How I Beat Depression After 10+ Years of Suffering

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Fluent Japanese From Anime : Looking back at this video a week or so after its release, I realized that I probably shouldn't have ended with meditation. That's not the main takeaway of the book nor this video. It's more like "depression is a disease of inward thinking so that's why we should distant ourselves from our thoughts". Meditation is just one way to do that.

Matt VS Japan : I strongly believe in the message of this video, really glad to see you spreading it! btw are you a fan of Leo as well??

L Mueller : I really enjoy the mix of language learning and self-help content you share with us. Thank you very much and stay positive!

Alex Silva : what a great video !

Israel Akoda : The editing in this video is top notch, the work you've been putting in is really showing!

Nina Klos : omg I love this channel. I'm gonna go be productive now but I will watch all your videos at some point!

richycline : I can definitely relate. I have a very over active mind and since my trip to Japan this summer I've been going down hill mentally. I spent a month there and it was actually a pretty stressful trip, I ended up getting an ulcer (not fun). I am a compulsive thinker/worrier and it's not good. I have always liked it because i feel it gives me a lot of insight into the world but in recent months it has turned against me. I can relate a lot to your experiences in growing up a gamer. I used my Audible credit for this month on this book. I'm taking two weeks of vacation to take my dog camping (starting next month). The purpose of the trip is to live healthy (without societies distractions) and sort out my mind. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ali Can Sariaslan : "You're not your mind, you're a watcher."

SOKO MAN : Turning off YouTube is hard!

noboby rr : Please upload more videos you can’t stop now at when I got addicted to watching your videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤜🏻👍👍👍👍👍👍

BlackJoe23 : i had this realization a while ago. I think theres some buddhist saying that you are everything. Well you are the things you are seeing in front of you simply because it is your subjective experience of the world which is you.

DeluxeTux5249 : First one here... I'VE DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Ayush Tiwari : Wow! Mind blown!

stephanieflow7777 : Thank you!

ぶくはアルフィー : "the sudden epifany destroyed all the negative thoughts, and his false-self for good".