Schalker Knappe : great anthem ! that gives me the creeps. ( Klasse Nationalhymne ! Da bekomme ich Gänsehaut ! ) greetings from germany :)

magmatic chunk : I'm surprised there's so many non Welsh people in the comments it just really makes me proud to be welsh

RankingRobert : worlds best anthem! greetings from austria

Angie June Pistols : I came to live in Wales when I was 18, and fell in love with this country. I love hearing this anthem. Well ... I'm still terrible at speaking Welsh but I'm trying !

19dec1981 : 1:12 arshole alert. somebody make a meme with that

Al Bundy : Respect from the United States.

eksadiss : My family is from Wales(born in canada) and I got to watch this game live in an Irish pub in cambodia with an english buddy I met a few days earlier. This was the first rugby game I ever watched and loved it.

ugh : we are dragons, hear us roar! i miss singing the anthem in the stadium, need to go see live rugby again soon :(

Clark Renney - Actor : I am an Englishman from Essex, and yet, every time I hear this anthem I have a lump in my throat. It's one of the very Greatest National Anthems, deeply moving...

SumoRugby : I'm a rugby fan from a non rugby country and THIS is exactly why I'm a supporter of Wales in rugby. It was a dream come true for me to see a 6 Nations game at the Principality and I still have goosebumps all over when I recall hearing the anthem live, sung by tens of thousands. This video brings back the memories. Now I don't understand a single word of that beautiful anthem, but I think I can see the message in the faces of the players. Those guys love their country and are proud of it. And despite the centuries of oppression, their language is still alive.

embe1 : Am blown away. Am not Welsh btw but this is hands down magnificent. I have always thought that the Welsh anthem is the finest in the world and this rendition, the first time I ever heard the anthem or even knew that Wales has an anthem, is the best. I actually feel an upwelling of emotion for a country that is not even my own.

DerfelCadarn56 : So beautiful... I'm crying right now. Cymru Am Byth!!From a breton brother across the Sea ;)

Liam Farrell : The only stadium full of people that can sound like a choir is a Welsh one, beautiful singers.

Ian Wilson : This could be the anthem of any country. The first verse and chorus don't mention Wales at all. Its beauty and strength are its call to 'we who are together'. The brothers and sisters. It doesn't call for the crushing of anyone else. It says - this is my land and this is why I love it - for its poets and singers and brave warriors for freedom. Any country would want to believe that. It is the anthem of my people, Y Cymry, and it means all they mean to me. Brave, tenacious and kind. For 1600 years the story goes the English and Welsh have battled. But really you are us and we are you. Cymraeg - the Welsh language - is the language of this land - it has been here since time immemorial. And it will still be here long after me (and you). Ry'n ni yma o hyd. Er gwaetha' pawb a phopeth ry'n ni yma o hyd. Forget labels - it's your language too even if you think of yourself as English. It belongs to the land. And you can learn it. (You know you want to) Bydd yr iaith Gymraeg yma ay y dydd olaf. Cymru am byth.

Cunning Stunt : As an Englishman, I want a national anthem like this, and Flower of Scotland, to be proud of. God Save The Queen is utterly dreadful and embarrassing.

Nils Tebbe : what a fantastic anthem greetings from Germany

The Wild Radnor : I will always remember this game! Pub was packed to the rafters, every single Welshman and woman belting out the anthem full of belief that our team would win! But we didn’t expect Wales to give England the drumming they got, the room was bouncing! One of the best nights of my life and one I will never forget so long as I live! #CymruAmByth

Elmo. : Bloke at 1:12 ruined it for me.

JordsWales 96 : I wasn't in the stadium that day but I was in Cardiff shopping and I could hear it from Inside St David's Shopping centre...i started welling up. CYMRU AM BYTH

Michael Ramsay : As an Englishman you have hands down the most stirring and beautiful national anthem in all creation :)

like2surf : Best anthem in the world and I'm Irish.

Meir Wise : My mother was Welsh and this is one of the greatest anthems in the world. I'm English but this makes me shiver with emotion.

Tony Griff : Will never forget this day EVER - Wales had to win against a strong England Team by 7 points which was going to be a tough task (no chance I said, will be pleased to just snatch a win) - The Roof was closed and that Anthem belted out like I had never heard before - it brought a tear in my eye and I had belief - we can do this I said - The rest is history as they say - The passion of the crowd that day - no one would have beat Wales.

Silvio Barbero : I'm Italian and I consider the welsh anthem the best in the world, it gives me goosebumps every time. Simply magnificent.

Anne Kullegaard Andreasen : "O bydded i´r hen iaith barhau" . Må dette smukke sprog aldrig blive glemt. Xxx from Denmark

Gavin Wilson : If ever I learned Welsh, this would be the main drive to master the language, it's simply the most beautiful and astounding songs ever sung. My dad sang in a Male Voice Choir, I wish my voice was as have as good, this simply brings me to tears of love and respect. #SaorAlbaGuBràth

Paulo Carvalho : Respect from Portugal!! Beautiful anthem for this beautiful country!

Tenby : From a Wallaby supporter. The Welsh anthem is greater than any...

Daisy Evelyn : Yn dod o rhywun sydd yn mynd i ysgol cymreag ac yn siarad y iaith trwyr amser gallaf dweud mae hyn dal i wneud i mi grio. ❤

Danny Williams : I'm English but quarter Welsh, I'll support these Welsh boys any day of the damn week CYMRU AM BYTH!!

Elmo. : Wow. I'm in tears.

Welsh and proud : anthem gorau'r byd. ffycin hyfryd. mae'r draserch bod Alyn Wyn Jones yn dangos yn ysbrydoledig. Cer mlaen i enill y cwpan y byd yn 2019 ac bydd y bechgyn pel droed yn enill cwpan y byd nhw yn 2018. Cymru am byth

Man Stuff : I have yet to find a more a passionate example of the Welsh national anthem. ( or any other anthem ). I am not a religous or particularly spiritual person, but I believe that there is an almost measurable connection amongst the people who stand and sing together with such passion and pride. I find it truely uplifting and thank the Welsh people, as this particular video makes me happy every time I watch it, and makes me proud to be part of the UK along side them. I'm English and we don't actually have our own national anthem.

Raymond Macon : I am an African-American man who had never heard "Land of My Fathers" sung before. A friend had recommended that I do so, saying that in the right setting hearing it sung would be an unforgettable experience. Having now done so, I understand a little more the great love the Welsh have for their native land and its history. Let me recommend to anyone who reads this that they listen to "Lift Every Voice and Sing" to understand something of the history of my people.


Scott Bowman : I'll get crucified for this as an Englishman, BUT it's truly the most inspiring national anthem there is. I'd run through brick walls or take on Giants with that vibrating through my heart. I wish it was the British national anthem (the part where I'm crucified!) obviously with the rest of the UK singing in English and a few words changed to fit the the entire island and UK. I can want all I want though.

Gaudd 1888 : From a Scot to our Celtic cousins, that is simply untouchable. You win.

Sam Jenkins : As an Englishman i'd sooner forget this day BUT the Welsh deserved their win. they're having a rough time in rugby at the moment but the heart of wales will always be in rugby CYMRU AM BYTH!

Boiled Octopus : No hostility from this Englishman. Welsh have always shown great fervour and good team play in their rugby. Proud to be on the same island as you!

Alex0749 : When a team, the stadium public and an entire people sing together like that, with so much enthusiasm and such power, that team cannot lose. Long live to Wales. A French rugby fan.

Adam Allison : No political statement here, hands down the best anthem in the world Regards Your celtic cousins Scotland

Barney Paws : The best I have ever heard it sung before or since. That's what it means to be welsh