Spontaneous Jam: I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)

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MrAnkodaisuki : I love things like this. Wish I'd been there.

HitomiAizeru : A few of the artists had performed at a concert earlier. We (artists and audience members) just all ended up running into each other at a very popular mexican food place afterwards so we decided to sing.

Joyce E. : awesome that was so funny

bboyxchristian : whoever sang the harmony at 1:14 is brilliant.

Donald Jonathan Gomez : That's great... Really great.... 90s boybands were the best... Bsb❤️ Greetings from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

limbotemp : @jalbatros I "think" it's Roxanne from Rin on the Rox, not super sure though.

rhadz neverever : I enjoyed ^_^

Lauren Vock : ohmygosh that looks like so much fun(:

Lendl San Jose : no freakin way. i totally went to the bay too early =\

Jhon Romero : KidzBop 2008 Super sergio!!

Muni Ng : lol that was cool. I heard some people harmonizing too.

Chris : I felt like I got to peak in on a moment that everyone there will remember the rest of their lives.

Smurf Mgurff : Wonderful!!

Dikay Nguyen : i watched this 10times or more today xD i wish i had a friend like aj or to be like aj ^^ having the power to spread the love of music is great. watching him enjoy music's making me enjoy it too ! ♥

kawaiidim : I wish I live there. :( They look lyk they're having so much fun in every video that they made. I LOVE all of you, u guyz r so talented.

samwrestle : This was AWESOME, haha. nice video

Amber Glenn : I only watched this a million times. Ya know, no big deal.

goshNICOLE : -_- fail on my part for not going due to a curfew. jfioeja;fjieowa

Tracy Perez : i miss the 90s :)

VeganMachine : What guitar is that? Anyone know?

dcttn : LOLLOLOLOL, I keep rewatching this! <3

mwahaha2lol : haha! totally love this! XD

jspekbb6 : who ever is videotaping or standing next person video taping that was singing at 2:06 got a sweet ass voice

thedisneygirl1234 : That was seriously SO FUNNY!!! 2:24 i spit out my food. And all of the different voices he does is hilarious. And when he does the high parts and all the runs. The best part about it is that he still sounds amazing whatever he's doing. This guy is EXTREMELY talented!

thedisneygirl1234 : I don't know who this is, but i do know that the music industry needs more people like this guy. Maybe then contemporary music wouldn't be in the toilet right now.

Ithinktheref0reIam12 : "Yes I knowwwww" loooool you guys are awesome <3

Danilo C. : very good! muito bom

Fernando Moritoshi : awesome!

jonald flores : filipino styl

Tüt Torö : wow :) want to play it 2 but i cant play so hard like u :]

Tiffany Tong : lmfaooooooooooo the end

rafadepollo : and for those who say aj can't sing, aj rafael rules, one of the best vocals i've ever heard.

Kyra Liemburg : Hahahaha 2:24 xD I love it !!

RtdRaymond : this is still awesome every time i watch it!

Chris Lechnar : ha, well at least most of them ;)

iVo Jedson : LOL i wish my friends and i were like this

FantasyNotes : Love it :)

Cindy Styles : This is awesome ! ;D LOL , he checks out the girl that passes by (; aha ,

lovewontchange : guhhh. i kind of really want to be friends with you guys. spontaneous jamming all zee timee!

iggsta11 : who is the idiot that disliked this vid

Rodrigo Santos Draggo : Hahaha muito bom esse vídeo, me diverti muito assistindo. Like, like.

Satan. S. : wow thats a long time ago i have heard a backstreet boys song. omg i loved them lol

Star Saefong : Oh my god.. I wanna do this one day.

Guillermo Archieri : 👏👏👏👏you are a best jaja

Kristmundur : great! great guitar player and you are funny,open and great voice you have! good job! more like this

Kristmundur : Yo! Aj ? you have an amazing voice ! i been looking at all your videos or the most of them and you do THIS song BEST ! to this again please and alone and i gotta say that part 2:03-2:06 is catchy and GREAT and everything else ! good job

d3v2011 : I fucking love this!!!!!!!

Alba Miranda : 2:34 ...priceless lol

3301Kim : niiicee! :)

Victor Ribeiro : Perfeito rapaz, ao mesmo tempo você toca e canta muito bem, meus parabéns!!! Saudações do Brasil!!