Quite Possibly the Worst Sound Effect I've Ever Heard in a Cartoon
Cartoon sound effect

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Scene from: Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon (I do not own this scene or the movie it is from, video is for purposes of parody. C'mon guys, it's just a lil goof.)


Linkmon99 : Me: Can I just have a little bit of the sauce? *Every employee ever:* 0:23

Phtb13 : 0:23 Recording of Hiroshima during the atomic bomb

HauntHunter : 0:23 chipotle

1zDiegoz1 : This video should owe people money instead of earn any.

Topias Silvennoinen : 0:23 dont wach it at 0.25 speed

Vispe : 0:23 When you eat at taco bell.

Pickle Gerard : 0:07 *W H O O S H*

Lucas Arcanjo : 0:23 “ *When you unleash only 10% of your power by mistake* “

Tuberculosis Man : 0:23 When ya got tuberculosis, lumbago, and dysentery at the same time.

Clever Thirdy : I'm no expert, but I don't think Scooby is supposed to eat Chocolate syrup.

Roxy L : My kind of ASMR

1000 subs with no videos : 0:23 when you are trying to not fart in front of your crush, then you let it out at bathroom

ShockwaveGaming : When the shooter finds your hiding spot.

Daniel Franco : 0:14 Is that written in Comic Sans?

iGrantastic : 0:23 when you put chocolate on your fish lasagna sandwich

OOM- 32 : Niagara falls Diarreah version

Screech and Drink bleach : 0:07 *When you eat Taco Bell* 0:23 *When you listen to Lil Pump*

Not SCP-173 : 0:23 when you think its just a fart

dazzaburger : Why am I laughing so hard at this?

Joannabee : 0:23 when you're constipated and finally get home

HighOnCaffeine1101 : I can't find that "Steve opens his ass" comment, ah well

Jake Jacoby : *D E H S G U S T A N G*

BearsHunnyPot : And he used only .0003% power to create a sandwich of that size that fast

Aephesilon : 0:23 me after eating anything Chipotle

Grand Salamancer : I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING


haz : I don't think I'll ever find the reason why this was recommended to me.

Gmasterjoe : I laughed at this for 10 minutes.

Adrian Baggio : We all just gonna ignore the fact that it sounds like he cut that bread with a damn katana blade

A Drum Tsukumogami : That thumbnail will forever haunt me in my dreams

LabMadeMonk : 0:23 the comments when the video has a moment useful for "when you" jokes

Stephen Aguirre : "This scene looks great, Steve. Now we just need a sound effect for the chocolate syrup bit." "Say no more, chief." *STEVEN OPENS HIS ASS*

Shin Godzilla : 0:23 When you go to Mexico and come back to America

Prius [GD] : 0:22 when u think ur letting out a fart but its actually diarrhoea

Deathpacito : I guess Shaggy zoinked that sauce a bit _too_ hard.

peppyluscious : Editor 1: Should we make it sound like an avalanche or jizz? Editor 2: How about both, at the same time?

Sighbot2966 : No ketchup, just sauce. Chocolate sauce.

BSJ IN YO HOUSE : 0:23 Me when I take a dump after eating Taco Bell.

Samu Bax : 0:23 when i listen to a Justin Bieber Song

killmeplz : 0:23 Sounds like me after Chipotle

Angel Alu : Shaggy used only 0.2% of his power to make that sandwich

Versaucey : 0:23 Me after No Nut November ends.

Puni Muni : YouTube did a good job putting this on recommending

Ramón Machado : Me one hour after eating in Cipotle

Oh yeah yeah • 12 years ago : Shaggy will need to use 100% of his power to devour that sandwich

ShizukaShizuka! : *Shaggy this isn't chocolate*

fockin badger : 0:23 when the laxatives kick in.

Yllow Blox : 0:07 When unwanted diarrhea escapes

Jefferson Juno : That’s just a side effect of Shaggy’s *ULTIMATE POWER*