Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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austinmcconnell : Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers. “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

Larry Bundy Jr : What would be even better is someone took to kickstarter to produce an honest printer. it housed it's own ink resivours so you just need to fill them with over the counter ink, and had basic firmware.

Beard Tech : This is literally the best expose on printers ever. It's ridiculous how expensive these tiny plastic cases cost. I've gone through printer after printer suffering from these issues. Dopey system. It's a HUGE scam. And infuriating.

xXpistonXx ! : It's really sad how my 3d printer costs less to run than my inkjet printer does

Vanderlam Filho : Elon Musk should start creating reliable printers.

Pierre G-Coach : My printer/scanner refuses to scan documents because there is no yellow ink more...

TJ Hastie : My blood is boiling right now

FBI : So make a new printer?

Tennyson Mathew : *Why am I watching this? I don't even have a printer!!*

jrbostonfan 11 : 4.7k people work for these printing companies

Ane Mari : I have a brother printer. One time I ran out of ink and I was desperate. I look at youtube if there's any way I could print 6 more pages because the cartridges still have ink when I tilt it but the printer keeps on saying it's out of ink. I found out that if you put an electrical tape on that transparent area of the cartridge ,which indicates if it still have ink, it'll be mistaken as a full & new cartridge. Turns out there's still many ink left! Cuz I was able to use it for a couple of months

Melanie Anne Ahern : I never thought ink cartridges would get me so riled up.

epicwarding : Start your own printing and ink company what sells 50% cheaper ink but makes killer profits by stealing customers from the ones who normally pay 60 for their ink

Jason Allcreator : I know this may not apply to everyone. But I haven't used my printer in over 3 years. If I want something printed I go to the library and pay 10 cents. It's no big deal. I need like 1 thing printed out every year or so. Last time it was a return shipping label. I printed it out at the library and didn't worry about it. There are honestly way more places that do the same thing. Hardware stores, general stores, apartments, hell if you got a cool job they will let you do it so long as you're not printing a book. I say we just let printers die. Let there sales suffer. Write what you need on a peace of paper and every time someone says "why don't you just print it out" tell them " it's too expensive" let's make it such common knowledge that printing is expensive that it makes the printer companies do a 180 on this horrible scam.

MAX Melodies : when *one* ink cartridge is worth to *425* new pens... _kowalski analysis_

MysteryMii215 : So funny thing happened with my dad about a year ago. He was reordering ink for his printer in his home office over the phone, and when he was told the price for the set of ink cartridges needed for the printer, he was shocked and said to the person over the phone that it would be cheaper to just buy another printer. You can probably tell what happened next. (if you somehow can't tell, I'll tell you. He ordered another printer. Also, it would be cheaper to print with blood than with printer ink)

Shivam Mhaskar : Apple doesn't follow the razor and blades model. They do both. Sell 'em the phone and then sell 'em airpods, cases and dongles.

skygh : Normal ink cartridges that can't be refilled easily should be illegal and toner cartridges as well to reduce the garbage and waste.

John Hilger : HP Instant Ink program will disable your printer UNTIL you update your expired credit card. If you opt out of the program later all ink that was bought under the "program" will be unusable after the close of the contract even if they are full.

Moira O'Brien : I always knew this - when my Canon printer says I am out of ink, I press the error button for 4 seconds and it overrides the message. I usually get about 10 - 15% more out of the cartridge. A more honourable method of marketing would be to sell the printer at the full price and then sell the cartridges at a sensible price - say $0.50 each (based on cost of $0.23, this is a good profit).

Wood'n Metal Shoppe : Go Laser. Cost more for the cartridges but last a lot longer. And for what its worth, If you have to print photos. Take your SD card or USB stick with the files and go to Walmart or Costco. Much cheaper than buying ink. I got rid of my inkjet printer a few years ago and don't regret it.

Jimbo's Wacky Quest : this is the movement I'm willing to die for

Wak : theres cartridges? I just been buying new printers each time and just do an office space movie scene on the old dead printers. why buy new cartridges when you get a whole new printer and cartridges every time!

Carl Hamill : Bought an Epson Eco-tank 2 years ago,haven't had one problem with it...prints perfect and is re-fill able and the ink is pretty cheap if you buy the non generic types.

DrJackJeckyl : I've had a black and white Brother Laser printer for 10 years or so. Replaced the toner a couple times with a $19.95 one from eBay. Awesome little guy. If I need something printed in super colour and resolution, I go to a print place get them to do it proper :)

markb7 : Also I find it amusing how when you buy an ink cartridge it comes with a plastic bag to post your old cartridges back for recycling.

Paul Groseclose : Totally. 100% agree. *INK IS TOO EXPENSIVE!!*

司徒键 : My university is in Zhuhai, China. This city is known as the "printing capital" of China. Every year, billions of third party cartiges have been made here and sold about $3 per one (retail price). These cartiges are copied from the official one by not only building in the same shapes, but hacking the chips so that they would be fully functional in the printers. I know this is not legal at all, but the truth is the original ones are so god damn expensive and we have no choice.

Thicc weeb boi TV : I got an ink ad on this

Sammy Paredes : what a freaking waste of time !!! i thought you were going to tell me how to solve the provlem !!

The Student Official : Printer ni🅱️🅱️as be like: *_MaGeNtA_*

Top 10 : The only thing that I don't understand about this video, is why is he sledgehammering the old printer on top of a shelf?

JesusPrincessWarrior : We can start the change with the school. Im sure they know this all too well and they starting with us by making us print our homework’s instead of emailing them!!

Dark Megumin : Ahh that's why there's a Sledgehammer on the side

smichelsen : Here's the revolution. 80 cent ink carts on ebay. Buy them in 10-packs or more. I have been using them for a couple of years - no problems. Look for sellers that have sold A LOT of them with few complaints.

Juan Mendez : I've honestly thought printers that come with ink. Because it's cheaper than the ink. Then just resell the printer at a college on let go.

Lyte : Im angry at a liquid rn

Nemesis861965 : Corporations should be banned.

treetrunks07 : I thought this was about dab cartridges

Mr. September : Tbh I never had the problems everyone else had in means of hardware, I did manage to cheat some ink in on my HP printer with some over-the-counter ink refill kit. It took a while but if you are somewhat tech-savvy, you can manage it. I'm not supporting this bs, of course. They all need to be sued, but in my personal experience, what I bought always worked the way it should and I'm not even buying cartridges anymore.

THE NEON TETRA PRO GAMER : These companies are practicing "captive product pricing" and ink cartridges are the only product to use this pricing strategy. razor blades are a prime example of this and a more recent example are K-cup. You pay a huge premium to use your kuerig machine.

The Financial Freedom Network : So this is where Apple get their business plan from

Epics Gamers : Really, best way by pass it is to buy one of those printers that uses direct ink and not these cartridges. I personally suggest the Epson L365. On the epson L360 it uses direct ink and not Cartridges, you can also repair your printer yourself through your settings this maintenance doesn’t require any physical labor or technical support. #NotSponsored.

thulomanchay : I stopped having printers at home after the second printer. I been through all the nuisances detailed in the video. I knew by my self that they were making money on the ink cartridges. Thank goodness for printers at the office.

BaconKiller360 : Lmao I love how 5k people have disliked this but we all know that they all are just printing companies trying to suppress the truth.,

Shawn Liu : I hit the like button so hard that my screen is broken

geniwab : Beat the system, play with their rules: buy a new printer, use it until the cartridges are low, sell the printer at a second hand shop, buy new printer. You will always have a shiny new printer and it will cost less than buying new cartridges. I have done this for years...

ObamaNotCare : i dont know why im watching this when i should be studying but i agree

Georgette Orwell : Excellent expose! There must be a better solution though. None of this globalist manufacturers will stop extorting $$$ from its consumers.

Lizi Saravoke : Inkjet printer is in general a scam. Try laser. It works better if you get a quality laser printer which would cost you a fortune at the beginning. Once the toner is used up, get a cheap toner replacement. Do not buy inkjet printer. It's a blackhold that specializes in sucking money and time.