The Peel: "I Ate A Burger Off The Ground" By Lydia Thomas

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Nick C : At the end of the day, we all eat a burger off the ground ❤️ #Unity #Equality #Peace #Badbeef

Icynibba : This is the society we live in. We let poor women eat burgers off the ground, whilst we men eat pizzas from roofs. Patriarchy is actually disgusting, we really live in a society

Serhat Karabeyli : 20% Woman 80% hookworms 100% reason to remember the windex

Lindle : how very brave for her to come out and tell her heartbreaking story to the world

RJ Walker : There are, I'm sure, a lot of slam poets out there who are like "this is rediculous over the top satire. That's not what slam really is." but I been in the game a while now. And I've been to a lot of bad open mics. This isn't too far off the mark. In fact, it's better. And this is becoming my favorite channel.

A Skeleton that is both Spooky and Scary : Powerful stuff. So young, so brave.

bs : lmao is the crowd clap-snapping their fingers ?

Poop Poo : It do be like that sometimes...

N.obody Sevenhundred : A superior song to all this modern hip hop music created by these youngsters, finally a song that speaks to us poor old people who had to do so during the depression after the Nazis blew up the nations coin collection in a scheme to defeat the Atlantis/America treaty.

Kate Rañoco : "One whopper, hold the ground" i was so inspired

Cyka Blyat : Yes I too am 20% woman and 80% hookworm. You are not alone in your struggle. Stay strong my parasitic sister.

Superstrength Porygon : Better than actual slam poetry.

James Muller : You can tell she’s had a very hard life. I’m so inspired she was able to overcome the hardships of the burger that resembled her family’s past. She over came it. She shat 30 pounds of hardship out. She is a true hero

Natalie Alfera : The last thing you’d want in your Burger King burger is some hookworms

The Enchanted Mango : This video is so powerful... I’m holding back tears...

We are already dead Fam : 20% women, 80% hookworms.

radchoco : She ate the foot lettuce

AnimationlyTV : A true hero

Burnt Feridgerator : Clickhole, Patriothole, The Peel, that one show where he explains towels and teeth, I love you so much with your educational content

Kate Rañoco : *tHe burger found me* **cries**

This guy : What, it’s just an ordinary krabby-OH MY GOODNESS! _Squidward!_

Ben Tisdale : So inspiring...

austin penner : There needs to be a clickhole video on the burgerking lawsuit trial

flamingmonkays : *sniff* So beautiful...

Splat : Honestly it's come to the point where I can't tell if this is legitimate satire or an actual deep metaphor, and I am okay with that.

Jarod Moodley : So touching yet so inspiring at the same time ! It brought tears to my eye *OR* did it bring my eye to the tears ?

Tacos & Gold Chainz : You obviously have no taste in a good burger. I dont know anyone who eats off the ground lol hope they paid you well for this so u dont have to eat food off the ground dude lol

painedumonde : I accept you.

Erika G. : This is so powerful, this woman is so brave to share her story

Fist of the World King : What apeeling literature from our bright minds.

Terry L : Good thing she wasn't in a tunnel and found a sub sandwich. She'd still be in the hospital. Everybody knows windex doesn't work on GMO's!!

omnitrix1992 : I guess she doesn't like ground beef hamburgers...

Kevin Hawkins : Hello, my name is the bad burger beef on the ground

Chad Mojito : this is so great Alexa play Salmonella

Doctor Medkit : I feel like Clickhole is making content that appeals to an audience of 1. Me. I feel like Clickhole is making videos that I like and everyone else on the planet hates. And that makes me happy.

I Like Turtle's : The crowd clicking their fingers had me.

Yuan Tronz : This is why we need socialism...... like Venezuela, everyone is starving.

Stanley The Talking Grapefruit : This parody is spot on. Those touchy feely snowflakes always talk this way when they do this so called "slam poetry". It's not impressive or artistic. Repeat sentence structures, pause, raise voice, pause, repeat stuff quieter, dramatic pause while staring at crowd.

Sam Ivy : I used to hate slam poetry until I saw this

Garbhan McEnoy : thank you for this. i marinate all of my food in mouthwash before i eat it, but i still get salmonella on a daily basis. but its okay, because now i know there are more out there like me. thank you

George Wang : She should have bashed that burger against the goddamn RADIATOR!!

H H : Where are those sellout politicians that are supposed to be fighting for people like her. They're all in the pockets of Big Burger.

The.Fiddl3r : She looks 12

Ruprect Jameson : Thank you! I’m glad somebody had the nerve to say the truth- Nesu Aghuedureture is the savior of the world and all will obey it

eltiolavara9 : We live in a society...

Chris News : girl ! if you eat rubbish is not our problem :)

LazloDaLlama : This is my favorite TED Talks.

RyTher : But did you eat the burger's peel though

SoulSukkur : It's a much better experience if you snap along with the audience.

Caxton : I hope I can use this for the poetry out loud competition next year, it’s truly a powerful and moving poem