Stray Dog Makes Epic Goal-Line Save In Third Tier Match In Argentina

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Everything Salty : Ballon dog

keegan773 : He's playing for Everton next week.

Jaidev Nair : David DoGea

Talia Mason : Great save by Sirius Black.

ZX T : First day of mid season transfer window: Goalkeeper transfer world record broken as Juventus pay $150 million for Black Dog from Argentina

Soham Banerjee : Can United swap Phil Jones for this dog?

Real_Deal29 : he shouldve played UCL final instead of Loris Karius :D :D :D :D

天吉Mark : i guess the other team was an underdog ;)

Hardik B : Now i know whos getting the ballon d'or next year

sehdhycyk fvnhgj : Dog >> neuer

Christopher Engish Eubank : Gianluigi Wuffon with a blinder.

Mike Castillo : Argentina should have picked the dog for their World Cup squad

Raval Rajesh : dog made a better save than Loris Karius 😂😂😂

mrbump28 : Better than *insert shit player here*

Divyansh Agarrwal : Bark andre ter stegen!!!

M A : Jose mourinho new defender

Fikri Mixer : The dog was a paid actor

Viral Videos : Probably just a Barka fan

cyril john : I've come here for the comments actually more than the video

Gavin Danaher : Alisson Barker does it again wondersave

Azreen Klose : The dog is better than Courtois of course......Real Madrid had make a terrible mistake.....😂😂😂😂😂

Mranswer2q : wtf? what are the chances

Abdullah Maqsood : Dog > Karius

FC Farcelona Gaming : A lot of dogs making saves this week.

Seth Rollins : Ballon d'og winner

Easy Company : Man United have just bid 65 million as they need a new centre back


Kyuketsuki 7 : He protec He attac But most importantly He saves le goal

1000 Subscribers With No Videos : Does anyone know this dogs agent we need him signed tomorrow morning

Chris Collas : Alisson Barker

Niranjan Naikwadi : Excellent save by Suarez 😎🔥

RC MESSI : What happened after that????,,,,

ECHOOFFICIAL.TV : Rating afer match: Goalkeeper - 5.5 Dog - 8.0 (player of match) ⭐️

Nikhil Naik : So the player of the match goes to the dog.

Matthew C : Hope the dog is still alive. Btw hes better goalie than Karius thats for sure 👌😊👌

FromHyrule : Better than Higuian.

hero zero : Still better than Karius 😂

Parthenon Claret : An absolute pooch of a save!!

Joaquín Fritzler : Smithers traiga a ese perro. Voy a hacerlo vicepresidente ejecutivo.

Jerry Dalrymple : Can he replace the whole United States soccer team so we can beat Trinidad. That dog can hunt. ⚽️🐕

Gejamugam Latsoomanam : Dog is better than karius

Rushil Kaul : Wonder whether the dog is being scouted by Real Madrid.. They really need some help in goal 😀

Pam Spray : Beautiful....wonder where he's at now? Someone should of given him nice big fat T-bone🐕👍💕

Mayur Pawar : Take notes karius ...

LIVE4FUN 123 : He's better than Luiz Saurez.Both have same habit of biting 😂😂😂

Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! : *The dog is a paid actor*

CRISTIANO 7 : So, the legend does exists 'THE' Dog Gea 😂😂

SIR Lord Henry mortimer : Jordan Pickford should take note😂😁😀

Milin Grover : a dog is actually loyal😂😂

Nemesis : Better than Manuel Almunia.