Quite Possibly the Worst Sound Effect I've Ever Heard in a Cartoon

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Brendor the Endor : Holy shit 1 million views, thanks? Thanks!

Versaucey : 0:23 Me after No Nut November ends.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : 0:23 When You’ve been holding out your diarrhoea for the whole day

Linkmon99 : Me: Can I just have a little bit of the sauce? *Every employee ever:* 0:23

HauntHunter : 0:23 chipotle

Cybot2966 : No ketchup, just sauce. Chocolate sauce.

Jester Mew : 0:23 when you poop in a public bathroom and try to be quiet

haz : I don't think I'll ever find the reason why this was recommended to me.

Dr Jelly : 0:23 when the laxatives kick in.

KivisDeadChannel : 0:23 Amy Schumers comedy be like...

xGammaGreenx : That sandwich looks nasty asf

Big Boi Chungus : I came here for the thumbnail But this is even better

Topias Silvennoinen : 0:23 dont wach it at 0.25 speed

Serapio Godoy : Naw, someone straight up shit on a microphone.

Ramennoodlesand Tacobell : *_bruh if that played at school on the intercom_* 💀💀💀

Phtb13 : 0:23 Recording of Hiroshima during the atomic bomb

Tahsin Tasnim : 0:23 When you try Indian spicy food for the first time

THE•INTROVERTED• OWL : *_100% Justin. Y free_*

TDPSBtv : 0:23 *explosive diarrhea intensifying*

Pajamapants Jack : I saw this comment when this video came out and can’t find it “When she says she into scat”

Pickle Gerard : 0:07 *W H O O S H*

Shiba Lee : Nevermind the sound effects, can we talk about that HowToBasic sandwich????

Check My Playlist : *filmed at a Chipotle bathroom*

Cameron Akcay : Mmm, Chocolate Rain Some stay dry while others feel the pain

Jake Jacoby : *D E H S G U S T A N G*

i hate my profile picture : 0:23 Music to my ears.

kremit the frog : Sounds like me after Taco Bell

JIB : 0:22 when ur on the toilet

Vispe : 0:23 When you eat at taco bell.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : THAT. SANDWICH. IS. RAW.

The Gay Nigga : 0:23 footage of Satan’s awakening I literally got 126 likes for this 😂

Daniel Franco : 0:14 Is that written in Comic Sans?

1zDiegoz1 : This video should owe people money instead of earn any.

HighOnCaffeine1101 : I can't find that "Steve opens his ass" comment, ah well

Toasted Fan Art : Is there a recommended video Justin Y hasn't beaten me to??

A. Long : *Top Ten Worst Anime Sounds*

C.D Gamer : Catogery:*GAMING*

Bluemycool 320 : Up until 0:05 The Sound Effects were okay

Crossfade421 : This is why North Korea hates us

Martin Hall : 0:07 for your replay pleasure

Dein Vater : Not my proudest fap

Maggie Simpson : I think my recommendations are broken

Digiorno's Pizza Licker : *MOm WHy IS tHe beD WEt*

Aephesilon : 0:23 me after eating anything Chipotle

Josh Bacon : 0:23 - When you’ve had a heavy night on the vindaloo...

Roxy L : My kind of ASMR

dazzaburger : Why am I laughing so hard at this?

its ya boi Sanic : Dude check it out. It's the burger bubble bass ordered that one time!

BSJ IN YO HOUSE : 0:23 Me when I take a dump after eating Taco Bell.

Yakxter's Bass Music : 0:23 Killed me