Ink Cartridges Are A Scam
Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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Printer companies are ripping us off, and it's high time we did something about it. Join me in starting the revolution.


Spooky Drinks Too Much : Just buy a squid and scare it when you need to print a document.

Seabass gamer : Apple: those suckers buy a new phone every year Printers: hold my ink cartridges

Orange Guy : So... The printer is like EA?

Melmel Hodgepodge : It's funny they also want your 'used cartridges' back, probably to refill it from half full and sell it back to you.

SprouSprou : 6.1K dislikes? Who knew there were 6.1K printer companies out there?

Gavin Hardison : so this is why public schools are always stripped for cash

SamWallace Art : I like how this channel isn’t really ... ABOUT anything.

Your daily dose of Memes : In Australia ink cartridges are 5$ And Cartiges can be refilled Printers are also 35$

spidertyler 2005 : 20th century: razor and blades model 21rst century: EA model

Ryudenki : I just googled "laser printer vs ink" and the sponsored results are all frantically trying to convince me that ink is better in every conceivable way, including image quality and.... making toner last longer. > presses (X)

nealy boi : watching this on my HP printer

Amond Hawes-Khalifa : Not all heroes wear capes. Good job man!

chrisonthedot : Me: I just finished this essay that is due at 6 a.m. tomorrow. Let me just print it out Printer: Observe

weep : As someone who's trying to go zero waste...this hurts me deep

Ronald Stern : Dude, if your Mom asks me what happened to her printer, I'm not gonna lie for you.

ReKt SoN : disabling entire printer because of unpaired ink? what is this, *apple?*

That, Scrub,13 : All right YouTube I watched it you can stop recommending it now

*_No Videos_* : Sometimes I think that anti-virus software’s creat viruses and give it to you so you’d get anti-virus protection.

RonaldinhoPopper : Psst.. Hey guys! Refillable cartridges on ebay

Noah Fogarty : its literally cheaper to go to walmart to get documents printed 1. better quality 2.its laminated bull crap 4. its cheaper

trunkbangking : Whenever my dad runs out of ink he just buys a new printer

Ostyx - Music & Sound : production cost: $1.00 Product cost: $3,400.99

King's Empire : Team up with How to Make Everything, and make your own printer.

Isaac Newton : the 6k dislikes are from printer companies

vRetroKarma : Printer: I require Magenta. Me: But I only want to use Bla- Printer: İ̶ͯ r̳̓᷈ȩ̳̍q̫̂́uͩ̀͟i̳̲͎ŗ̵̈́e̻̓᷈ M̵ͣͪa᷂̫̒g̩ͧ͝e͓̪ͬn̷ͬ̑t̼̪͢a̡̺͛

Emanuel Carlsson : Beacause ink costs as much as the printer, I buy a New sprinter every half a year

Paul Coddington : Different story with photographic printers: you want the official ink because of color accuracy, reproducibility, assured performance, they are waterproof, and should not fade for 100 years. Still a bit painful, as photography printers have 8 ink cartridges to achieve comparable color depth to traditional photography and to allow them to print monochrome photos (consumer 3+1 printers cannot do this as you cannot achieve tint-free grayscale using CMYK). A huge downside of consumer ink practices is that it encourages sending printers to landfill, which is obscenely irresponsible. Another downside of inkjet printers is that they waste ink flushing the lines every time they are powered up. You have to do this at least every few months to prevent the heads clogging, so there is a running cost even when nothing is being printed. Also better to print in batches for the same reason, not just the odd item. For monochrome printing, laser printers are far more cost effective.

Wischi : "hp spends a lot of money into printing technology" and printers still break every week.

electrictroy2010 : (1) buy ink from printer company (2) return empty envelope with tracking. (3) wait 2-3 months (4) Dear Credit Card: I returned this item and it was never refunded. (5) Enjoy your free ink that only cost the manufacturer 23 cents to make .

Hunter Makoy : So it’s a scam. . . And you have no way out. Wonderful

David Olmedo : Just wait until Apple realises a printer: 99.99 $ For one ink cartridge 1499.99 $ Printer 499.99 $ Apple Care 999.99 $ Printer and Ink stand 199.99 $ Apple branded paper Total: 3 299.95 $ *And people would buy it*

Issa : top 10 greatest betrayals "do you want to find more content like this? then look harder idk."

MysticOceanDollies : My parents buy these large ink bottle things that last a whole year and are refillable (we print a lot so it could last someone else longer depending how much they print).

swagNswift : We have a new most expensive liquid. Gamer Girl bath water.

MarkMan : Sounds like a LOT of bitching to me... And after careful consideration, your man card has been revoked indefinitely. Please turn it in at a nearby man cave.

electrictroy2010 : Why do laser printers get s pass? Last laser printer I bought ran-out of ink after just 200 pages (the starter toner cartridge is barely filled).

DerSchoermbro : That's why I like my 10 year old Canon printer. It doesn't have WiFi or ethernet, just USB. So it doesn't need any firmware updates and it let's you print even if a cartridge is empty. It also accepts third party cartridges that are waaay cheaper.

Cait Sidhe : Small error - insulin is cheap as hell in the world . Thats only america thing with the price :D

Lyte : Im angry at a liquid rn

lars van oranje : yea suddenly im really happy my mom works for a printer company and gets massive discounts on ink.

ツConsoleGamer : You see WHY DONT SCHOOLS DONT LET US USE OUR TECH To do work? I mean its saving money

bmax99 : that actually always confused me: no matter what printer you buy or when you buy it(now or 5 years before), they all suffer from the same printer fails. The paper isn't aligned, the ink is "low", ink is dry, drivers aren't compatible, "paper jams", etc.

theMusicalGamer : This is even worse when you think about the environmental effect of all of this cartridge replacement stuff.

susan : I was hoping this video had an actual solution.

NotDehboss911 : my mom bought a laser printer that only used BLACK ink its been a year and still the same cartridge and the prices are lower than the ink jet cartridges you have to make a sacrifice to get something better, and in this case, the sacrifice is no color except gray

Arthur Dagdug : What the hell?! why use a sledgehammer like that?, you are going to damage the WOODSTAND. Put the printer on the floor then hit it.

Amber Mature : My HP just said my cartridge is counterfeit and asked me if it is genuine, I said no, because it isn't, (I made it) and it printed with white bars. Then, I used the same cartridge, but said yes, and it printed fine!

Eric Chou : This is surprisingly still relevant with the RED mini-mag fiasco going on right now... Same razor and blade method.

Jennifer Piper : Office Space didn't best!!!LMAO Man I was on to this WAY back! I have honestly NEVER owned a printer. Between libraries and public facilities, I have never been able to justify the cost. Always thought it seems fishy...