Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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austinmcconnell : Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers. “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

Larry Bundy Jr : What would be even better is someone took to kickstarter to produce an honest printer. it housed it's own ink resivours so you just need to fill them with over the counter ink, and had basic firmware.

Planeta Escapa : I’m mad now ...!!!😡 Thank you.

Racik : My dad often just buys a new printer instead of the ink lol

Gary G : Epson printers are the worst rip offs around. There is a little catch basin in them to hold the ink that squirts whenever you put in a new ink cartridge. There is also a little program that will display the following message when that basin is full. It states that "YOUR PRINTER HAS REACHED THE END OF ITS USEFUL LIFE". That's right. The perfectly good 16 month old printer that I paid $800 for is now a door stop. Thank God for you tube where I found a little program a that a guy was giving away for free. Fast forward 5 years and my printer works great. I just pulled out the tube that fills the basin and stuck it in an empty bottle to drain. EPSON, you are a bunch of sucky thieves.

Chickknight Greenleaf : I never saw this problem in Vietnam, we just hack the damn thing and then install a big ink bottles outside of the printer, then you can print till you drop

Melanie Anne Ahern : I never thought ink cartridges would get me so riled up.

Xinwei Sher : Buy Brother printers. They allow you to use cheap generic cartridges.

elams1894 : "Office Space" the movie. Gangsta scene where they beat the SH*T out of the printer. Best moment in cinematography history (except for the whole of Rambo First Blood).

E V : I knew they were scamming us when I realized my printer ink cost more than my actual printer but not to this extent jeeeeez

Very Naughty Kitty : so how I fight back on the ink cartridge scam. so after I've gone to store bought the new ink cartridges. I saved the package and the receipt. after I have swapped out ink cartridge out of my printer then I stick the old ink cartridge back into the package . I go back to the store and tell the store that this ink cartridge is faulty. that I would like a refund . before you think the store is going to lose out on money. they don't because they returned it back to the company and get their money back. I was sick and tired my ink cartridges simultaneously constantly explode and ink would start leaking out of the cartridge . especially when I was paying $80 for two ink cartridges was getting to be a little ridiculous. so I figured canon can bite the cost...

Jimmy's buzzard Advent : this is the movement I'm willing to die for

Hendra Ibaraki : Don't use EPSON!!!

Kketansa Art : A few years ago, Our Chinese comrades 🏆 invented this Ink tank system attached to a dummy cartridge, to fight against this scam, and it blew a relief to a big chunk of consumers. Now all these printer brands like Hp, canon, epson, are manufacturing the Ink Tank based printers built in, to re capture their fallen scamatized market.

Player: Unknown : This is why I have a laser printer.

Phoenix Michaels : So... are we starting this new company or what. My last printer is laying out in the back yard and has a pickaxe in it. Austin, ley's get a page going for a business venture... hell, with 3 MILLION views we should be able to easily capitalize a startup. Even little investors, buying 5 or 10 shares of stock, could easily make this happen. And once we're out there, we will OWN the printer market for a couple years.

TJ Hastie : My blood is boiling right now

schmui : And my ex still thinks that 3% of sociopaths in our society don't have any significant impact on our quality of life :D

Diane Teasdale : Rothchild owns HP so what do you expect. Thieves thieves thieves

Prometheus : It's still a problem in the 21st Century in part BECAUSE we shot a car into space. Instead of working to solve the world's actual problems, multi-billionaire tech geniuses are working out how to shoot cars into space, or working out how to cheat their employees out of even more profits, or working out how to get government to give them more tax breaks, or working out how to replace workers with robots, or working out how to get you and me to buy more stuff more frequently. This is why capitalism has failed.

Robert Veach : I just watched your video and then killed myself....

Shivam Mhaskar : Apple doesn't follow the razor and blades model. They do both. Sell 'em the phone and then sell 'em airpods, cases and dongles.


John Gault Productions : so many scams on this planet...

iVlogBuzz : Almost exactly what happened to my canon, it was state of the art photo lab quality! Their replacement model doesn't print better quality years on... so technology was the same... tried New inks and new print head it was no longer compatible with my newer mac, hence I broke it up and bought hp... its brand new model works with all the older and newer tech. I'll never buy canon again!

Mikael S-P : My father just bought one of these new Epson's with refillable cambers (so you can physically see when it's empty)

Lyte : Im angry at a liquid rn

A D : This is why we need Socialism free ink cartridges

nightlightabcd : But WVERYTHING in the US is based on corporations ripping off consumers, getting out of paying taxes, like Trump, a long time scammer, tax evader, mobster and habitual and compulsive liar, which should give anyone with any sense a idea of where the US is heading.  If there were a truly consumer group that rallied for more consumer protection and fairness, they would be viciously attacked by the GOP and trump and the right wing propaganda media with never ending lies, spin, exaggerations and fake news, all under the guise of free speech!  Just like the GOP and Trump underfunds the EPA, CPA, and any other government department for the good of the people and consumers and the nation!

Kevin Sandoval : ... And all of that just for copying paper

oklikeuknow : Sounds like Apple

Top 10 : The only thing that I don't understand about this video, is why is he sledgehammering the old printer on top of a shelf?

Gunner Revlett : This is true for almost all tech, like the dude w/ the jeep (below) said its all a scam. wish more ppl would do something about it

fцику мцику : Distrust everyone. Hold on to your wallets and hearts.

Bluedrake42 : good thing I haven't used a printer in like... literally 6 years

goodtalker : I feel exactly the same way about many of today's automobiles. I have a Jeep and a Ford Superduty. They have been babied since  I bought them. Both have TONS OF YEARS left in them, but the electronics nonsense puts one in the shop every other month. THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! Electronics people have figured out how to get the consumer "hooked" and I for one am tired of it.

Paul Groseclose : Totally. 100% agree. *INK IS TOO EXPENSIVE!!*

LegacyRanger : EA Sports - it's in the printers

Frank Lenny : This is a noble jesture to ban together and fight against high ink prices. Most of us have known for a long time that 5 or 6 milliliters of ink would often cost more than a barrel of crude oil. However, if consumers complained enough they may very well drop the price of ink cartridges but they would invariably raise the cost of the printer itself. Even you revealed in your video that they almost give the printer away while making most of their profit on the replacement ink cartridges. Therefore, if they lost the money on the ink cartridges then they would have to start making a profit on the printer itself. Imagine a basic $49 printer being sold for $149. So, which one is better a cheap printer with high priced cartridge, or cheap cartridges with a much higher printer price? I vote for a lower priced printer, because most of the time the ink cartridge can be hacked by somebody and refilled. While a higher priced printer would be difficult for some individuals to pay for, plus making changes to the printer would be more difficult ,

Hartmut Berger : Thumps up for repairing the ink sucker with a HAMMER!

jim crow : As long as they can screw with your head and your wallet they are winning. It is part of the plan to demoralise you.

geniwab : Beat the system, play with their rules: buy a new printer, use it until the cartridges are low, sell the printer at a second hand shop, buy new printer. You will always have a shiny new printer and it will cost less than buying new cartridges. I have done this for years...

A fat cat from sweden : Funny there are ads for ink cartridges on this

Mike Frett : Man I am so glad I don't have to deal with drivers anymore. Apparently my printer doesn't suffer from this issue I've been just using the black cartridge for years. =p

EasyFolkDude : i heard that Windows 27 will only work on 16bit machines, so the printers will be alright without needing to change the red color, just squash a few cherries into the printer and you have all the colors in the world.

friedchicken : This video has such a strong message. It changed my life

Emily O'Brien : *i k n e w i t*

Marek Ogarek : Newsflash, human need air and politicians are corrupt.

Kotarian : bout time the general pop catches on