Tommy Wiseau’s “The Dark Knight” (Nerdist Presents)

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Sharp Design : Your facial hair looks familiar....Oh, hi Mark

RUSTYMON : I did not hit Dant, I did not!!... oh hi Batman!

Robert Baur : you're tearing me apart Batman!!!

Angus Lamont : Am I the only one that found Tommy to be genuinely disturbing in this? He’d make a great Joker I think.

Léger De Main : Honestly, Tommy would be very effective as an antagonist in a silence of the lamb-ish kind of movie.

SmithDanigans[THoM] : "The scars... the makeup... the custom suit, I mean... what's going on here?"

Trash Daddy : Tommy did pretty good actually wtf

Bradlee Williams : He actually delivered some of those lines pretty well...I’m kinda impressed. He makes a pretty decent Joker😳bravo

Kabuki Jo : the guy playing batman was awful but tommy wasnt bad

ScarletSiren : Greg has to be the only person that could do this with Tommy and not laugh uncontrollably every time he opens his mouth.

Caddicarus : What's with the hate on Sestero's Batman here? This whole thing is so clearly a joke, and his mockery of the Bale voice is perfect (those pauses are incredible). These two compliment each other beautifully. In a terrible and brilliant way. At the same time. I love this.

Josh Michael : "All these civilized people, they will eat eachother. Just like that, boom."

THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. : Tommy's actually a genuine Joker.

Insomniac Maniac : Tommy Wiseau’s Joker beats Jared Leto’s Joker

INSOMNIA : F*ck! O_o ... he looks pretty f*cking convincing as the Joker. Seriously! Facial expressions are ... O_O hahahah.. maniacal!! If he just work on his body language, I CHOOSE HIM OVER LETO ANYTIME!

atomicdancer : Baht-man's not good - he's just a chicken, cheep-chip-chip-chip cheep-cheep

Albert Gongora : All right I won't lie I could see Tommy Wiseau playing The Joker but if he was better with his acting and cleared up his acts in a little bit because he has a look for it not going to lie but he's not really good when it comes to acting I think that's the only downfall to it

TonyWang : Tommy Wiseau’s Joker is Best Joker Ever. Again Better than DCEU Joker.

AcidDome : Holy shit. Tommy Wiseau as Joker is actually good. Who would've thunk it?

pipi dog : Still better than Jared Leto's Joker

BroScouts : hahaha, funny story Bruce

WarPoodle 2600 : Yaaaaaaasss! I know this was meant to be a joke. But Tommy's genuine crazy makes for a fantastic Joker. Hell even his impossible to place accent and natural awkwardness just adds to a uniquely creepy Joker vibe. It's the same reason why Jack Nicholson was a great joker Ledger too. Just naturally crazy in a way. It's something in the eyes that can't be faked. And Tommy has even more of the crazy in my opinion. Casting people should take notice! Lol even his RL story around The Room "The Disaster Artist" reads like something the Joker would do for fun.

kakashi hatake : If he was actually acting serious this could actually work really well

Mohammad Chaichi : Tommy's Joker is even madder than Ledger's! But-men has his work cut out for him...

Devine Interventions : What if... what if The Room is just the origin story to The Joker?!?! What if the whole movie is his only memory of who he was and what led to him becoming who he is? Maybe that's why it's so weird and disjointed and doesn't make any sense. The Room isn't a bad movie after all, it's a look inside the mind of a mad man!

Strawbury Dame : Is anyone else getting odd Cesar Romero vibes here?

Luke S. : *Tfw Batman's delivery is worse than Tommy Wiseau's.*

Kelvin : Okay hear me out... Out there personality, weird accent... would Tommy Wiseau actually make a decent Hugo Strange?

Purika : lmao. I'm cringing from Batman's voice. It's like a teenager's voice or a lesbian's 1:20

MrMario2011 : I'd watch a remake of The Dark Knight with these two.

Methos : Did Tommy Wiseau just out-act the guy who plays BATMAN? Oh my god.. Tommy Wiseau is growing on me, this is perfect "realism-acting".

Ray Zhong : Tommy's Joker: You wanna know how I got these scars? My future wife was a drinker, and a f(r)iend. And one night she went off crazier than usual. She said I hit her. She said she didn't love me anymore. I didn't like that. I. Did. Nahht. So, me watching, she took her stuff downstairs, laughing while she left me. I turned to her and said, "Why? Lisa, why?" I destroyed my apartment. "Why? Why is this happening to me?" I stuck a gun in my mouth... "It's over. God forgive me." And... "Wiseau serious?" Based on this:

SatrapaTV : Tommy's weirdness only adds to the mystery that is the Joker.

mrbigsly : Am I the only one who think that this is would be interesting Jocker, because of his unreadable emotions and unhuman expressions?))

dimitreze : people talk about how bad Tommy is, but Greg Sestero is even worse

themightyflog : Wow I kind of feel really bad for Jared Leto. Jared Leto is officially the worst and ONLY bad Joker. This is crazy that Tommy Wiseau is better than Leto. But maybe cause he is actually quite weird in real life.

GoldenBadger : Tommy Wiseau is interesting. Not because of his acting (alone that is), but because he can add emotions to things that are considered non-emotional and at the same time take emotions from things that are considered emotional most of the time. Also, I like Tommy's Joker, it's more realistic and because Tommy is himself, he adds that real life goofiness to Joker as a character, that most actors have to ACT, Tommy does it naturally.

SuggaChuChu 13 : Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson would be proud. I sincerely enjoyed Wiseau's acting in this.

Gregg Perez : This was magnificent!! We need another standalone Joker movie with Tommy Wiseau! lol

Kuso : Tommy makes a genuinely good joker lol

SovietXred2 : I think he actually fits well for the role Nolan and Ledger wanted for the Joker in the Dark Knight movie as they wanted a realistic version of the character and someone as sociopathic, unpredictable and manic as the Joker would in reality act more like Tommy's adaptation than anyone's

Andy Alger : This Batman voice ... nearly ruins it. Than Tommy starts to talk, and it's saved .. back and forth ..ugh

Volcanic Dragon : Oh hi Bruce...

J. Dawood : They should definately make a dark knight parody with tommy

Sharp Design : I wonder if Tommy would do Joker with the "Badman" series. That would be an interesting crossover

Scott K : Man that batman was cringy.

Marsayde : “Don’t talk to me like one of them, you are NAAAAACHT”

Happy Hoovy : I did not kill her,i did not...oh hi Dent

RedHotSlik : The shitiest Batman impression ever

Frederick T Schurger : I've heard Tommy can't be directed, but someone got the performance of a lifetime out of him there!! Even if he matched pace with Heath Ledger's version, he did a stellar job here!! All the other "Joker" candidates can step aside, we have the Joker we need.