Quite Possibly the Worst Sound Effect I've Ever Heard in a Cartoon

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Martin Hall : 0:07 for your replay pleasure

Cybot2966 : No ketchup, just sauce. Chocolate sauce.

Yakxter's Bass Music : 0:23 Killed me

Justin Y. : Hey, at least it isn't the Johnny test whip crack

NOTICE ME SENPAI!!! : you're like a car crash in slow motion

wakute keeble : that thumbnail caught me off guard and made me shiver.....

Venom Snake : "Hey steve, we need a sound effect for squrting out some liquid" "Got it covered Jim" *Steven opens his ass*

Ross Oliver : zoinks

Phorlerus : The choc bottle sounded like a rocket blasting off again!

Grise Blacolar : It's like they recorded someone having a diarrhea and used it as a sound effect for squeezing a bottle of chocolate syrup.

Pixel : sounds that make you deaf : volume 1

wileyk209zback : That's what happens when they don't want to use the classic Hanna-Barbera sound effects with Scooby-Doo anymore...

ThatFlintVA : It's supposed to be like a waterfall of chocolate sauce :p

wazzupman : Why does the toilet flush happen before the poop?

Wendy Whooves : Dat thumbnail though

Alexander Johnson : when she say she into scat

Tnt_for_breakfast : This made me laugh. Good vid.

Jonathan S Fisher : Why am I laughing and replaying it?

Alexander Vargas : 0:22 5..4..3..2..1..0.... Aaaaaand Liftoff of the Space Sauce rocket!

Hazuki : Holy Shit, I didn't think all the Game Grumps fans would be here too.

Skirdus : I've got diarrhea

Elan Emilio : I’m more spookt over that autopsy-ass knife cutting sound

Matary : 0:07 *FIGHTER JET ENGAGE*


ShockwaveGaming : When the shooter finds your hiding spot.

LuciferArmand : My god, this is LIQUID GOOOOOLD!

The Ultimate McNugget Nagi : Whats more horrifying is that... He didnt put mayonaise in that snack

Lazy Tiger RaeRae : W h o f a r t e d ?

Amond Hawes-Khalifa : I ended up here thanks to two guys on a couch playing vidya games.

StoneTheMason Music : *Shaggy this isnt weed!*

TriiiKill : It's an over-exaggeration, it was SUPPOSED to be ridiculous, if you didn't get the joke.

xWBx W4R : 0:23 When the sriracha hits.

Simon Kawasaki : Most underrated video on all of YouTube

GamingEXP : I don't know why I laughed so hard at this! lol

Golden Shenron : Hi welcome to the internet


Human Being : Mmmmm, Taco Bell.

Skully : Play it at 0.25% speed and then go to 0:23 enjoy you gifted bastards!

TCDREAM : Sound Like Liquid Ass 😂

Isela G : I found nothing wrong with it?

Austin Glinin : This video deserves more views.

ugandan knucklesTM : 0:07

Aerin Atkins : The most unholy noise I have ever heard. Death is coming.

LiWingYu : Chocolate, fish and enchiladas?! You need help shaggy

Striker : Sounds gud to meh

Oliver Lehman : Its NEV-AD-AH damnit

Bruce Wayne is Deadpool : Video 7/10 Thumbnail 11/10

BruTaL o4 : This video was a waste of everyones time

Fernando Segovia : 0:04 Maybe cutting bread with a katana isn't a good idea.

TheUseless1 : *When you flush the toliet and the water starts rising*