Stray Dog Makes Epic Goal-Line Save In Third Tier Match In Argentina

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keegan773 : He's playing for Everton next week.

Gavin Danaher : Alisson Barker does it again wondersave

Easy Company : Man United have just bid 65 million as they need a new centre back

Chip Lawler : Better than Liverpool xi

Yusuf Ali : Bark Scharzer

Talia Mason : Great save by Sirius Black.

Gejamugam Latsoomanam : Dog is better than karius

Dgen Trench : 😂😂😂😂

John Wheeler : Better than a beachball

Koi : That was actually a pretty shitty move on behalf of the offensive team to begin with, anyone who plays soccer/futbol knows that. Because of the obvious risk of injury.

ZX T : First day of mid season transfer window: Goalkeeper transfer world record broken as Juventus pay $150 million for Black Dog from Argentina

Nathan Clarke : So much football is about right time, right place.

Joni Subroto : They should change the club's logo to dog after that

Jerry Dalrymple : Can he replace the whole United States soccer team so we can beat Trinidad. That dog can hunt. ⚽️🐕

Mr. YeP : Dog - 1 Player - 0

Soham Banerjee : Can United swap Phil Jones for this dog?

Hefipale Burp : Fuera Caballero traigan al perro para la Argentina

mr anderson : Poor dog , gaurentee he became sum1s dinner aftet that.. special in a shc like argentina

Cart Curt : look very fake

NATU Player : *3 days later* BREAKING NEWS!! Bayern München signs a New Player: They paid over 40m$ for the Black argentinian Dog

Jaidev Nair : David DoGea

Lee Haiko : That dog places just as well as those 3rd tier players, sad.

Kuro Neko Nyaa : It would had not been accepted anyway, you can hear referee's whistle blown way before it hits the doggie.

1000 Subscribers With No Videos : Does anyone know this dogs agent we need him signed tomorrow morning

Freddie Mercury : What is the dog's name ? Can't seems to find him in FM2018

Hardik B : Now i know whos getting the ballon d'or next year

Me Me : I'm a snowflake and I think the dog is being mistreated.

Nenra M. : Real madrid needs this dog to replace courtois

videomotors : Damn I'm late the meme-comment party

yourma2000 : The Hand of Dog.

sehdhycyk fvnhgj : Dog >> neuer

Lucas Mardones : Still better than Karius

robertbrenn : Just what Loris Karius needs for Christmas

b gilley : They trained that dog to do that guaranteed.

Joaquín Fritzler : Smithers traiga a ese perro. Voy a hacerlo vicepresidente ejecutivo.

天吉Mark : i guess the other team was an underdog ;)

brian hope : He should play for England...Then come World Cup...At least we’d have a dogs chance!!!

Andy Andy : Harry k9nane 😅

Василь Кіт : Bravíssimo cão ! Buenos perro ! Браво песику 🐕🥅

Tom Walton : That's a foul. You can't impede the keeper like that. The guy in white runs over to block the punt.

Christopher Engish Eubank : Gianluigi Wuffon with a blinder.

Dan Peake-pijnen : They really should’ve taken the lead...

Bloxxer : Where did the dog come from tho?

Rudra Chatterjee MiaSanMia : Was the goal given or not??

craig evans : Sign him! Loris karius I hope your watching... some good pointers to be learned here

Raval Rajesh : dog made a better save than Loris Karius 😂😂😂

LongKit Yau : Ok, this dog is better than most goalkeepers

Dody Pradana Eryanto : Air bud

Juan : Wenger said he almost signed him

Rowland Manuel : It's Fabian Barkthez !