Spontaneous Jam: I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)

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After an amazing show at Ocean Java Coffee House, AJ Rafael, Albert Posis, Cathy Nguyen, Kathleen Badar, Michael Carreon & other YouTube/blogTV kids headed over to Super Sergio's, where an epic night of spontaneous jamming took place...

Comments from Youtube

MrAnkodaisuki : I love things like this. Wish I'd been there.

Donald Jonathan Gomez : That's great... Really great.... 90s boybands were the best... Bsb❤️ Greetings from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

FantasyNotes : Love it :)

rhadz neverever : I enjoyed ^_^

Smurf Mgurff : Wonderful!!

dewinmoonl : DAT haromony!!! Right on!

david couto : Bem sao os melhores ou o melhor muito bem

HitomiAizeru : A few of the artists had performed at a concert earlier. We (artists and audience members) just all ended up running into each other at a very popular mexican food place afterwards so we decided to sing.

Natedoginva : They be hating over yonder. xD

Fernando Moritoshi : awesome!

Ardz Lee : bwahaha.. laUgh 3p..!! LOL

valahogy : Spontaneous my ass

Rohit Kumar : i can hear this song full day continously.. Thanx for presenting such a nice video.. This is why youtube is meant for..

Amber Glenn : I only watched this a million times. Ya know, no big deal.

thedisneygirl1234 : I don't know who this is, but i do know that the music industry needs more people like this guy. Maybe then contemporary music wouldn't be in the toilet right now.

Magnus Andersen : Is that Megan Nicole in the background?

ridacia sananta : ILY AJ!!! <3

Lauren Vock : ohmygosh that looks like so much fun(:

VeganMachine : What guitar is that? Anyone know?

Madel Anonuevo : i heard the voice of jasmine.. LOL.. so cool..

Carl Gonzales : im so jealous of how much fun you guys are having):

thedisneygirl1234 : That was seriously SO FUNNY!!! 2:24 i spit out my food. And all of the different voices he does is hilarious. And when he does the high parts and all the runs. The best part about it is that he still sounds amazing whatever he's doing. This guy is EXTREMELY talented!

Reid Hershel : it remembered me of glee. you're all great.

evgeniabb : Super cool!!!!!! I wanna be part of you guys!!!!

maryvicblack : invite me to one of those! XD I'm making my frieds seriously sing this just for fun.

d3v2011 : I fucking love this!!!!!!!

lanceherogame : magaling!

rafadepollo : and for those who say aj can't sing, aj rafael rules, one of the best vocals i've ever heard.

Star Saefong : Oh my god.. I wanna do this one day.

MsRockstella : this is hott!! Love it :) From NZ xx

Tiffany Tong : lmfaooooooooooo the end

Ryan : 2 people dont know which way they want it

Rafatobass : What guitar is this??

dcttn : LOLLOLOLOL, I keep rewatching this! <3

Rapunzel Adams : Omg I lovee it u guys were having mad fun

bboyxchristian : whoever sang the harmony at 1:14 is brilliant.

puzixiang : really love how music connects to ppl and unites them.. such a nice spirit in this video

Juan Sebastián Ocampo Ospina : like that guitarrrrrrrr.....♥

jose r : why the fuck dont i have friends like this?!

EhRangel4lfe : @iggsta11 The guy who walked out during the song.

iggsta11 : who is the idiot that disliked this vid

Satan. S. : wow thats a long time ago i have heard a backstreet boys song. omg i loved them lol

Alba Miranda : 2:34 ...priceless lol

Ithinktheref0reIam12 : "Yes I knowwwww" loooool you guys are awesome <3

Nico Barow : cool nice

MASTERILOCANO : may pinoy ba jan sa inyo?

Nicole Wise : Who is the one dumbass that disliked this video!? This is amazing! This IS music... friends coming together is what makes it so.

INA ALMERO : this looks really fun..:)

jonald flores : filipino styl