Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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austinmcconnell : Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers. “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

Larry Bundy Jr : What would be even better is someone took to kickstarter to produce an honest printer. it housed it's own ink resivours so you just need to fill them with over the counter ink, and had basic firmware.

Tomas Gaming : I have black and white printer, once the is ink is gone I'm selling the printer.

dharkbizkit : yes, ink IS way too expensive. but to play the devils advocate here for a moment. recently, companys like epson and canon brought out printers with ink tanks. just open the tank, fill in a bottle with ink and youre done. that ink, is rather cheap like 5 bucks for 75 ml bottle of black ink. and people still complain! why do they complain? because the printer itself costs around 300 bucks. it seems like people expect to buy a 60 dollar printer (because inkjet tech is old by this point and has matured, thus it should be cheap) and get a full set of ink cartridges for 5 dollars. that printer should never run cleaning cycles because that uses and wastes ink, but on the other hand, the heads and inks should never dry up even if you dont print for 6 months. dont get me wrong, printers these days do a lot of greyzone things which are anti consumer like the ink sponge that fills and basically wrecks the printer and forces you to get it serviced. but some thing just come with a price and you have to decide on which end of the specturm you wanna spend your money on, but you cant have your cake and eat it too

Nathan Shellhaas : Okay, so: I work in a printing department. Said printing department is alongside a wall of overpriced ink cartridges which I get questions about all day. Every single time I am asked to guide someone through the process of finding their respective ink cartridge(s) I am reminded of how ludicrous the prices are. Although the points you made I find absolutely agreeable and, honestly, hit close to home because of a certain elderly population just trying to print out some crossword puzzles of which we cannot print due to copyright, I think what is crazy is that at these prices most people do not print but once every couple of months or more. I get SO many consumers coming to my print department simply because their ink, which they have paid nearly a hundred dollars for, has dried out since the last time they have printed because they do not print so often. The fact that people are coming to us for prints at 71 cents per page for color and 15 cents per black and white copy really is amazing. We have self-serve machines. Guess what? Also a scam. The people that bring in flashdrives can only use jpegs and pdfs on a 20# paper and it is HARDLY self serve especially if you'd like to try your own paper (more burden to me, who is trying to get no less than 5 jobs done at a time). It is a lesser price but harder to use and even more expensive at some times because they DO NOT DISCOUNT ON BULK UNLESS WE DO IT. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM I HATE EVERYTHING

Mark Merlino : Time to print out some protest signs....oh wait

xWood4000 : Enough.

danny ho : Bought a refurbished BROTHER monochrome laser printer 4 years ago for $60. Still works til today, no issues. Buy 3rd party Linkyo drums on sale for $8 a pop which lasts me around a year (less if youre a student or have kids). Never went back to ink printer again. Best investment ever

Paulina Jaqui : 11:28 How the world makes me feel. I'm the printer I​ feel abused and used 😭

lindgrenfabian : guys lets start to buy a lot of printers, but no ink!

Watzit Tooya : Ink tank printer's ink is cheap as hell, it lasts ages, you can recharge the one color you need yourself and the color level is always visible thanks to the transparent tanks. I don't sell them but I do endorse them, it's so nice to print while having the ink levels be the least of your worries.

Top 10 : The only thing that I don't understand about this video, is why is he sledgehammering the old printer on top of a shelf?

pRoUD tO BE fiELdEn : This is why I use my school printers. It doesn’t actually cost me anything.

Unyt : oh look a printer ad.

ThatBluFlame : 9:12 *cough* *cough* apple *cough* *cough*

Helmi MuZa : In my country usually you could refill ink cartridge, but it's definitely easy to break and over priced, and their software notification are really annoying,

Lyte : Im angry at a liquid rn

AttractionRideFanCarlo : Use a 3D printer!😂

Henner Zeller : PC LOAD LETTER @#%!$

petter adsen : Hey Printers atleast burn really well There's one positive thing about them

John Freeman : "Tell printer companies that we want this, that, and the other thing!" Hey, you know what I want? 12+ minute long videos that actually offer solutions instead of merely telling us "complain more!!" as if that'll solve anything. Though, in fairness, clearly I'm taking your advice anyway - just not in the way you expected.

Paul Groseclose : Totally. 100% agree. *INK IS TOO EXPENSIVE!!*

Top Notch : A good tip for laser printers is when they start getting low and the pages look dodgy, remove the toner cartridge and give it a good shake and see it magically come back to life. Sometimes you can repeat the process a few times and get hundreds more pages out of one. As for inkjet and dye based printers if you have problems with cartridges you could try removing the printer head and giving it a careful clean (see google for instructions).

Lefteris Gaming : The only thing that I don't understand about this video, is why is he sledgehammering the old printer on top of a shelf?

Saajith Manu Teja : 12:02 "Do u want to find more content like this? Then... look harder. I dunno" 😂 😂 😂

KlosBoss - BDKult : I can't say I've dealt with technical issues with either of my Canon printers, that being said- an ink set for my Pro-1000 photo printer costs around $400 CAD. I'm on board with this. Let's call out all the manufacturers.

Melanie Anne Ahern : I never thought ink cartridges would get me so riled up.

SwankeyMonkey : Whenever I need to replace my ink, I find that I can get a new replacement printer w/ink for the same price at the local drugstore (as I have learned this trick from many others who do this also), and continually throw away by barely old printers. Take that, Earth! See, *printer ink companies...* you're complicit in my crime against the environment.

Cameron McDonald : Could you not just take the chip off?

Pinoy Seal™ : 50 Shades of 'Grayscale" ----- I'm supporting the cause, these printer makers are a rip-off!

SwordQuake2 : Don't print then, no one is forcing you. Besides, everything is planned obsolescence nowadays.

Jimmy's buzzard Advent : this is the movement I'm willing to die for

EdMuse1122 : Dishonest marketing practices aside, this vid engages in one of the most common misunderstandings about capitalism: we all love our free market society (okay, so many of us don't), but we have some sense that fair play should rule the day and that retail prices should be based on the cost of production. That, folks, is just not how it works, and it never has been. The phrase, "what the market will bear," is the ultimate basis of the system. Basically, if you can pay 29 cents to produce a product, and then sell it for $50, you win. Not only have you not done anything wrong, you've done everything right. So really, there are to options, here: 1. Change the system, which is really unlikely since the people with the power to change the system are the ones who are benefiting from the system as it stands,. Or, 2. use the system to force a fair deal by not buying cheap printers and name brand ink. Unfortunately, this also turns out to be unlikely, as we seem to be suckers for an artificially low price. A few companies, most notably Eastman Kodak, have tried to reverse the marketing model for ink jet printers, charging a realistic price for the printer and selling the ink for cheap. As much as their marketing pushed the fact that your consumables would be drastically less expensive, everyone looked at the line of printers at BestBuy and said, "Hmm...HP: $119...Canon: $99...Epson: $79...Kodak:...$349.99!!!! I know what printer I'm not gonna buy!" And everyone proceeded to pay $70 each for their ink cartridges, until they had merrily spent more than $349.99, and Kodak went back to the same business model as everyone else, except for the fact that nobody buys their printers, still. The Razor and Blades model has been working for a century and a half. It's been used in the recording industry, in console video games, in mobile phones, and yes, in printers. I don't see it going away in the near future.

IKEHH : If you're going to provide us with a problem, give a solution!!!

Ruben : Product's that are designed to break, just like windows.

supersonic118 Alex : Give em the razor and cut your wrist to use blood as ink

Nik A : This explains a lot

Noah Cain : If you push the reset button on the cartridge, you can push out a few more pages

ForNoGoodReason : wow and i thought movie pop corn had a crazy mark up

mboiko : Switching to Laser once my InkJet printer stops working...

LAZY DOG : I paid just 75 cents for my toothbrush but I have to pay $3-60 each time I buy some toothpaste 😬 I think it's a conspiracy 😡

Emily O'Brien : *i k n e w i t*

Lightning : 5:50 you just proved you have no idea what this "chip" really does. It reports to the printer how much ink is has, how many pages have been printed using this cartridge, SNMP, and if it's genuine or not. You're to ignorant on this subject.

User 99321 : Who tf prints anymore anyway

H Rez : when i run out of ink i buy a new printer lol

Karim Jawhar : Just go to the local library bruh

TJ Hastie : My blood is boiling right now

Play Girls : Ou, i thought you have a solution, so nothing ...

MyNameJeff : no joke I had tears of joy in my eyes when you were wrecking the shit out of that printer

LuckyLuke maping+gaming : Join the revolution!!