Izuku Midoriya - Genius Color and Costume Design (My Hero Academia)

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xancer47 : your... alive?

Danail Nikolov : i like your videos

Darkion : The eiditing gooshhh... so good

Sindbad : Now I can wait for 4 month again :^)

Danail Nikolov : nice

Athomica [DE] : only 2 views?!?!! Ur way underrated

Seen Lord : I remember i met this channel because of "tuturuu"..... This must be the choice of steins gate.

Seen Lord : And also bnhma's fans are green..... Minded

Dark Magician : You think Luffy was made to stand out? Guess what? Every protagonist is. Have you even read one piece? Luffy has the most bleak design out of all shounen characters, including Midoriya, you showed him with an outfit he hasn't even wore. He literally wears sandals, a straw hat, shorts with a shirt and just has black hair, all this suggest that he's a nobody and just any other pirate.

Shubham Burman : The editing and your voice is soooo satisfying to watch.