Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

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austinmcconnell : Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers. “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

Larry Bundy Jr : What would be even better is someone took to kickstarter to produce an honest printer. it housed it's own ink resivours so you just need to fill them with over the counter ink, and had basic firmware.

The Financial Freedom Network : So this is where Apple get their business plan from

Nerys : its not a scam. its straight up extortion and fraud. in the old days of the early epson photo printers I finally got my "chip resetter" to reset the counter on the chip that kept you from refilling a cartridge. I would get about 9 full bleed 8.5x11 prints out of a set before one of them ran dry. I reset the chip and was about to do my FIRST cart refill for the printer when I paused.... I waited. .... then an idea hit me. I put the cart back into the printer. ELEVEN MORE PRINTS CAME OUT OF THAT CART BEFORE IT RAN BLEED DRY ON THE TWELFTH PRINT HALF WAY THROUGH Read my post again carefully. 9 prints. chip said empty. reset chip PUT it back in printer got 11 more prints........ THink about that for a moment. that's not a scam that is straight up fraud. more than 50% of the cartridge remained!!!!!!!! I did this with over a dozen more carts ALL the same. reported empty about 50% left in tanks. considering they charged $5000 a gallon for this stuff that LITERALLY raised the effective price to $10,000 a gallon !!!! I can fly to freaking SPACE for less than that !! (about $10k a pound at the time!) Insane. pure theft. pure fraud. and as they work harder and harder to make sure you can't refill/reuse which epson DID I had to start buying up OLD models so I could keep using my carts I paid for and refill them. Extortion. Fraud. Theft. Period.

Nelwyn : So moral is buy a new printer every time you run out of ink so the manufacturers go broke?

Cake 4life : Dont you hate it when you know you're getting scammed but there is nothing you can do about it.

Melanie Anne Ahern : I never thought ink cartridges would get me so riled up.

Beard Tech : This is literally the best expose on printers ever. It's ridiculous how expensive these tiny plastic cases cost. I've gone through printer after printer suffering from these issues. Dopey system. It's a HUGE scam. And infuriating.

Ane Mari : I have a brother printer. One time I ran out of ink and I was desperate. I look at youtube if there's any way I could print 6 more pages because the cartridges still have ink when I tilt it but the printer keeps on saying it's out of ink. I found out that if you put an electrical tape on that transparent area of the cartridge ,which indicates if it still have ink, it'll be mistaken as a full & new cartridge. Turns out there's still many ink left! Cuz I was able to use it for a couple of months

Emily Sadowski : All the downvotes are angry printer companies.

edward carter : Alright youtube, i finally watched it

Jimbo's Wacky Quest : this is the movement I'm willing to die for

Eren Dize : I didnt learn that much in 12 years of school as I learned in this fckn Video

Josh Phillips : Just buy a laser printer. You can print thousands of pages with the starter toner, and aftermarket toner is cheap.

Alicia Ruiz : Next time unplug the printer before you smack it with metal

Panzerlang : These sub-human filth need ten years mandatory prison sentences.

TJ Hastie : My blood is boiling right now

xXpistonXx ! : It's really sad how my 3d printer costs less to run than my inkjet printer does

LionDoge : i once got kicked out of the library for putting a women's rights book in the fiction section.

Butler Trugo : I went to Walmart and looked for the cheapest ink cartridges they sold and then based my new printer purchase off that.

ユーネポ / Yuunepo : *c a p i t a l i s m*

Lyte : Im angry at a liquid rn

JonSean Sean : My professors and I found a better solution. We just email our work because printing is a waist of time and money and until that changes we can pretend to be environmentalist.

Shawn Liu : I hit the like button so hard that my screen is broken

nemanja milosevic : The solution is quite simple. I have HP inkjet printer for a year now. Works great, wifi works and I'm buying cheap fake HP XL cartridges which last quite long and quality is identical to the original. You just need to know if you can find cheap 3rd party cartridges for the printer you want to buy or does it support refill. If not, keep searching.

jrbostonfan 11 : 4.7k people work for these printing companies

Shivam Mhaskar : Apple doesn't follow the razor and blades model. They do both. Sell 'em the phone and then sell 'em airpods, cases and dongles.

SABrina : We can start the change with the school. Im sure they know this all too well and they starting with us by making us print our homework’s instead of emailing them!!

12345 67890 : I got an ink ad on this vid

FeedScrn : After years of dealing with printers and printer ink, we now just go to the office supply store... to copy / scan / print stuff. It's a little inconvenient, but much much cheaper.

1982mako224 : I work in the commercial printer and office equipment industry. Doing what I do for a living my mind thinks in pennies and fractions of pennies. It all comes down to the cost per page as I look for ways to save my clients money on their printing costs and determine the right device to fit their print volume. Manufactures like Brother and HP know human nature is to buy the device with the features they want that is the lowest price. As such you will find that the less expensive the device is up front the more costly the cartridges are to run it. HP for example sells printers that range in price from $75 to thousands of dollars. Its not until you spend $1,000 for the device that you get into an HP printer that has a low cost per page. HP may even have a $600 version of the $1000 printer that is nearly identical except for the cartridge........and the cartridge on the cheaper version printer may be 60% higher if you do the math. Here is the math: Go to and look up the cartridges for your printer. For each cartridge you will find buried in the specs the page yield. Now divide the purchase price of the cartridge by what they claim is the page yield. For example if the cartridge is $86 and yields 1,800 pages the CPP = $0.0478 or 4.78 cents. Keep in mind that this is a best case scenario number as it is not unusual for cartridges to yield 30% less in the real world than what the manufacturer claims. Do this math for each cartridge, drum, fuser and transfer belt that your printer uses and add them all together to determine the true cost per copy. I can even reverse the math and determine what a customer has spent over the life of the machine based off of reports I can print out of the service modes of printers or extract the data using software across a network. I have found instances where a client has spent over $20,000 feeding cartridges into a $349 HP printer.......the customer doesn't replace their beloved printer because it doesn't brake so they just keep feeding the hungry printer cartridges. The sad thing is that if this customer had consulted with a professional rather than web-purchasing the cheapest up front printer to do the job they could have saved themselves nearly $10,000 over 5 years one one device alone.........this particular client had a fleet of over 60 that math. If you are a home user the box store HP or Brother is probably your best option but I would recommend looking first at the cost of the cartridges rather than the cost of the hardware. If you are a person or business who buys their paper by the case you should NEVER purchase a printer off the shelf at your local office supply chain store. By all means go to a commercial office equipment dealer.

Paul Groseclose : Totally. 100% agree. *INK IS TOO EXPENSIVE!!*

Arthur Hayes : He had to smash it at the end!

Covesting Coin - Buy Back and Burn - Utility Token : worst than apple products? printers

C Lam : If I rule the world it'll be free ink for all!

AYU : I feel like a god after watching this...

geniwab : Beat the system, play with their rules: buy a new printer, use it until the cartridges are low, sell the printer at a second hand shop, buy new printer. You will always have a shiny new printer and it will cost less than buying new cartridges. I have done this for years...

Rafat Shareef : That's why I have a laser printer

aaronpenyami. : the print requires *magenta* ink

pesto12601 : Capt' Obvious here....

Riley Grier : I feel you.

Top 10 : The only thing that I don't understand about this video, is why is he sledgehammering the old printer on top of a shelf?

Frank Castle : I used to replace the printer when it ran out of ink

Agent Shot : Then buy a new printer when you run out of ink and throw the old one on HP CEO's fking face.

Malik Kweli : DUDE YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

skull Krusher : I want magenta

spirit9871 : This was one of the biggest reasons why I quit Staples. I honestly felt kinda bad talking to people about how goddamn expensive the price of ink was.

Andres Marcos : you know we use lasers now right?

Rusty Shakelford : Don’t print SHIT... Just send them the link or take a screenshot and send them that! Anything important has to be on file anyway! Resume? Send them the doc file... If they need hard copy and can’t print that out, you don’t wanna work there anyway! I haven’t even used a printer in 5 years!

Jennifer Osburg : Say it once. Say it twice. Many a mouse equals mice.