Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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austinmcconnell : Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers. “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

xWood4000 : Enough.

CarnivalPS [SUBSCRIBE] New Mia Carnival 2018 Vids : Thank YOU for explaining our frustration. JUUST GET A LASER PRINTER 4 $150 and cartridges for $20 that lasts for a full year 😫

Tohob : a friend of mine has a shitty $30 printer and when it runs out of ink he just buys a new printer because it's cheaper to buy a whole new printer with ink already in it than just buying the ink.

Tami Lindsley : Also can we discuss the idiocy of expiration dates on cartridges?! WTF?!

joseph jackson : Ink cartridges are like college textbooks for adults

Melanie Anne Ahern : I never thought ink cartridges would get me so riled up.

Kani Bunny : I was waiting for the point where you said something more useful then "stop using printers" but it never came...

The Brotherhood of Gaming : i live just about across the street from an office depot. i'll gladly take my 50 cents and have them print stuff for me

radry100 : The trick is don't buy consumer grade inkjets. If you need inkjet and can't use laser for some reason, get a professional model and install a continuous ink system.

Steve Cray : The average printer cartridge carries 3 ml at an average cost of $55 scale that up to a litre $18,315 per litre I cant even work out the profit margin well its not profit margin its theft, I dont buy printers any more!!!

Paul Groseclose : Totally. 100% agree. *INK IS TOO EXPENSIVE!!*

keco185 : Go laser. You’ll never go back

nakwada : How about we develop an open source reliable scalable printer ? One we could 3D print for the most part, arduino/Raspberry Pi based and using chip-less refillable ink cartridges (or at least useful chip to actually monitor ink level). We ought to create something easy to build and easy to use.

Nguyen Pham : Corruption at it's finest. *>:D*

FBFE : GREAT Video but no solutions at the end! Everyone who has a Costco membership should try Costco's refill system. It saves massive amounts of money and waste and you doing mother Earth a favor. Don't keep buying printers!

Top 10 : The only thing that I don't understand about this video, is why is he sledgehammering the old printer on top of a shelf?

Kra Z Kapin : Children run on a razor-and-blades model. Your kid's free, but to keep it alive you'll have to spend eighteen years feeding it and stopping it from getting run over. Merry Christmas!

random_no_name : I literally only use the printer for shipping labels and little else. It's all about going digital. The printer companies deserve to go under.

Vatablous Devil : Should I start a printer brand called personal printers that solves all of these problems? Like most startups undermining the big guys.

MilMike : I only had an ink printer once in my life.. since then only laser. ink printers should just die... just like internet explorer.

Lyte : Im angry at a liquid rn

Parth Suden : thats y i always go n buy a new printer every time the ink runs out

Kelryth Ka'venusho : this isn't a new thing. This is why printers themselves are so cheap.

Walhalla Dome : Inkjet printers scam is the first thing I would tackle if I were the boss to do something to reduce wastage. I would smash all big bosses responsible for this in jail for a VERY VERY LONG TIME. This is just as bad or worse than VW diesel scandal. It is planned obsolescence, market manipulation, fraud and environmental destruction on steroids.

Your still my friend, right Squidward? : General Mcconnell, I have assembled our forces and we are ready to attack. The Weeb divisions are angry because they can't print pictures of waifus. Just give us the signal, and we'll burn the printers along with the people who made them.

TJ Hastie : My blood is boiling right now

Ximena Carrillo : About 3 years ago, my family bought an Epson L335 and we have only replaced the black ink twice! (We print around 2000 pages a year both black and white and color) the printer was very hard to find in a physical store we had to buy it on the internet and it came from China so connecting it was a mess since the instructions were in mandarin, but to be honest it was all worth it as the ink refill is only around 12 dollars. (Not sponsored I just love the printer)

DUNO Gaming : Sounds like a Cod or Ubisoft game

Paulo Magri : Amazing!

Big Fella : Globe earth is a scam!

Nik A : This explains a lot

Richay Bikhari : *PREACH*

Master Basser : 3ml for 20 bucks, or 400ml for 10 bucks and refill them yourself. GG Canon! look up bchtechnologies. No im not affiliated in any way. I just like cheap ink!

the tick : feel your pain printer HEad MIsaLLgnMent.

skater77i : 2,000 dislikes botted from the printer companies.

Emily O'Brien : *i k n e w i t*

Xenia Torres : My collage gave us new iPads, no books, no papers to hand in, and u keep it when u graduate. All our courses are downloaded and the homework sent to our iPads, we circle or choice of answers and send back to our teachers iPad. It's a great system. If we need to to print papers which was rare, we use their printer and send what we want to print to the printer but still rare as our teaches only grade finals and midterms we take on paper. Other than that we have no books or papers to hand in. Only tests we get, take and collected then given back after graded.

Adamas97 : I'm watching this at work where I refill ink/toner cartridges or sell compatibles and this is what I tell everyone of my customers. Buy a printer based on the cost/yield of ink cartridges. You buy the printer once but you replace the cartridges many times. So spend a little more money on a printer and you'll save on ink (usually). Ask someone who knows about printers who isn't a salesperson where they sell printers. All they do is read the box. They don't know anything else. Also Epson is the WORST economically. Stick with Brother Printers or some HPs or some Canons. Black only laser is the most economical.

Quarkz : *i dont have a printer but im still angry*

Alif Danial : Why 1.8K people dislike this video?! Those must be the companies employee...

Larry Bundy Jr : What would be even better is someone took to kickstarter to produce an honest printer. it housed it's own ink resivours so you just need to fill them with over the counter ink, and had basic firmware.

Bryan Mungay : So i saw an article made by a company i dont remember the name of, and they wrote about you and titled, "Angry youtuber says ink catridges are a scam," or something like that. I didnt read it but someone please do.

Deus ex machina : True true!

FLUXX840 : the ink/printer dilemma totally sounds like apple too lol 😂😂

Ajmal Najath : all the dislikes are printer companies.

Look Eastway : Does that mean if everyone buys a printer and never buys it's ink it will kill the printer industry?

D!lldan : My printer keeps working if one color is missing. But it’s a problem when all my printed pictures come out blood red.

Cybornater100 : The people who disliked this video are printer companys

Daniel Sadjadi : Ink Cartridges are capitalism in a nutshell.