Quite Possibly the Worst Sound Effect I've Ever Heard in a Cartoon

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Martin Hall : 0:07 for your replay pleasure

Pixel : sounds that make you deaf : volume 1

Toasted Fan Art : Is there a recommended video Justin Y hasn't beaten me to??

Fullmetal Shenron : Hi welcome to the internet

Yakxter's Bass Music : 0:23 Killed me

xGammaGreenx : That sandwich looks nasty asf

xWBx W4R : 0:23 When the sriracha hits.

Pajamapants Jack : I saw this comment when this video came out and can’t find it “When she says she into scat”

StoneTheMason Music : *Shaggy this isnt weed!*

Isela G : I found nothing wrong with it?

TCDREAM : Sound Like Liquid Ass 😂

Aerin Atkins : The most unholy noise I have ever heard. Death is coming.

Fernando Segovia : 0:04 Maybe cutting bread with a katana isn't a good idea.

Simon Kawasaki : Most underrated video on all of YouTube

Skully : Play it at 0.25% speed and then go to 0:23 enjoy you gifted bastards!

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Jenkis..

Kyle Bennett : I would like to thank whatever sound artists was assigned to make the noise of sauce being squirted out of a bottle and thought "hey you know what would make a great sound for that? *RIPPING ASS* "

Cybot2966 : No ketchup, just sauce. Chocolate sauce.

LiWingYu : Chocolate, fish and enchiladas?! You need help shaggy

First Cooommment : Apparently Scooby Snacks *are high in fiber*


BruTaL o4 : This video was a waste of everyones time

wakute keeble : that thumbnail caught me off guard and made me shiver.....

MidnightWolf 0513 : Chocolate Sauce+BBQ Sauce=It looks the same tho.

Idk Idk : Oh look it’s me


Joshua Ore : d u d e c h e c k i t o u t

NOTICE ME SENPAI!!! : you're like a car crash in slow motion

Sudad Walker-Bagadi : Some chronic diarrhoea...

Pentex Sucks /Mini Monster/ : *Diarrhea Intensifies*

Bruce Wayne is Deadpool : Video 7/10 Thumbnail 11/10

BubblyJaguar : 01:00 - 02:00 looks so fake

Khyzan : I fail to see how it was the worst sound effect. They were played out to an exaggerated effect to emphasize the epic meal they were making.

Stensland AMAYA : Hi random person scrolling through the comments, have a nice day

Willem Aditya Kalaiy : Honestly... That ketchup sound like me when I had a diarrhoea without the splashing water, purely disgusting really.

Jolly Roger ! : Hey who recorded me having diarrhea

Isak Isak : *S H A G G Y T H I S. ISN’T WEED*

Sehanort : Not the thumbnail you'd wanna look at in the middle of the night.

Cybernetic Husky : 0:23 OPEN THE FLOOD GATES!!!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Donovan Gyurákovics : When you play the replay part at 0.25x speed, it kinda sounds like a hoard of Wookiee Jedi being chased by Clone Troopers during order 66....

wileyk209zback : That's what happens when they don't want to use the classic Hanna-Barbera sound effects with Scooby-Doo anymore...

Lauren Chong : Category: gaming

Candy Complex : My friends will see me here thanks to discord

fort nut : Me after eating the Chipotle s biggest burrito

Default skin that 1 pumps you : 0:25 shaggy nutting

Ross Oliver : zoinks

Edo S. : 0:23 sounds like a fighter jet taking off

Daddy Farquaad : Squirt on me shaggy 😫🍆💦

Hobostarr180 : These comments have me dying

I fuck anime girls : I haven't laughed this hard in such a long time, I fucking love you for this