The Great Escape to Oslo: rescued from vacayfail

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johnkiou : So you're trying to tell me that going to Oslo with all expenses paid, free guides, and the deputy mayor to take you around restaurants MIGHT be a slightly better experience than the Louvre on the worst day of the year? Okay. Duly noted.

Michela Simoncini : Please rescue me! Florence is crowded, too ;)

Amber Ave : Having a horrible time in the United States, Oslo please rescue me!

snoozieboi : Stuck in trondheim for 18 years, help!

TheunknownMan : Wow, what a great and simple marketing idea and what a lovely movie! I love Norway anyways and since my first and only trip to Norway so far I can't live without Brunost anymore, even that I have to import it everytime ;) I definitely want to go back soon, so much more to see and do!

Ashlee Sinclair : Awesome video! Sam and Marela look like they had an awesome time :-)

Lisa Jackson : Wow! What a great video bringing up some amazing beautiful memories of this summer for us! Love you and Oslo! Confirming Thanksgiving dinner here and dance party Saturday night at the Jacksons? Invite your friends please.

shanojebs : "my name is Aksel"... as in... Foley? (loving Highasakite as the background music)

Yoans45 : I think that Oslo is a great place. I live om Norway too. I know for a fact that they had a lovely time. But the other cact I know is that Oslo is EXPENSIVE. So I can imagine that they didn't pay for any of it.

Christopher Springmann : Oh, yes, PLEASE, rescue me in Portland OR, quickly! Beautiful spot, great concept, pulled off . . . nicely!

Silver : I really like the Scandinavian countries, and I've never really seen much of the architecture -which is honestly one of my favorite things about going to other places. The buildings.- I've been saving with one of my friends so we can go through Denmark and up to Oslo, -and a few other places in Norway- then over to Sweden, and I do think that out of the three countries we're probably going to spend the most time in Norway.

Kyle Cousins : 0:42 - 0:48 Of course, because you know, you can trust everyone on the internet.

Alex Christian : The grafitti song is cracking me up lolol

Yska Arvihide : France is a third world country. No one with the right mind would go there. Why any Kiwi would consider France as part of a world trip is outright beguiling.

John Weller : is there by chance areas that are so contemporary or modernistic. i LOVE the old european look and i find modernism everywhere here in the us.

ttsk : Amazing video!!

Rodolfo Mercader : If I buy plane tickets to Oslo, will you plan the rest of my vacation and surprised me Visit OSLO?

Thien Tran : Free vacation?!! OMG! I NEED IT

Trikplay : Im from Norway🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴❤️🇳🇴🇳🇴

viola sobczak : Zenek martyniuk

I Like Google Plus : I was your 1000th subscriber! Congrats, I loved the time I had in Oslo. Ps. My sister is a successful travel blogger, you should take her, otherwise she might keep thinking Sweden is better

Rob Barrett : In other news, the kidnapping crisis of young couples across New Zealand have been skyrocketing due to Kiwis unnatural trust of random people online to provide them with trips and "good times" in other countries 0:42.

Stella Cardenas : Im going soon

MarkD1159 : I think I'd be terrified to go to Norway, or any of those other locations. It's so cold there even in the summer, and I don't speak the language at all. I think I'll just stay safe at home and watch videos. :)