Tommy Wiseau’s “The Dark Knight” (Nerdist Presents)

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King Star : why dose the joker sound like a drunk version of christopher walken ahaa.

ras b : BUTT MAN have fun!

Tia Aaron : Weirdest part is Greg Sestro did a better job than Christian Bale.

Dueling Duelist Drew : the guy playing Batman was awful but Tommy wasn't bad

Smith Wesson : He's the Joker we deserve, just not the one we need right now...............ah screw it, I'm sold

Officer Flat Foot : You are little chicken cheep cheep cheep cheep

Smith Wesson : I can see it now "The Dark Knight: A Tommy Wiseau Film"

Smith Wesson : Imagine Tommy meeting the voice of animated Joker "Oh hi Mark!"

Alexander Linkowski : If only he could work on pronouncing words correctly he would make a great villain.

The Onion Cutter : 2:33 - 2:44 Best Part

Spider Jerusalem : Unironically Wiseau has improved his acting a lot since The Room.

TheUltra CouchPotatoVIII : Tommy Wiseau is a legend now.

B1SCOOP : Batman shouts like he's in library.


Atharv Sawant : Wtf batman

Say my Name : 2:40 he did well here too

stoneddj420 : Better than expected. Truly demented.

O. J. : Tommy is wierd by nature, maybe that's why he works as joker (if he had down syndrome).

Kaleb Ren : You're tearing me apart Batman!

RancidBathwater : Who else would legit watch this as the full film

Dame : Is anyone else getting odd Cesar Romero vibes here?

Shadow Marley : Nice try... is not even good but nice try

Vodkacannon : This sucks.

TheMovieDoctorful : Tommy makes for a weirdly tragic Joker. Like, when I watch his performance, I get the impression of a man who's completely broken. Who has nothing left to live for but the spreading of chaos and destruction. His delivery at 2:10-2:15 sounds so strangely tortured. I love this.


themightyflog : Wow I kind of feel really bad for Jared Leto. Jared Leto is officially the worst and ONLY bad Joker. This is crazy that Tommy Wiseau is better than Leto. But maybe cause he is actually quite weird in real life.

Lynx9156 : Chip chip chip

Ranger ! : Batman , cheep~chipchipchip

Mr Temporal : Actually, the theme of "it only takes one bad day" to drive a man insane ties into The Room pretty well

Mr Temporal : Oh hai Batman

hello yes : 2:40 genuinenly is scary goodness

nandosadi : 2:01 the original line ends “You think they will save you?” But Wiseau masterfully improvises a “No, they will not”, adding salt to the wound Batman is feeling right now and cleverly intensifying the tension in the scene.

Daniel Wieczorek : Qow cant wit xD

Testsubject276 : He'd make a great Joker tbh, sounds nonsensical but actually has a huge ass plan ready to go.

Inspirator : Now call Nolan to direct rooftop scene from The Room

Josh Michael : "All these civilized people, they will eat eachother. Just like that, boom."

Game Generation : 1:07 **Room flashbacks intensifies**

Whitney Baxter : "Your tearing me apart batman!"

Benjamin Lundbäck : Someone needs to give Tommy a chance in a decent movie to play some sort of lunatic

The Lover Boy : Oh hi Bruce.

THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. : Tommy's actually a genuine Joker.


Ugly Casanova : Buttman...haha....buttman. Oh Tommy.

Mikes channel : He really fits the part very well.

Emma Scott : you're garbage!! XD the way he says that

Methos : Did Tommy Wiseau just out-act the guy who plays BATMAN? Oh my god.. Tommy Wiseau is growing on me, this is perfect "realism-acting".

Curly Bird : Good job Tommy, oh hi mark ❤

Jason Bay : He is... Pretty terrible.

J Mont : That was genuinely amazing. Wiseau has that air of eccentricity that is required for a well-rounded Joker. And honestly if you say down and got him to do that take of the character for an animated series. It'd work wonders.

agelem : Those mobsters? Those, uh, fools?