Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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Printer companies are ripping us off, and it's high time we did something about it. Join me in starting the revolution.

Comments from Youtube

Euloy : If he doesn't upload after this the ink companies got him

Deksam101 : When buying a printer, Go to the store's ink isle and look for the cheapest cartridge, then buy the printer that it works in.

Mosieur Pepe : And that's why I use my school's printer and not mine......

lumber Mcray : Solution: Make elon musk invent a better printer Because elon can't go to court Cause the judge is the internet

Saif B. : These are the types of videos that should blow up to hundreds of millions of views to completely disrupt and hopefully change the issue

Larry Bundy Jr : What would be even better is someone took to kickstarter to produce an honest printer. it housed it's own ink resivours so you just need to fill them with over the counter ink, and had basic firmware.

How To Make Sushi : *I hate printer ink cartridges!*

Gabriel Samuel : I never thouht that a video talking about, in particular, printers would be one of my favorites of all time. Great job, man.

golddi1 : Try Brother printers, they have a refillable cartrige

Aaron Goodrich : I switched to a brother lazer printer 3 years ago. It cost $120 and I'm still using the toner it came with. I can't tell you how many thousands of pages I've printed on it. Night and day from the years arguing with inkjet printers.

Melanie Anne Ahern : I never thought ink cartridges would get me so riled up.

Cogareth Greenpepper : I don't know why I was hoping for an ink hack that would bypass that chip.

RedSjo : Buy a Brother laser printer they print a page for 0.005$ instead 0.045$ hp,canon,samsung

Saberwulfy : Next challenge: Send a common printer to space and make it works

Esteban Mayorga : The process of eliminating the printer, with a hammer, presents a serious error, when presenting an AC cable connected to the wall, which indicates that there was electric current in the printer. Which really could cause damage, in all areas.

TheRulerofEarth : I came here to calm down before midterms. Now Iā€™m ready to riot.

Joceline Brown : I just wanted to print out my 5 paragraph essay on why acchilies is a hero. Now I want to cry.

Lu P : Voy a imprimir en blanco y negro Impresora: MAGENTA

Christopher Strobelt : If companies sell printers at a loss, but make back the money by selling ink cartridges... and the printers can cost about as much as the ink cartridges, then if we were to all band together to fight back against these companies, instead of buying replacement ink cartridges, just keep buying replacement printers since they sell it at a loss, to force them into bankruptcy! (bankrupcy? bankruptured-cy? bankcorruptcy? Somebody help me out with the spelling here!)

Amanda Martin : this is why you get a lazer jet not ink jet

Bob Tom : W E S H O T A C A R I N T O S P A C E...

SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE : I'm only 10 seconds in and I'm already here to comment to say WE KNOW IT'S A SCAM

OnlyToasted : Why have I not seen this yet.

Idealz : cartridges at my place cost from 5-20 dollars...

Der Mifu : Just Use Laser printers. Mine runs for years with the Same cartridge and its quite cheap.

Jimbo's Wacky Quest : this is the movement I'm willing to die for

CrimeraRi Bloody : so thats how the "MAGENTA" meme came to life. mixing magenta with black panther.

Stella Marie Sanchez : I knew it! Ink cartridges prices are crazy

music music : Thank you China for cheap refillable cartridges ! :)

Tigerspaz : was waiting for a solution and never heard one

TJ Hastie : My blood is boiling right now

TCannon Gaming C. : I'm dying cause there's an ad for discount ink cartridges at the bottom

Suavage : thats why you buy a black ink only print that is a laserjet ink cart.

Spark Shots : I just watched a 12 min video about printers...

Darrendays lost his original account : For a second I thought his channel name was called autism not Austin

Lyte : Im angry at a liquid rn

Neilson Noel : Sponsored by Epson EcoTank

Butter Johnson : *purchase Epson printer for very nice price* *sell kidney at first cartridge replacement*

Mandy Eaddy : You really believe that car in space thing ? šŸ˜‚

Askejm : My Aunt bought a printer from a company that doesn't make this bs. She had to pay $300 (not quite sure) for it, but at least the ink cartridges cost as much as they are worth and it has never failed her. Also it has a touch display UI that actually makes sense

1997 Honda civic : If EA made office tools

BIG AL : 5.9k HP/Canon investors

Daniel McIntosh : Very good video. Thanks for the hard work.

88frko88 : My Canon i560 survived 16 years, miricle...But now it died :( Rip....

Abhishek Soni : Somehow our local shop prints one page for 5 rupees (7 cents). Never felt the need to buy a printer.

Martin Vadakara : Better to raise an octopus than buy an ink cartridge.

Adi Jacov : I sell printers for my living in one of the most expensive country in the planet, and i must say: You full of crap. First all, you should get that printer that is right for you. The one that will help your needs as posible with maximum understanding of its down sides. Second, The cyan, magenta and yellow extra use when printing in only black is made for you. The main problem with ink is that it usally dries out. Only if u keep the flow in the pumps you can help your printer and your cartriages. And just for you to know, you can sell people the best gear for them, you just need to get them what they need, and not what you need to sell.

UFOs not Religion : I've purchased perhaps twenty hp products, they all had problems except old calculators (handheld pc) an old mono laser from the 90s (4L - toner by the bag) . I was never satisfied with a single printer, scanner, Fax, desktop, all in one pc or laptop since. All of them designed to break down. Similarly canon printers (cameras are good). I spoke to a xerox repair person at length, and they said you need industrial size printers today to avoid high cost of consumables, and solid components (printers the size of a fridge).

MeAjudaAiPO : If you want to be cost-effective with inkjet, you have to buy a model that allows you to refill your cartridges with aftermarket ink that you can buy in bulk, which is way cheaper. Buying ink cartridges in retail stores is financial suicide. Alternatively (and my preferred option), I would recommend having a laser printer instead of inkjet. The initial acquisition costs are higher but overtime it is a much better option with a much lower cost per page.